Various Types Of Computer Cables

There are numerous types and dimensions of computer cables. Choosing the right wire can be challenging at times. These computer cables can be used for computer ports exclusively, or can be used for other electronic gadgets. This is a comprehensive guide to help you learn more about these wires and how to use those properly.

high standard usb cableTypes Of Computer Cables

  • USB Computer Cables, USB Connectors
    Possibly the commonest wire type today and they are invariably used in plug n play devices. The acronym refers to Universal Serial Bus. USB connectors are rectangular and there is USB-A mark on the connectors. The adaptors are classified into three major types: Standard USB, Mini USB and Micro USB. Non-USB cables can also enter into these ports with the help of universal converters.
    These connectors help fast data transfer regardless of the data type or format. These cables need special ports to plug-in and don’t need additional installation procedure at all. These cables are used in mouse, keyboard, portable memory drives, webcams, printers, speakers and anything else that can be simply plugged in and ready to work.
  • Audio Computer Cables, Audio Connectors
    • Common audio connectors can be listed as 2.1 – 3.5 audio jacks and Digital optical audio. These are also known as TSR connectors. Different sizes are available, but the 3.5 mm jacks (aka mini audio jack) are the commonest one.
    • Digital optical audio is used in high end electronic devices such as DVD players, home theatres and HD audio devices. The connectors refer to a specific type known as TOSLINK or S/PDIF. In this audio transferring mechanism, sound is converted into light and sent in between the devices. Some devices come with mini jack that can also be converted with a converter.

These audio devices are exclusively used for audio transferring. They are most focused to the audiovisual operations. Voice commands, audio conversion and integration with other devices are some other utilities of the audio ports.

  • Video Computer Cables And Video Connectors
    VGA, DVI monitor port and S-Video are some common video connectors. These are used in high definition TV and media devices. VGA connectors come with fifteen pins. Some customized video connectors may be used to connect laptops with TV or multimedia projector. You can use convertor to connect the VGA monitor with HDMI and DVI signaling source. DVI connectors have 29 pins and mostly integrated in sleek laptops as mini ports. S video cables carry analog signals to digital media devices.
    Some other audiovisual connectors are RCA cables, HDMI connectors and Displayport. These connectors are used to carry audiovisual data simultaneously.
    These video connectors and audiovisual connectors are high capacity connectors that can transfer huge amount of data in audio, video or audiovisuals fast.
  • Data Cables And Connectors
    Some popular data connectors are Firewire IEEE 1394, SCSI cable and eSATA cables. These are designed for basic data transfers and most digital devices need these cables to connect ROM and RAM devices. They come with 6 or 4 pins.
    Connecting the memory devices (ROM and RAM), transferring basic ASCII or Unicode data and transferring data between two or more devices.

newest firewire cable

There are also networking cables, ethernet cables and router cables to help connect devices and transfer data in different forms. It’s important to learn about the basic types of the computer cables if you are suffering from connectivity issues in your computer or other digital devices.

Various Types Of SCSI Connectors

There are several types of SCSI connectors available. SCSI connectors are those which are used to connect the SCSI cable to any SCSI device. There are several different types of connectors, which are used for constructing these cables. If there is one or more type of connectors for an interface, then there exists a potential for mismatched connectors between the devices. Different types of SCSI connectors have evolved over the last few years as the SCSI interface has matured. The desire for the miniaturization has driven the creation of the new connector types. In the older days, the types of SCSI connectors which were used were larger. Nowadays, we have got small connectors which are helping in the usability of the SCSI cable and devices.

Three major types of SCSI connectors are discussed below. All these types are mostly used with the SCSI cable in the PC. Almost all cables in the SCSI world may be using any of the connector types. Different types of SCSI connectors are said as “alternatives” by the SCSI standards. Different external and the internal cables will use different connectors. Each of them will have four distinct “alternatives.”

most common d-shell scsi connector

Types Of Exterior Connectors

  • D-Shell

The name of this connector has come from the D shaped metal shell which goes around the pin of the male half of the connector. This one was used for narrow implementation of SCSI. The design of it is identical to the 25 pin or 9 pin D shell connectors, which are used for the serial and parallel connections for PCs. However, this is one is much bigger. This type of connector was large and also cumbersome.

  • Centronics

This is a 50-pin connector which was named Centronics connector. This is actually the name of one of the popular printers, which first used this type of connector. Instead of the thin pins, Centronics uses two rows of flat contacts. In order to hold the connecter in proper place, two latches are used on the either sides. These types of SCSI connectors are still used for the printer cables of the PCs.

  • High Density(HD)

These types of SCSI connector replaced the D-shell connectors. There is no difference with this connector from the oldest D shell, the space between the pins are reduced making the connector smaller and cheaper. This one was also easy to use. Nowadays, these are used by several hardware devices. They do not use Centronic style latches; instead “squeeze to release” mechanism was used.

  • Very High Density Cable Interconnects:

These types of SCSI connectors were made to improve the flexibility of the SCSI hardware. These are called as “micro -Centronics” as it uses the similar design of Centronic connectors. The contact in this is smaller and closer. The small size of it is making it more popular.

very high density cable interconnects scsi cable

Types Of Interior Connectors

  • Regular Density

This connector has 25 pins in the two rows which are rectangular. These types of SCSI connectors are found in older devices and some slower drives.

  • High Density

Pins in these connectors are placed closer, and thereby it is extremely smaller in size. These are the most common connectors which are used in the PC boxes nowadays.

These are all about the major types of SCSI connectors.

HDMI Cable And Cable Converters

HDMI is an abbreviation for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It refers to a compatible multimedia interface for the transfer of uncompressed video data or digital audio from an HDMI compatible device to a well-suited digital audio device. An HDMI cable, therefore, is a cord that is used as a route for movement of high definition multimedia interface between two HDMI compatible devices connected through their high definition multimedia interface ports.

 latest and fastest hdmi cable

Advantages of HDMI cable

There are several advantages of using HDMI cables, may they be small or large. Some of these advantages include:

  • Transferring uncompressed digital audio and video for highest and crispest quality of images is only enabled by quality HDMI cable.
  • Support two way communication between video source and DTV enabling easy functionality
  • Ease of use
  • Low cost
  • It is all digital

Conversions of Cables with Converters

Various individuals have made an effort to convert VGA to HDMI directly just by using a cable. However, their efforts have failed miserably since this is impossible. This is because a VGA cable is analog while an HDMI cable is digital. Today, however, a great converter box has been discovered that supports and meets all high definition multimedia interface terms. It is known as VGA to HDMI cable converter.

Altona is a hub of popular manufacturers of electrical appliances. Some of these manufacturers released USB to HDMI cable converter in the year 2008. This converter is still one of best cable converters there are today. It is a cable converter with audio capabilities. Simply connect the USB to a computer from a mini audio cable and connect the HDMI cable from the converter to your television.

 modern and latest vga to hdmi cable

A SCSI cable is attaches various parts of the computer that uses the Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) for communication. Basically two connectors are pluck jointly to create a connection allowing two components, for instance the disk drive and a computer, to communicate. Usually, SCSI connects devices together using cables. Take for example the socket of a computer’s motherboard. It has a cable stuck into one of its end and the other is stuck either in a disk drive or any other device.

Today, one can find a wide selection of the mini HDMI cable at leading stores all over United States. HDMI is in great demand today and this is why it has been installed in so many laptops. Quality results are achieved by the use of high quality HDMI cables and they provide for best and finest definition of images. 

VGA Cable And Other Types Of Cables

VGA cable, otherwise known as video graphics array cable, is a cord with connectors that is responsible for transmitting video data to a monitor. Today the market offers various options of VGA cable, which may be confusing to someone who has no knowledge of it. VGA has several versions, namely, XGA, SVGA and SXGA which offer greater resolutions.

 best quality dell vga cable


VGA cable has a number of benefits considering that it has been in use for quite a long time and is also incorporated in today’s equipments.

  • Most common video connection on equipments today is VGA; therefore, a VGA cable can connect to almost all of them.
  • With a VGA monitor cable, one is not necessarily required to install video drivers for graphics to display.
  • The cost of a VGA cable compared to other cables is favorable and affordable. It also serves its purpose well.
  • With a VGA Y-Splitter cable, one can have simultaneous display of same images from television screen to monitor or from one PC monitor to two monitors.

VGA Cable and Other Types of Cables

Fast development of technology has brought about other types of cables that perform the same functions as VGA. This comparison will also help you distinguish VGA cable from other cables. Here are a few of them.

  • Digital Visual Interface (DVI) – DVI works with both analogue and digital types of video data transfer. They are known to support image resolutions of 1920×1200 and above compared to VGA cable, which supports 640×480 resolutions.
  • High Definition Multimedia Interface HDMI) – HDMI is popularly used with LCD and other equipments. HDMI is superior to VGA by far since it offers higher resolutions range.
  • Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) – SCSI cable can be used both internally and externally but features more numbers of pins depending on where it is connected.

It would not be difficult to identify each cable from one another like HDMI to VGA cable or DVI to VGA cable as the difference lies in the following:

  • VGA cable appears like a D square with 15 pins
  • HDMI cable has 19 pins on female port
  •  DVI cable is flat and rectangular with 24 pins

 high quality hdmi to vga cable

With cables, one needs to understand what function they will serve an equipment so as not to be confused. When purchasing VGA cables, you should inquire about shielding. Cables are known to suffer from undesirable crosstalk, which basically means a cable is picking EMI from other cables or electrical devices. This affects image quality of a VGA cable, thus, double or triple shielding is preferred. Connect to almost all equipments with a versatile VGA cable.

Functionality Of SCSI Cable

SCSI cables are one of the must have computer accessories a computer hardware person like you would like to get your hands on. Just imagine how you can transfer or share your computer data from one unit to another by just using this cable. This tool also provide a reliable electrical connection that made SCSI cables one of the most essential tool for computers to connect to external and/or internal memory.

most convenient usb to scsi cable type

What Is SCSI Cable?

SCSI cables, abbreviation for Small Computer System Interface cables are computer cables that make various parts of computer to connect data and communicate commands with each other. This is connected and controlled by a host in the computer’s motherboard.

There are two parts in the SCSI cable, the make and the female. Female SCSIs are the connectors that fit perfectly right into the male SCSI cables. But for the female to fit with the male, both parts must have the same size, form and number of pins. If not, communication and exchange of data between different parts of the computer will not be possible. For example, the printer which is an external part of the computer will not receive the right command if your SCSI cables and connectors are not compatible. An additional screw is being added on some major SCSI connectors if this is the case to ensure that both male and female cables will really fit and that they will not come loose so easily.

low cost scsi external round cables

SCSI cable has undergone 3 major standard revisions throughout its 25 years in the industry. This is for the parallel cables and connectors that can handle different sizes of buses from 6 to 32 bits. SCSI cables makers standardized their product based on the compatibility of the female and make sockets, prices, sizes and of course, convenience of use. This is why it is very important to consider the form and the location of the connector when selecting the SCSI cable for your computer. This way, you will never go wrong.

easy to use scsi to usb cable

Types Of SCSI Cables

There is more than just one type of SCSI cables. Each type is identified by its function. Here are some of its types to give you more idea.

  • Single-End. This type is typically used for the audio and video computer transfer. It has no pins, just one short rod on the end of the cable to be connected to the female SCSI.
  • Differential. This is also called the HVD or the high voltage density cable. It consists of a flat rectangular end with pins for about 32 or more. Some of which have screws to keep the connection intact. The examples of external hardware that uses this type of cable are the Centronics 50, VHDCI .8mm 68 pin, SCSI to SATA cable, projector and printer cables.
  • LVD or Low Voltage Differential. It is consisted of fewer pins like 8 or less. The best examples are the DIN cable, USB to SCSI cable, and also the modular cable.

durable typical type of scsi cable

SCSI cable types can also differ for their use and locations like the external and internal SCSI cables. External SCSI cables are compact. The wirings are wrapped with a rubber sheet that will not be easily broken even if you accidentally step on it. The internal SCSI cables have wirings which are arranged along the slim rectangular male connection. The tiny wirings are not wrapped because they are already protected by the CPU casing. You can see the color coding of each wire as red or yellow or green.

Cables and connectors are important to transfer data, translate and give commands to a computer. The cables should be compatible with the connectors. SCSI cables come in many forms according to the size, shape, function and location of the connectors. Check the connector first before buying the compatible SCSI cable that perfectly fits it.