Helpful Guide on the Importance of Screen Doors

It is important to have the right kinds of doors and windows in your house for many reasons. Appearance is just one of them. Besides that, doors and windows also provide protection to your house. It is thus essential to pay attention to the kind of doors you are planning on installing for your house and your office. The doors you choose must not only be of great design, they must be protective, help you feel secure and take care of the light entering your house besides respecting your privacy. There are many different types of doors today from which you could select based on your requirements. The materials they are made up of and the designs in which they come in are highly varied.

Know The Importance Of Screen Doors

You can thus make your pick easily. A screen door or more specifically, the most trendy sliding screen door is a good choice today because of the numerous benefits it offers. Before purchasing one, though, you need to know the importance of screen doors and decide if this type of door is essential to your home and the climate in your area.


Importance of Screen Doors List

  • Screen doors ensure proper ventilation in the house. They will let fresh air into your house so that you remain refreshed and your house is well-ventilated. The fresh and cool breeze from the outside is always soothing and pleasant. It can help you relax and feel better.
  • When it is hot or in areas with hotter climates, importance of screen doors increases. This is because it ensures light and air to pass through while keeping the heat outside. Therefore you don’t have to worry about excessive heat entering your house and turning it into a furnace. The breeze that will come in even when it is hot will be fresh and light.
  • The same goes with sunshine. It is always a pleasure to have well-lit rooms and when the light is from a natural source, the pleasure increases two-fold. You won’t need to waste electricity during the day because your house will have enough light thanks to the screen doors.
  • Screen doors also have the ability to keep insects and various pests away from your house.
  • The best thing about screen doors is that they will allow fresh air into your house without you having to keep the doors open all the time. You thus don’t need to sacrifice the privacy of your house just for the sake of cool breeze.


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Thus, the importance of screen doors is high and these doors are indeed a great investment. You can always select from different materials and types of screen doors such as the sliding screen door to enhance the appearance of your house and enjoy nature at the same time.

Stylish Exterior Doors For Your Home Needs

When it comes to choosing exterior doors, you can be sure that you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. It is important to make sure that exterior doors for home are chosen carefully because they reflect your personality and your way of living. Your door is the first thing visitors will notice and thus having a good looking and reliable door installed is always a good thing. However, you have to keep several things in mind when you look for the right door. Some of the factors include style, design and of course, your budget. You need to be clear about all these so that you can make the best choice.

Vintage Style Exterior French Doors

Types of Exterior Doors

  • Exterior Wood Doors: These are the traditional type of doors and are available in a large number of designs. You can paint these doors or stain them in the way you like so as to make them look better or have them match your house decor. The latest wooden doors are more reliable and thick. They are stronger but they lack the security you might require to stay safe in your house. Thus these doors are not as preferable when it comes to the safety factor. If you live in an area where the climate is hot though, you might not want wooden doors. Hot climates will damage your door by making it swell.
  • Fiberglass Doors: These doors are very strong in comparison to wood. They may look similar to wooden doors but are quite different in that they are energy efficient, better insulators and much safer. Also, these exterior doors are low maintenance.


Fiberglass Masonite Exterior Doors

  • Steel Doors: They are even more energy efficient than fibreglass doors. However, you can’t get creative with these doors. You will have very limited decoration options. These are your best bet if you live in areas where the climate is very harsh. They are inexpensive and strong. They can also resist the spread of fire. Though extreme conditions may damage them, these doors can be repaired. They are resistant to cracks and chips. They are almost maintenance free and are thus excellent choices.
  • Sliding Screen Doors: These are modern doors that are extremely elegant and stylish to look at. They will give your house a very sophisticated look. However, the popular sliding screen door available in the market is expensive and you have to look at your budget before considering this type.
  • Exterior French Doors: These are probably the most popular. The reason why these are preferred is because they are available in different designs such as inswing and outswing. There are also some types that open both ways.

Depending on the level of security, the design, the budget and the area where you live, you can choose among the modern exterior doors and the material with which you’d like them made. Make sure you only choose good manufacturers such as Masonite exterior doors in order to get your money’s worth and at the same time, ensuring better quality of your door.

Everything You Need To Know About The Glass Door

A glass door is extremely elegant and chic. It is being used in office and even at homes today because of the sophistication it exudes. This may either be the swinging type or the sliding type. The sliding glass door is famous because of the fact that it is more elegant and easier to use. Here are some pros and cons of this type of door so that you can determine for yourself whether it is a worthy investment or not.

Cool Decorative Glass Door

Pros of Glass Doors


  • These doors are extremely practical. This holds true mainly for the sliding screen door because you won’t have to cram when you want to move big items. The sliding feature appears as a huge advantage when it comes to space because there are no hinges attached. They only work to slide and move across with ease so that you can carry or walk past without hassles.
  • A glass door is transparent which makes the door a part of your interior decorations. Getting this door installed will add sparkle to your decor and make the whole house look classy. Having glass door knobs adds to the elegance of this door.
  • Your rooms will receive ample light and breeze and thanks to the external screens, you are easily protected from bugs and insects. Receiving the sun’s light is always healthy. Your rooms will be well lit without having to power on your electric lights.
  • These doors are environmentalfriendly. Going green has become important to save the planet and you could do your bit by installing a glass door. You don’t need to use wood at all. Simple use of glass and metal frames is sufficient to come up with the most elegant looking doors.


Cons of Glass Doors


  • This type of door is very expensive. The installation charges add up to the already existing expensive materials causing a big hole in your bank balance.
  • Glass doors can’t withstand extreme conditions. Storms, frost and extreme heat can be harmful to your glass door. They can reduce the durability throughout the coming years.
  • Glass doors are high maintenance. Getting one installed is not the end of it. You have to maintain it well and remember that it can be very difficult to get replacements of glass door parts. Also, costs of sliding glass door window treatments can really weigh you down.


Lovely  Sliding Glass Door Window Treatments

Glass doors are not for everybody mainly because they require so much care and because they are so expensive. Not everyone can afford them and thus, they are not commonly seen at homes or offices today. However, if you can by all means afford them, consider them as your door for they will be a great addition to the elegance of your home furnishings.

Sliding Screen Door Repair and Maintenance Essentials

Sliding screen doors are great for helping to cool down a house or a garage when the weather is warm while still keeping the bugs outside where they belong. However, overtime, those sliding screen doors can become damaged. In some cases the screens themselves wear out. In other cases the door can become bent, or latches can simply wear out.

The Benefits of Having Sliding Screen Door

In some cases you may want to think about getting a sliding screen door replacement in other instances you may simply need one or two sliding screen door parts to repair your old door. Knowing when to get a replacement sliding screen door and when to simply get parts and make the repairs to current door can save you a lot of time, money and effort.

Guide on Selecting Sliding Screen Door Replacement

To Replace or To Repair

The first step in deciding if that sliding screen door needs to be replaced or repaired to take the time to look over the screen door thoroughly. It may be a broken latch that first gained your attention, and if that is all your door needs that a repair would be the most cost effective means of fixing the problem. However, if upon inspecting the door you find that there are major repairs necessary especially damage to the frame then purchasing a sliding screen door replacement may be the best the answer to solve your screen door problem.

How To Install Replacement Sliding Screen Door

On Repairing Sliding Screen Doors

  • Repairing a screen door may be a fairly easy process if you have the correct sliding screen door parts.
  • Since different companies make slightly different screen doors either know the company and the model number of the door to ensure that you get the right sliding screen door parts to make the repairs yourself or actually remove the parts that you need and take those parts in with you so that you can be sure the parts you buy are made for the screen door you have.
  • If you are having your door repaired by a professional then he will know what sliding screen door parts are needed once he looks at the door.
  • Make sure that you get an estimate of any repairs before actually hiring the job done.


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On Replacing Sliding Screen Doors

  • When purchasing a replacement screen door it is also necessary to make sure that the sliding screen door replacement is the same as the old door that is being replaced, or at least one that is compatible.
  • Again you want to make sure you have both the name of the company that made the door and the model number of the door to ensure that the replacement sliding screen door will fit the door frame and is the same as the old one in looks and style.

There are also sliding screen door kits that can be purchased allowing those who enjoy do it yourself projects to build their own door. Making sure that that screen door on your house or garage is in good condition and keeps the bugs and pollens out will increase the comfort of the home or garage for everyone concerned. Alsco, check out  beautiful glass doors and stylish exterior doors online.