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Learning Foundation Application

Learning how to apply make up properly is something that most women will have to go through at some point in their lifetime. Make up is important for several reasons including hiding blemishes and enhancing the beauty of a woman. Applying make up is a process and one of the most important steps is foundation application. This ensures that you have successfully applied the same.

2 Main Types of Foundations

  • Powder foundation

  • Liquid foundation

tips for foundation application

Liquid foundation is becoming very popular because it tends to last longer and it also gives a much moiré even and natural look compared to powder foundation. One of the best liquid foundations in the market today is the Revlon photo ready foundation.

Learning how to apply foundation is quite easy and although the first time may take a bit of time, with a little practice you can be able to apply foundation in a few minutes and have your face looking smooth and flawless. Here are some tips on proper foundation application.

Tips and Guidelines to Proper Foundation Application

Before you can even begin to start applying foundation you have to make sure that you have the proper foundation that blends with your skin tone.

  • Before you can apply foundation, you need to prepare your face by washing it and applying a thin layer of moisturizer or a toner. Moisturizer is for those with dry skin while the toner is best for those with oily skin.

  • You can now start the process of foundation application. To apply the foundation you can choose to use a small sponge or your fingers. The best choice is always to go with your fingers because the sponge can soak up a lot of the foundation, which leads to wastage.

  • Spray a drop of foundation on your middle finger or sponge dot it on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin and then blend it to your face. Make sure you blend each spot before the foundation dries. Make sure that you have applied the foundation evenly around the face to prevent a situation where one side looks uneven compared to the other side of the face.

  • The last step in foundation application is to make sure that you apply pressed or loose powder using a make up brush. You should not use too much powder just enough to dust on the face.

Do and Don’ts in Foundation Application

  • Do remember to Blend. That is the first and most important rule in foundation application. Make sure that the foundation blends well with every part of your face.

best efficient revlon photo ready foundation

  • Always make sure that you clean your face before you start applying foundation.

  • Make sure that you get the right shade for your skin tone.

  • Do not rub the make up in a circular motion when applying it. Instead, try and follow the lines on your face and blend the foundation along the same lines.

  • Do not forget to blend the foundation to the sides/edges of your face. Make sure the whole face including the sides and edges are all well covered.

For that flawless and beautiful looking skin, learn the right way of applying foundation and never again worry about impurities and blemishes.