All About Shaving Bumps – Prevention, Treatments and More…

 Not just men, but females also feel shaving is a painful task and encounter the problem of shaving bumps. Shaving bumps or razor bumps, as they are more popularly called, are small, red colored spots on the skin that develop after one shaves off his/her ingrown hair (hair that curl back themselves and later grow inside the skin). These bumps may even cause minor irritation or scarring.

Shaving bumps look quite similar to acne, however, unlike acne these can be prevented and treated as well. The main cause of shaving bumps is improper shaving. If one adheres to the basic rules of shaving, ingrown hair can be avoided, resulting into less shaving bumps. So, if you are wondering how to prevent shaving bumps, then you must start following the shaving principles mentioned below.

Shaving Bumps

Simple Tips In Preventing Shaving Bumps

  • Never start shaving on dry skin. It is recommended that you wash the area to be shaved with warm water and scrub it. This removes the dead skin and also softens the hair for better and cleaner shave.

  • Use a good shaving gel or shaving cream. This helps reduce friction and gives better results.

  • Do not use dull blades, else it may enhance the chances on unevenly tearing the hair.

how to prevent shaving bumps

  • Start shaving in the direction of hair growth. Many people, especially women, while shaving their legs go against the direction of hair growth. This often results in development of shaving bumps.

  • Don’t exert pressure on the skin while shaving. This can remove the layers of skin causing scars.

  • If possible, avoid shaving the same area more than twice, else it can remove skin cells resulting into skin irritation.

  • After shaving, it is best to apply a good cream or lotion or aftershave for men. So, in case shaving bumps develop, they can be treated easily

Shaving Bumps Treatment

shaving bumps treatment

Treating shaving bumps is fairly easy since it is not really a disorder and just a reaction of your skin due to the abrasion done. Below are some tips you can apply to address shaving bumps safely.

  • If shaving bumps have already been developed, it is suggested that you allow it to grow for a few days in order to let the skin rest. Do not try to pick or squeeze the bump as it can make it worse.

  • You may also try infant diaper cream that can actually help you get rid of shaving bumps fast. Just apply the cream on the red spots gently and leave it to absorb into the skin.

shaving bumps cream

  • Another way to treat shaving bumps is to use shaving bumps cream.

There are several shaving bumps creams available in the market. You may pick one and apply it on the red spots. However, it is advisable to choose an ideal skin cream or lotion taking your skin type into consideration. It is best to use natural aloe vera. You may also choose to use a local antibiotic to treat a shaving bump. For more details, consult your dermatologist and apply the shaving bumps cream that he suggests!