Common Roof Problems You Need To Know

Roof problems can lead to roof damage which can ultimately require repair. Repairing the roof is something that is usually costly and time consuming thus should be avoided at all cost. It is thus important to maintain your roof properly, check it from time to time for any kind of roofing problems and detect damages early. Such care can prevent further severe problems that will require a lot of money to be repaired. Many people don’t think about the roof until it begins to cause problems. There are some things that homeowners need to be aware of so that they know about damage and repair. Here are the common roof problems and what you can do to avoid or get over them.

Most Common Roof Problems

how to prevent from having ice dams on roofs

  • Water damage: Water causes the most severe and the most number of roof problems. Water accumulation can not only damage your roof, it can even cause havoc to your walls by seeping in through small cracksWater in the base materials can lead to further damage and weakening of the foundation of your residence. In order to prevent such damage, you should make sure that the foundation is strong. The roof materials should be of good quality. If there is no damage, make sure you repair it immediately. Metal flashing is also important because it keeps moisture out by covering gaps. A caulk made of rubber will also help adhere the metal flashing to the roof.

  • Ice dams on roofs: Ice dams form when snow melts and water pools in the insides of the roof. These snow on roof problems are also very dangerous and pain staking. They could damage the roof completely leading to more than just one roof problems. You should thus make sure that ice damming problems are solved by clearing your roof and making sure the snow doesn’t melt due to the attic insulation and seep into the walls of your house.

effective ways on how to prevent from having ice dams on roofs

  • Cracking and Tenting: Roof materials which are not of good quality begin to bow after a period of time. The materials under the roof are thus exposed and can be damaged by water and wind. Flashing and shingles must thus be laid properly and checked over time because they weaken as they age. Cracked shingles can be problematic and the worst part is that they can’t be identified easily. They need to be detected by closer inspection.

  • Debris: Debris on the roof can cause a few roof problems too. Trash, tree leaves, pine needles, branches and others usually gather at the roof angles and cause problems. They should be routinely cleaned because pine needles can leak sap into the shingles. Branches and leaves are breeding grounds for insects.

Proper maintenance is essential to ward of roof problems. Early detection and repair can save a lot of bucks. Hence, inspection to the roof should be done regularly and not only during times when the roof problems are obviously experienced already.