Tips in Choosing Different Types of Dog Harness Vest

It could just be too easy to walk with a dog having a dog harness vest since it could be comfortable for both of you and your dog because the leash could just be easily placed at the back of your dog and no longer around its neck like collars would.

A harness vest would really make a dog look more decent having it on him especially if such harness could really be a good looking one and really fits well. There are lots of harness vest in the market with different sizes and designs in order to suit the needs of your dogs.

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Different Types of Dog Harness Vests

For Small Dogs

There are also some styles and designs of dog harness vest that are really fit and are intended for small dogs.

  • Small dog harness vest has also different designs and styles that would truly fit with the kind of dog that you may have.
  • If your dog is kind of sporty, then you can buy the harness having the sporty look and style. Sporty harness may also vary in style and designs as well as in its colors.

For Large Dogs

You may think that dog harness vest could only be cute looking with the small dogs, you may be wrong, the large dog harness vest is actually designed to suit the needs of larger dogs and its designs and styles are really fit for these types of dogs.

  • The harness for large dogs also varies on the type of dogs or whether it is for the female dogs or for the male dogs.
  • For female dogs, there may be designs and colors that are normally fit for female dogs alone which could really be floral or plain colored ones.
  • Harness for large male dogs may have stripes or come in solid colors.

For Service Dogs

best small dog harness vest

There are also service dog harness vest with design and shapes that are really intended for the service dogs.

  • Service dog harness vest may differ in designs and styles also like the small and large dogs’ vests have and it would vary depending on the sizes of the dogs, too.
  • In buying the harness for service dogs, it is better that you personally bring your dog to the store if it is allowed for dogs to get inside a store.
  • However, usually, every store will never allow dogs to enter their stores, so if it is this case, you must know the size of your dog so that you will be able to have the best fit for the harness.

Best Harness Vest for Dogs

You may be able to buy dog harness vest from certain dog shops that offer excellent designs and styles of dog harnesses one could be the Puppia dog harness that offers good quality harness for dogs. Harness made by Puppia is really made from high quality materials wherein it has resulted into a very soft and comfortable harness for dogs.