Table Lighting Ideas And Decorating Tips

You can actually make use of various table lighting ideas for your table to have a pleasant look, which is very important in your home. There are diverse types of table lighting ideas that are employed by different people to bring out that cool environment in the home.

smart table lighting ideas

Types and Popular Designs of Table Lighting

Here are the different types of table lighting that you can use of to make your table look perfect.

  • Desk Lamps – The desk lamp is normally used to decorate the work tables. These tables supposed to have a light source of about 15 inches just above the work area.
  • Portable Lamps – Portable lamps allow one to move the light to any place desired. You can move the portable lamps to the wall or floor and you can even adjust their height.
  • Table lamps – Table lamps are normally medium in size and they are used on the top side of a table.
  • Task Lamps – These lamps are used to aid most people who are reading or preparing food.
  • Tea Lights: These lights are brought out by tea candles instead of electricity. The tea lights are better used as a group because if they are used individually, they produce less light.

From the above list, you can come up with your own table lighting ideas and have an elegant look at your table. The types of table lighting are available in different designs and styles too. Some of the popular designs include:

  • Lamps with a rope design
  • Lamps with an eyeball design
  • The riot table lamp
  • The hand blown light bulb
  • Squeezable bubbles
  • Ring lamp
  • Magnetic lamp
  • Folding lamp design
  • Pouring light design

Decorating Tips

If you want to have that perfect look on your table, you need to have an idea of what you want first in order to put into consideration the table lighting ideas that you have in mind.

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  • Choose the right piece that will match with everything else in your room.
  • The type of lighting you choose should blend well with the color theme in your room. This is the only way that you can bring out a spectacular look in your home.
  • If you choose the modern look, think of something that is not complex. For instance, you can choose a lamp with a drum shape which gives your room that wonderful look without overpowering its furnishings. Better yet, you could use a small table lamp on your table and still have a wonderful look.
  • If you decide to decorate your home with the small table lamps, you need to consider the designs of the equipments in your home so that you can buy the right lamp. For example, a room that has a lot of modern styles will go well with a brass lamp.

You can find these lamps in different colors which make it easy for you to choose in accordance to the color theme in the room. The lamps also come under various brand names such as Arcadia, Craftsmen and Dale Tiffany. Consider these table lighting ideas in providing your table or your room the best, functional and attractive light it can possibly have.

Efficient Working Area With LED Desk Lamps

Desk lamps are very important especially because they are a good way to avoid eye damage due to weak light when reading. Getting good LED desk lamps can prove to be very hard and especially if one wants them for long term use. Well fused and easily fitted lamps are the best because they are easy to use and they are not prone to accidents.

efficient LED desk lamps

Dependable Brands of Lamps

Good insulation is also important to ensure that they do not cause shock when in contact with water or moisture. Here are some of the best brands that guarantee quality small table lamps:


When it comes to lights and bulbs, Phillips is the best brand to go for. The LED desk lamps from Phillips are the very best and they are really durable. The high quality ones have lovely white metal and nickel finish that makes them not only stylish when fitted to your table but also really presentable. The 7.5 watts lights are not only bright but they are also very energy efficient. The base unit is styled so nicely so that it has an on and off switch mode and this helps maximum conservation of energy.

Natural Light

The best and most flexible LED desk lamps are from Natural Light. You will be able to adjust it to various positions and reading under this lamp will be a pleasure. The lamps are very well made and they are the most suitable for small tables. The height of these lights is about 12″ and they are very convenient for the small tables. The make is very innovative and one can adjust the arm to make the light point at the exact point where they want to read. They also have a lovely white finish and the best technology. You get to conserve energy and read in style with this light.


This is the best manufacturer for the most stylish LED desk lamps. Not only are they designed to be as inconspicuous as possible on the desk top but they are also very unobtrusive to your work. The lights are very bright and they have the best energy conserving voltage. They are also innovatively made so that they are very flexible. One can adjust them according to the work they want to do. They are very bright and above all they emit minimum heat. These are the perfect lamps for small tables because they do not strain the eyes.

Daylight Lamps

With innovative foldable arms that ensure that you can twist the light to any direction you want, these lights are the best. If you want to get bright and conservative LED desk lamps then the daylight lamps are perfect. You can quietly work at your desk while the rest of the family watches TV because the light does not spread out to other part of the room. Its multi angle head joint is indeed very unique and many people love it because it can be fitted anywhere on the tables without talking much space.

classy small table lamps

These are some of the most outstanding brands of LED lamps for the small tables. These lamps have certain characteristics that make them belong in one classification. They are energy efficient, extremely flexible to point in any direction and the quality of light is very dependable.

A Pendant Light for Your Home

A pendant light refers to a type of lighting hanging from the ceiling. The suspension is made possible by the use of an electrical flex that is attached to some source of lighting. Many people tend to think that they can easily get away with ugly lighting apparatus in their houses as lighting goes unnoticed. This, however, is not entirely the case today since people now have a critical eye for even the slightest details of room interiors and how they affect the overall look of a room.

The small table lamps that were used in the past are the ones that led to the development of the pendant kind of lighting. Since necessity is the mother of invention, the need for lighting that could cover a larger space led people to being innovative and thus made them hang their lights on high places, in order for them to see far and wide. These table lamps later evolved into being the pendant lights that are so much sought after today.

wonderful small table lamps

Pendant light fixtures, also known as suspenders or drops, are the cords that are used to suspend lighting from ceilings of houses. These fixtures could either be single or could consist of several lighting features. Each hangs down to its own length, creating an impression of serenity and elegance in a room. The arrangement of a pendant light is made depending on the impression or theme one wants to set in the room. For a more personal theme, these lights could be hung low, right above the dinner table or bed as this brings about a more serene and cool atmosphere.

typical pendant light fixtures

An instant pendant light could also come in quite handy in lighting houses, and it is a trend that quite many people are adapting today.

decorative instant pendant light

A DIY pendant light can be made just by having a creative mind. The raw materials that are used in the making of these kinds of pendant light are quite cheap and easily accessible. The following are the steps involved in making a DIY light using a coffee can:

  • Remove the label on the outside of the coffee can slowly and carefully to ensure that the can retains its shape
  • Drill a hole at the centre bottom of the coffee can
  • Paint the can appropriately, in line with the interior theme of your house
  • Put the pendulum light cord through the drilled hole
  • Fix the designed kit to your ceiling
  • Screw the bulb in

fashionable diy pendant light

For pendant light ideas, one could have the following:

  • Instead of hanging your light at the centre of a room, hang it on one side
  • Use adjustable pendant lights
  • Hang multiple pendant lights instead of just one

Pendant lights are the new trend in town and one had, therefore, better catch them while they are still trendy.

Sprucing Up your Home with Modern Table Lamps

Are you looking to spruce up your home without going overboard on flamboyant decorations? To add style and personality with something that mixes well with almost every decor? Then modern table lamps are the way to go. They come in a variety of styles like the modern table lamps for living room, and in materials and colors that are bound to remain vogue for years to come.

stunning modern table lamps for living room

The best types of table lamps to go for are those that can withstand tests of time and remain durable even after long years of use. The availability of modern table lamps in many types, designs and designers may make you think it is difficult to choose one or some that fit your home but below are some pointers highlighted to make choosing easier.

Types and uses of table lamps from popular designs and designers available in markets

  • Modern table lamps have designs that fit well with the current interior design trends. People have come up with various designs that embrace modernity with inventions and architecture. They are made for use in different places in a house like modern table lamps for bedroom. These tables are either tall or short just to fit your requirements, and match your décor. They are made of metal or glass featuring artistic factors in shapes that are abstract compared to common round and square shaped lamp tables.

perfect modern table lamps for bedroom

  • Vintage table lamps are also available from various places where one can easily access them for those who are looking for old, classic and rustic look in a lamp. Unique Light Fixture is a great place to source for this in wrought iron forging. They produce table lamps in classic designs that could definitely bring a different touch to a room design.
  • Contemporary table lamps are available in markets and come in many designs, materials and colors. Their appearance is a combination of both modern and vintage designs, and they augment ambience of your home impeccably. Their bases identify them by shape, design and shades. They usually come in cream and white tones.

modern style small table lamps

Big and small table lamps are made for purpose of lighting a room, and how you arrange them determines the illumination you get as well as style. You can find lamps from places like Tiffany Lamps or Ginger lamps. Tiffany lamps are high-class in design and presentation whereas Ginger jar lamps offer elegance with modern and traditional color lamps.

When looking to save on costs, cheap modern table lamps are preferable. But, make sure that the low price of your choice will not affect its quality. After all, it does not make you a wiser spender to buy a cheap but poor quality item than it is to buy an extremely expensive one of so-so quality.

choosing cheap modern table lamps

A quick search on various online stores will give you great results and a wide variety of modern table lamps.

In general, table lamp designs you purchase will heavily rely on your furniture design and colors. They need to match well to create warmth and welcoming atmosphere in your home. There is a modern table lamp for every room, be it children’s room, bedroom or living room.

Decorating with Small Table Lamps

There are a few household items that are as overlooked as small table lamps. When looking to finish off your interior design and after seeing the other accessories in the room, look for small table lamps that you might desire in your space. These lamps can be placed on just about any surface and can be used to serve a myriad of uses. Whether you are looking to provide a whole lighting system or lighting for reading purposes, small table lamps come in many varieties that you can choose from.

colorful Small table lamps

How to Choose Small Table Lamps

Whether you are looking at a sleek and modern dorm type lamp, or an ornate light, choosing very small table lamps can only be utilized in the most specific of locales in your environment. Depending on the size of the lamp and the area that you plan to put it in, you will need to do a bit of research to make sure that the chosen lamp is not too small or too large.

amazing very small table lamps

The most common features of small table lamps are an elongated base and a short lamp shade. The very small ones have wide bases. Make sure that the lamp that you choose will be appropriate for the dimensions of your environment. If all of your accessories look busy and oversized, then very small table lamps are not appropriate for you. If, however, your area has clean, modern lines, and your tables are free of clutter and other various items, then these small table lamps can be perfect to accentuate your desires.

Styles of Small Table Lamps

Small Accent Table Lamps

decorative small accent table lamps

The small accent table lamps are designed not specifically because of the amount of light that they provide, but rather for the style and design that they can bring to a room. Inasmuch as these rooms need to have proper lighting, it is not probably the focus. These small lamps can be used to complement the interior design of the space. These table lamps will have a small base and a thin, stout stem. The shade should be proportional to the size of the lamp. Often, stores will allow you to choose the type of shade that you want to go with your lamp. If this is so, it might be wise to incorporate the judgment of a friend for you to have a second opinion about your selection.

Small Bedside Table Lamps

yellow small bedside table lamps

Small bedside table lamps are just about the quirkiest accessories in your room. These lamps need to be useful so you want to make sure that they are just what you need. They need to have a switch that is easily accessible from where you are typically going to lay. It is suggested that you actually lay down or have your head at bed level compared to the lamp to be sure that it is a lamp that you will be happy with when your morning alarm goes off.

There are so many different styles of lamps, from those which serve an exact purpose, to those that add a decorative flair. Small table lamps are such an easy way to decorate any living space while giving an added bonus of indirect lighting.