Timeless Children Short Stories

Children short stories are very popular. Kids love short stories and it is good because these stories help them enjoy and learn about morals at the same time. Reading is a very good habit and everyone must start reading at an early age. Children short stories with pictures are a huge hit especially because kids love visualization. It attracts them and draws their interest. Finding such books from a wide array could be difficult in a store and thus, Children short stories online are your best bet. The internet has indeed proved to be a haven for a large number of things including children short stories. Here is a list of some of the popular short stories that you can easily find online.

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Popular Children Short Stories You Can Find Online

  • Hansel and Gretel: This is a story written by Brothers Grimm and it talks about abandoned children. The gingerbread house illustrated in this book became much celebrated and talked about.
  • High and Lifted Up: This is the tale of a boy who morphs into a leaf. It was written by Mike Krath.
  • Thumbelina: This is the tale of a little girl who is found on the Tulip petals and her adventures.
  • The Dragon Rock: Everyone finds a huge dragon and no one knows how it got there. One thing they know for sure is that sooner or later, it will awaken.
  • Hobnail: This is a scary story for bedtime. It is about a mother and her daughter and their journey home one night.
  • Rapunzel: This is the tale of a beautiful girl trapped in a tower by a wicked witch.
  • The Tortoise and the Hare: This is among the most popular children short stories that have been loved by many. It the tale of a tortoise and a hare who race against each other and even though the hare is faster, the tortoise wins.
  • The Little Mermaid: This is the tale of a beautiful mermaid who falls in love with a prince.
  • The Ugly Duckling: The mother duck is surprised when her last and the largest egg hatches.


Whats The Best Children Short Stories

There are countless children short stories that are interesting and enjoyable with a moral on the side. You can even find recordable books for children over the internet so that they listen when they are not in the mood for reading. Many sites even offer free download and you could download such short stories with beautiful pictures to encourage your kids to read.

Reading Books For Kids Online

Reading is a very good habit and must be inculcated in all kids. It is common knowledge that there are numerous benefits of reading books right from a young age. Reading can make your kids aware and also give them a lot of social and physical knowledge. Since there are so many benefits of books, books for kids are indeed wanted learning materials in the home. The number of story books for kids is huge and when you go to a bookstore, you can literally find yourself lost in the world of books for kids. However, with the onset of internet, everything has been shifted to the web. Now, instead of going to the store and buying books for your kids, you could look for books for kids online that are free to download and read. Your kids will be more than happy to spend time on the computer reading books with beautiful pictures and illustrations. Here are some sources of books online.

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Excellent Sources Of Books For Kids Online


  • 2020ok: This site offers books for babies. It has a collection of about a 100 books that are divided into 12 categories.
  • AmericanFolklore: This website has folk stories from native America, Mexico, Canada and USA.
  • AmericanStoryTeller: You can read American poems as well as stories on this site.
  • AllBooksFree: This site offers books for online reading and books for kids download for free in PDF format.
  • BForBall: This is a site dedicated to preschoolers. The books offered are those of alphabets, shapes and colors.
  • Book Pop: This site offers free online reading of many illustrated books.
  • ChildrensBooksOnline: This website is an excellent source of books for kids. It has more than 600 books for children. They can even be downloaded but downloading from this website is not free.


Best Reading Books For Kids Online

  • ChildStoryTeller: You can find many rhymes and stories for young kids on this site.
  • Classicly: This site has recordable books for children in MP3 format. They can also be downloaded as PDF or in Kindle.
  • Feedbooks: This site has a wide collection of good fairy tales that are hard to find on other sites.
  • KidsPages: It has nicely illustrated books for kids along with learning activities. The stories offered by the site are classic kids’ stories.
  • WebPop: This is a very attractive website with books for reading, listening as well as downloading.


Note that all these sites offer free reading but some might charge for downloading. There are numerous such sites that offer books for kids. You can explore and find out the best suited for your kids.

Book Reviews For Kids

There are various sites on the internet today which provide a lot of information about children’s books. Book reviews for kids are available these days on various sites online that will help parents get the best books for their children. Growing up as a kid, it is vital for one to read a lot of books. Stories provide a lot of learning from priceless lessons about values to enhancing their imagination. Hence, parents should ensure their kids are reading the right stuff and book reviews for kids can ensure that. Examples of book reviews for kids online are plenty, you just need to get into the best ones.

Find Book Reviews For Kids

Books Reviews For Kids Online

  • Magic Dance
  • Parent Book Reviews
  • Book Reviews By Kids
  • Education Oasis


Various sites of book reviews for kids are a compilation of various reviews of lovely refreshing and sometimes not so good books available in the market. These books can be bought in the market as well as online. These internet sites provide free downloading facility for the users. Hence, the one thing parent’s need to ensure here is that these books should be able to address the needs of their kids in terms of knowledge. Books should improve the reading and writing skills of kids. It also helps them increase their vocabulary. As they say a kid develops his vocabulary in the first five years of his life. Hence it is important for a kid to get into the habit of reading story books. It enhances his knowledge as well as injects certain values in him, as most of the children’s story books have a sense of goodness about them. All these can be perceived as long as your kid is reading the right information thus gives importance to book reviews for kids.

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Before selecting which story to download users can take the help of book reviews for kids. Since story books differ not only from language to language but also from culture to culture and from even religion to religion. For example, Christian writings have proven to be the backbone of laws and the yardstick of morality. Hence, kids or their parents can consult Christian book reviews for kids to see its importance as well. These internet sites are extremely interactive as they not only post reviews but also take one’s feedbacks, incorporate changes if required and even post one’s comments good or bad.

For parents who worry about the kind of books their kids are reading there is a separate review column that come out- which is the parent book reviews for kids. Sites like the Parent Book Reviews will give the parents detailed information about children’s books. Book reviews for kids keep in mind that it is the character building stage of a kid and hence each book should be able to give him a lesson. Whether its conventional paperback books or the modern recordable books for children, ensuring the quality of content your kids are accessing is very important.

Recordable Storybooks

Recordable format is the best one when it comes to increasing the interest of any children in any subject. Nowadays, reading storybooks have been on a downward trend when it comes to children. But for the proper growth of childhood, storybooks are essentially important. It is for this reason the recordable storybook have come into the scenario.

Buy Recordable Storybooks Onlines

There are many recordable storybooks available for the children and many parents are buying these recordable storybooks in order to provide their children with enough entertainment as far as listening to the storybook are concerned. For example, My Little Princess recordable storybook is highly popular and in shopping sites like Amazon, the demand for this storybook is sky high. The same thing is relevant for many other storybooks as well which have been produced in the recordable format.

Advantages Of Recordable Storybooks

  • Recordable storybook has many advantages. Firstly, once you start off with it , it does not need anyone to enumerate the line by line explanation  to the children, which was normally done before these recordable books for children were invented.
  • Recordable format arouses much more interest in the children because they can listen to them and is a type of machine that is speaking which is far more interesting to them rather than the same old boring person sitting before them and talking to them.
  • Recordable format also allows much more flexibility. One can always repeat what has been said earlier and that helps a lot, especially when you need some lines to be repeated to the children.
  • The recordable storybook is also available by a huge option now in the market and online stores. So the parents will not have to search a lot for such storybooks.
  • On many occasions when you purchase any object from the market or online store they give you a recordable storybook coupon which can be redeemed by using to purchase some recordable storybook. This has led to the immense growth of this storybook format and thus it has also helped in increasing demand for other products as well.


Get Recordable Books For Children

The recordable storybook prices are also fairly affordable. Even though they sound to be more than a normal storybook, the facilities they provide to the parents are immense. Currently the Little Princess recordable storybook is available at a price of $30. So if one wants to purchase one they can always have it at quite an affordable price as well. So it is well worth having a recordable storybook for your children.

Some of the most popular recordable storybooks are the following timeless titles:

  • Guess How Much I Love You
  • The Night Before Christmas
  • Frosty the Snowman

Recordable Books For Children – Telling Stories Through Distance and Time

If you are thinking of a great gift for kids on special occasions, why not give them one of the many recordable books for children that are available on the market. Recordable story books for children are perfect because they have several differences from ordinary books. With these, you can take your story-telling sessions with your kids to a whole new level where the experience will be more fun and memorable.

All About Recordable Story Books For Children

Recordable books for children are perfect if you cannot be with a child on regular basis. Thus, if you are a parent distance away from his or her child like those who serves in the military, a grandparent who is living far from your grandchild or someone who would like to read a story to a child but cannot be there physically, the only option would be to give recordable books. With such a book, a child can lie down and listen to you telling a story whenever they like.

Get Recordable Christmas Books For Children Online

Hallmark recordable books are one of the best that you can find in the market. They offer plenty of great book titles so you will have a lot of options. There are recordable Christmas books for children that are perfect for the holiday but there are also other titles that are great for other times of the year. Hence, there are actually a lot of these out there today. You can start with some of the all-time favorites that kids surely love.  For more options, check out book reviews for kids online.

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Recommended Recordable Books For Children

  • The Night Before Christmas – this is one of the best recordable books for children ever and certainly one of the most popular. It is a classic Christmas story that everyone came to know and love in the past, and now your children can have the same opportunity to enjoy it as much as you did. When the story is recorded in your own voice, your child will be able to enjoy it more and listen to it over and over again in the future
  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star – this recordable book is a nursery rhyme that has become an all-time favorite of children. It can be made more special by recording it in your own voice, and the recordable book can be used by your children to help them fall asleep each night
  • Guess How Much I Love You – if you want to remind a child how much you really love him or her, then this title is it. It is one of the recordable books for children that can show them all your ways of loving them, and allow then to realize that you are a very important person to them. If you truly love a child, be sure to consider recording this title and giving it to him or her.


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However, story time is not the only opportunity to utilize recordable books for children since they can be kept as keepsakes that can be appreciated for many generations. Your children can pass them to the next generation with their own kids, giving your grandchildren the chance to enjoy a story told in your own voice. Your grandchildren in turn can share the book with their own kids, keeping your voice alive for decades to come.