Classic Vintage Earrings

Today, vintage earrings are specialty items that you will find in the costume jewelry market. With the vast amount of jewelry that is available in costume designs, many collectors are now specializing in certain brands or types and the vintage earrings fall in this category. If you are interested in collecting antique/vintage jewelry, you can find out more about these earrings below.

Vintage jewelry pieces are regarded as rare collectible items, which dates backs to the 1900s. Nowadays, antique or vintage is mostly used when describing jewelry styles instead of the antique component. You can find many genres of jewelry designs to choose from.

Popular Designs for Vintage Earringselegant vintage earrings

  • Edwardian

  • Victorian

  • Retro

  • Filigree

  • Georgian

  • Art Deco

  • Art Nouveau

  • Arts and Crafts

Choosing vintage jewelry will allow you to add a touch of romance and fashionable pieces to your wardrobe. To select the right jewelry for your vintage collection, it’s best to do a bit of research before shopping.

vintage clip on earrings with rhinestone

Tips to Shop for Vintage Earrings

Apart from doing research to find the right jewelry, you also need to know how to spot the fake pieces on the market. Some of the knock off vintage jewelry looks really good and could even fool a knowledgeable collector. So, it’s always a good idea to do your research and ensure that you are only buying from trusted dealers.

  • You can find three different types of earrings, the post, clip on and screw back. Each type has unique value and distinctions based on the demand. During the 1920s, pierced ears had been popular but this changed in the 1930s when the vintage clip on earrings and vintage screw back earrings became a trend as most women were wearing them to make fashion statements.

  • The antique gold earrings from the 1900s are also sought after pieces especially the ones in rose-colored gold. You can find beautiful rose gold earrings with unique designs in the center and around the edges that you can wear on informal and formal occasions, whether day or night.

  • Stone materials are also popular in costume earrings. You can opt for mother of pearl, colored rhinestones, glass, Lucite and diamonds in many different sizes, shapes and colors. The vintage diamond earrings are available in silver and gold settings.

  • If you are looking chandelier earrings, you should check out the art deco designs, which include well-defined geometric shapes. The modern jewelry pieces include motifs like airplanes and cars. But, you can definitely find some gorgeous vintage chandelier earrings with art deco designs.

When you are ready to buy vintage jewelry, you can find them in many places both online and offline. The second-hand stores, flea markets and yard sales are some of the best places to find antique jewelry. There also many online auction sites and jewelry stores which specializes in vintage earrings and matching pieces like necklaces, rings and brooches.

All About Gold Hoop Earrings

Gold earrings continue to be one of the most popular types of fine jewelry today, as most women wear them as fashion accessories and for status symbols. You can find these jewelry pieces in a variety of colors including white, yellow and rose gold earrings. There are also many styles for you to choose from, including small studs or dangle drop styles, which can be somewhat ostentatious. However, when it comes to versatility, none can beat the white gold hoop earrings in looks.

Before buying one of the expensive pair of oversized hoop earrings, you need to ensure that you are comfortable with the appearance, size and shape. Once you are certain that these styles match your facial features and personality, you can invest in one of the expensive pair of golden hoops. In addition to the white gold hoop with a combination of 100% pure gold and other metals like nickel, these hoop jewelry are produced from many different types of gold.

white gold hoop earrings for women

Main Types of Gold

  • 14k gold hoop earrings with a combination of alloys like silver and copper

  • 9k gold hoop with gold bands and covered with diamonds

Gold Hoop Earrings: Shopping and Wearing Tips

When you decide to buy hoop earrings, you will certainly love the versatility that they have to offer.

  • One of the easiest ways to get a new look would be to add a tiny novelty items through your hoop earrings. This way, you can get an ornament to dangle from the center of the earring. You can choose charms, small porcelain pieces and more.

  • Another way to change the look of your gold hoop earrings is to add pony beads and feathers to create a unique style. For earring styles, which open to hook in the ear, you can select three or more beads with huge holes that you can slip on to create a pattern that is colorful.

These are just some of the ways that the hoop earrings can look unique or different from other styles. Keep in mind that some of these techniques will allow you to get a new look every time, whilst others will be permanent. But, in either case you will definitely have fun when changing your hoop jewelry to match your outfits.

simple gold hoop earrings

Whether you are buying gold hoop earrings for women online or at the local stores, there are certain things that you should know before spending your hard-earned money.

Things to Consider When Buying Gold Hoop Earrings

  • For conservative earrings, the solid gold hoops will be ideal whether they are small, large, thin or broad. The classic gold hoops are must-have accessories for every woman, because they can go well with any outfit, from jeans and sweater, office suit to evening wear.

  • The simple variations of these conservative styles include the white gold hoop earrings. White gold is similar to sterling silver in color and offers the prestige that is synonymous with gold.

  • You should also consider the embellishments when buying hoop earrings. Diamond hoops can be found in white and yellow gold in all sizes and shapes. There are many choices available whether you want small diamond chip accents on the outside edge, around the circumference or full carat diamonds on the outer and inner edges.

Whether you choose small or large gold hoop earrings, there is no doubt that you will cherish them for many years.

What Are the Most Popular Types of Earrings?

The first step in finding the right pair of earrings for you is becoming aware of popular types of earrings out there. This will make it easier for you to find the pair that will compliment your overall look. Here are some of these types.

Hoop – Out of the most popular types of earrings out there, this has to be the oldest one in the books. However even though this type has been around for hundreds of years, it never seems to go out of style. Just remember that big hoops are best worn when going to an informal party or a club. Small hoops on the other hand give off an elegant vibe which means that they are more suitable to wear on formal parties or events.

most popular types of silver earrings

Huggies – If the hoop is one of the oldest types out there, Huggies can be considered as one of the youngest when it comes to the most popular types of earrings. They are mostly considered as spin-offs of the hoops since they still follow the same basic shape. However, these earrings can be worn on a daily basis since they are not that hollow. This means that they can make you look better casually. They won’t make you look like you are over-accessorized.

Drop – When it comes to the most popular types of earrings, it is a good idea to remember that drop earrings do not look good on everybody. They are not really suitable for those people who have a round face. Another thing is that long drop earrings are best worn in special occasions.

Shorter versions of this type on the other hand look better when worn in semi-formal occasions since they will not end up taking over your dress. If you are attending a super formal event, then you can wear longer drop earrings.

the most popular types of earrings

Stud – When it comes to the most popular types of earrings that are well loved by a lot of women, the stud earrings definitely take the first place. This is because they can be worn under any circumstances and it is really not that hard to find a version that will look good on you regardless of your face shape. This is the reason why women tend to wear these types of earrings that have a more risqué design such as a pair of rose gold earrings. These types of earrings can allow you explore your adventurous side without going too far.

By keeping all of these types in mind, you will be able to find a type that can fit the occasion that you are going to attend. You should also work on finding the other types of earrings out there so that you will be able to find the right one more efficiently.

The Concise Earring Selection Guide for a Newbie

Using the right earring selection guide can help you find the right pair that has the ability to help you accentuate your features and make you feel and look better in just a matter of seconds. Here are some of the things that are tackled in a well-written guide.

Face Shape – Any good earring selection guide will tell you that there are certain types of earrings out there that can accentuate the wrong features in your face. This is the reason why you need to determine the shape of your face and match it with the right type of earrings. If you have an oval-shaped or round-shaped face, you should wear dangly or pointy earrings.

best rose gold earrings design

They make up for the lack of corners in your face. If you have a diamond-shaped or heart-shaped face on the other hand, it is best to stick with drop earrings or ovals.

Skin Tone – Taking note of your skin tone is a good idea especially if you cannot decide on whether you should wear a pair of silver or gold earrings. You do not really need an earring selection guide in order to find out what your skin tone is. You just need to look at the prominent veins in your wrist under the sun and find out what color they are. If they are mostly green, then you have a warm skin tone which means that a pair of rose gold earrings may look prettier on you than silver ones. If your veins are mostly blue or violet on the other hand, you have a cool skin tone and you should go for white gold or silver.

useful earring selection guide

Age – Wearing age-appropriate earrings is the best thing that that you can do for yourself in order to ensure that this type of jewelry looks good on you. There is not a single earring selection guide on this planet that contains all of the designs of earrings out there. However, it helps to follow the general rule that super sparkly jewelry looks better on younger people. If you belong in the older age bracket, you need to wear shorter earrings. It is best to stay away from hoops or those earrings that are simply too dangly.

Attire – The earrings should match the color of the dress that you are wearing. It is best to take a look at an earring selection guide that can teach you all about the right color combinations that you need to consider in order to find the right pair.

With the use of all of these factors, you will be able to find pair that can make you look good no matter what you are wearing. However, if you really want to find the most appropriate one, you need to work on finding the other factors that can help you decide.

Rose Gold Earrings To Update Your Look

One of the primary reasons why you use accessories like jewelry is to improve your looks. And if you are looking for the best jewelry that can make any drab outfit stand out in a crowd then it would be rose gold earrings. Women usually have specific clothing in mind before they buy jewelry. But with rose gold diamond earrings, you need not worry about pairing it only with specific attire.

Facts about Rose Gold Earrings

  • For one, this type of earrings will look good on just about any clothing wear. In the same manner, any clothing wear will look elegant when you wear rose gold earrings of any kind, whether it is a rose gold stud earrings, rose gold hoop earrings or rose gold diamond earrings.

rose gold diamond earrings for women

  • Most jewelry is judged based on how they look, and not merely for their brand name. It is not wise to buy a more expensive jewelry just because it has a popular brand, when you can settle for more affordable ones that will keep you looking great no matter what.
  • For those who love to collect antiques, there are available antique kinds of this type of earrings as well. You would surely be delighted when you get to own one of these.

cute rose gold stud earrings

  • It is important to look for a simple but unique design when choosing your rose gold earrings. For sure, you would not want to wear jewelry which is used by almost half the people in the room. Looking for unique earrings makes the search for such jewelry more exciting and challenging. This should not be a cause for worry though, because most jewelry stores offer a wide array of these earrings for their customers. Aside from the many designs available, the price for these earrings also vary depending on the intricateness of their design, the materials used and the quality of the overall product.

simple yet stylish rose gold hoop earrings

Choosing the one that Suits you

  • Your choice of rose gold earrings will depend on your personality. The more conservative ones will usually opt for the rose gold stud earrings as it can be paired with classic dresses without being too overpowering. The more adventurous women will definitely go for the rose gold hoop earrings as it makes them look more daring and exciting. For those who want to project the classic and daring look, nothing beats the rose gold diamond earrings.

elegant rose gold earrings

  • There are this type of earrings that come in other designs such as the dangle drop earrings. This is ideal for those who have rounded faces, because dangling earrings tend to elongate the face. While these earrings can look presentable and fashionable as it is, you can add a bit of mystery and glamor in your look by adding some diamonds too. And if you are a Hollywood watcher, then you are probably familiar with the chandelier rose gold earrings worn by your favorite celebrities.

Most women invest in gold earrings today not just for its looks, but because of its value. Unlike fake earrings, the value of rose gold earrings can go up after a few years, making them good investment materials. It is no surprise that husbands tend to give their wives gold earrings as presents for just about any occasion. Whether you are a coy woman just starting to get noticed by society, or a highly sophisticated woman of the world, you can’t go wrong with rose gold earrings.