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Snow Boots for Kids Buying Guide

Whether you are looking for winter boots or snow boots for kids, it is always important to know the difference between the two. Winter boots are meant to keep your kid’s feet warm during the chilly days while snow boots provide more benificial features like added insulation and added traction that is best for walking on icy or slippery tracks.

Beautiful Kamik Snow Boots For Kids


1. Always look for boots with waterproof uppers, inner insulation, and traction outsoles.

  • These will help your kids to stay warm and dry throughout the winter season.
  • The right size for snow boots for kids should be higher than the ankles with a shaft that fits snugly.
  • Better if it has a top closure to prevent the snow from getting inside the boots.


2. Opt for collared or pull-on boots with secure closures instead of the ones with movable tongues or tied with laces that will only cause your kids hassles.

  • Movable tongues only let the snow into the boots and untied laces can cause accidents especially under slippery conditions.
  • You may also find front laces and drawstring ties useful to maintain a good fit.
  • Just remember to choose snow boots for kids with lock closures in order to keep them tied.


3. Look for snow boots for kids that are practical, but also be sure that your child will actually wear them.

  • Have them choose and fit the snow boots when you go on shopping so that you are sure to pick the right snow boots according to his preference and personality.


Top Brands of Snow Boots for Kids

If you want to know some popular brands that provide the best snow boots for kids, consider checking out the following names:

  • Polo Snow Boots for Kids– Most of these boots are geniously crafted with waterproof nylon wool, a rubber outsole, and warm removable fleece socks. Designs come with zip closures, channel-quilted shaft, with an attractive Polo embroidery on the side.
  • Kamik Snow Boots for Kids– These can be found at several stores, especially online stores which offer boots at a price ranging from $45 to $55. Its features include waterproof shell and insulated interior to keep the feet warm. Plus, its top has bungee cord that locks the feet to keep the snow from entering the boots.
  • Keen Boots– This brand offers stylish snow boots for kids that every kid will surely love. Most Keen Boots come with faux sheerling inside the liner that keeps the feet warm; a waterproof exterior; and a rubber sole. You can buy Keen Boots from prices around $41 to $61 per pair.


Find The Best Snow Boots For Kids

Looking for Snow Pants for Kids

Gearing up for winter is not only about picking the best snow boots for kids. You have to find the best snow pants for kids as well to help protect your kid’s lower body parts.

  • It should have proper insulating features and should be waterproof, too.
  • Just like snow boots for kids, the best snow pants allow your kids to stay dry and warm for longer periods of time when playing in the snow.
  • Children’s snow pants prices range from $40 to $100 or above, not a far cry from snow boots for kids  prices.
  • You can get them at department and sportswear stores, most specifically at snowboarding and ski shops. There, you can seek advice from trained staff on which snow pants suit your child and his needs.