Environmental Impact Of Reusable Diapers

Diapers, as it is called in Northern America, is called a ‘nappy’ in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and many other countries. Regardless the name, the question is the same all throughout the world, and this is whether to use reusable diapers or disposable ones. There are many on-going debates about the environmental impact of these two, and comparisons are being made about these two products from the types of materials that they use, to the chemicals and the energy that are exhausted at production, down to its usage and its disposal.

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Environmental Impact Of Certain Kinds Of Diapers

Perhaps from the environmentalists’ point of view, any type of product has environmental impact. These are their simplest conclusions:

  • Disposable diaper’s largest impact is on the environment because it takes longer for these diapers to decompose, thus, they contribute to the earth’s landfill.
  • Reusable diapers also uses more energy to wash, water as well as detergents to clean.

Helping The Environment With The Right Diaper

Parents can now simply make their choice of which diaper to get based on the performance of the product, the over-all cost of using them over time and the convenience of its use. The good news is, there are a few things you can do to help decrease the impact of using even the cheap reusable diapers to the environment:

  • Wait for a full load on the washing machine to conserve energy
  • Use colder water temperature in washing; no need to heat it up using more energy
  • Use only detergents that are organic or earth friendly and stop using washing detergents or fabric conditioners that are harmful to the environment
  • Use only the dryer in wet season; dry the diapers under the sun
  • Reusable diapers, especially the best reusable diapers, need not be ironed
  • Recycle the water from the washing machine instead of disposing them immediately
  • Pass on the reusable diapers to another child in the family or give it away
  • Use hemp as the top priority material

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How To Wash Reusable Diapers

According to reusable diapers review, this is how to properly wash reusable diapers:

  1. Remove any waste and wash the soiled area of the reusable diapersby hand. You may need to soak the diaper for a few minutes in water with a little detergent to help soften the stain. This will prevent other clean areas to have the same stink and discoloration.
  2. Once done, prepare the washing machine. Use only organic detergent in plain cold water. Use hot water only if the soil is heavy and only if it’s necessary.
  3.  Make sure that the pocket diapers and its inserts are held together. You can also add a scoop of baking soda to help whiten the cloth and eliminate the odour.
  4. Use cold water to rinse. You can add a cup of vinegar to the water to remove the urine odour instead of using fabric conditioners.
  5. Line dry your reusable diapers if it’s not wet season. During the wet season, you may put then on low heat for approximately fifteen minutes.

Especially if you dread the yucky part of changing babies on reusable diapers, you may find this idea so inconvenient. But, think green. Soon enough, you will realize that the best brands like Thirsties diaper covers help diapering pretty simple and enticing. I’s not going to be really bad after all. Soon enough, you will see the benefits more clearly and save Mother Earth at the same time enjoying parenthood.