Importance Of Nail Art Tools

You have to get the best nail art tools for you to have the best nails that could guide you to a great social life. To define nails, it refers to the hornlike covering of the external endings of the fingers and toes of a human being. It can be compared to claws of another animal, and are composed of hard protein material called keratin.  Nails are very important. It is the outer protection of your fingertips from harmful objects. It is also can be used as a natural defensive tool for scratching. But one of the most important uses of your nails is to provide a social standing and a mirror of your whole self.

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Nail Art Tools

Your nail represents your personality and personal hygiene. That means that you need to give yourself time to take care of your nails and make it presentable to other people. The best tool for you to take care of your nails is nail art tools. Nail art tools are a series of tools to decorate and clean your nails to the fullest. Several nail art tools that are commonly used are as follows.

  • Nail clippers. A nail clipper is a type of tool used to cut the nail into desired shape. It is also used to remove the excess cuticle from your fingertips for a cleaner smoother look.
  • Cuticle knife. Another good tool for nail art is the cuticle knife. The cuticle knife gets excess cuticle that cannot be reached by the nail clippers.
  • Emery board. Emery board is a piece of small board, sometimes created from a fine sand paper. It is used to smooth the edges of the nails.
  • Sticks. Sticks are used to color tiny edges that cannot be reached by a brush.
  • Brush. Brushes are needed to provide an accurate design of nail color on the skin. There are different brushes available for different sizes of nails or different design to use on the nails. Brush Pen Colors are also applied on the nails using brush pens. Brush pens can create more accurate and intricate designs than a brush.
  • Dotting tools. Dotting tools are a type of nail art tools that allows you to create very small colored dots on the nail for designing.

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Press On Nails

If you are having problems with art, there is another good solution for your nail art– press on nails. Press on nails is a series of fake nail stickers that you paste on your nails to have an instant design.

Nails are very important to our life. Since it is a part of your body that God created, it is best to take care of your nails. Nail art tools are different tools that could greatly help you take care of your nails and create great designs. If you are not good in designs, there you can also use Press on nails that will allow you to press the design on your nails and everything is set to go. You can purchase the nail art tools or press on nails on your local beauty shop or online. Start taking care of your nails now and make the presentable and a good and happy social life will dig in after.

How to Apply Artificial Nails

Not all are born with fingernails and toenails fit for a celebrity. In fact, most people require hours and hours at the nail salon to get the perfect hands and toes. And the result needs to be done and redone over and over in a period of more or less two weeks.

Thanks to technology and a lot of creativity, though, the nails have found themselves a new friend. What used to be a simple two-coat application of one or two colors, now there is a choice of nail art designs, nail tattoos, nail studs (real Swarovski on nails) among many other things.

And while these new nail fashion trends take some time in application, thanks again to some very innovative minded people, this is now easy, breezy and sexy. Press on nails are the best friends of ladies who want gorgeous nails sans the maintenance and the time spent in the salon.  These artificial nails take no more than an hour and requires less maintenance than real nails. And they’re very artsy!

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For the uninitiated, here are some very helpful tips on how to apply artificial nails.

  1. Be prepared. Get everything ready at hand. Applying press on nails is a process that will not require you to have any obstructions. This is because one has to fully concentrate and when you apply the glue the nails must be put immediately before it dries off.
  2. Get more than one set of nails especially on your first time; get them in different sizes and not just designs. All nails are different and everyone have their own size. It is not easy to get fitting nails and you will have to shop for a few sets to get the perfect set. The most important thing is to first test them and see which nail goes on which finger. This is the most important tip one how to apply press on nails.
  3. Clean you natural nails. The nail adhesive will stick better on clean nails. Make sure you have cut your nails short and cleaned your nails’ upper surface free of old nail polish and other things. This will make application easy and long lasting.
  4. Apply the glue. Apply a thin layer of the nail glue. Do not put too much so they do not flood the sides and the cuticles when you press the nails on. Apply just enough. For side leakages, keep a cuticle stick handy.
  5. Apply the nail. Finally, put on the nails. Press gently but firmly and hold for a few minutes. This will ensure that the glue will have dried out and the nails will stick. Do not move too much, though, as it may ruin your new nails. Use the cuticle stick to clean off the sides.

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Now that you have these tips ready, get on ahead and get your desired nails and change them as soon as you tire of them! Happy nails day!

Nair Art: Ideas and Designs

Nail art is an artistic activity of creating patterns and designs on nails. The designs are very simple to create. You can do them at home and create your own design or have an expert do it in order to have unique and attractive designs. Nail art ideas are inspired by many different things such as nature, fruits, flowers and cartoon characters. There are no hard and fast rules on how to do nail art. Here are three nail art designs that you can work on.

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Metallic Garden

  • Apply Ultima Bonder then flash cure for 30 seconds.
  • Apply Pink sculpture gel to the nail, and then cure for two minutes.
  • Then brush Ultima Builder onto the nail. Apply white Mylar and silver in spots on the nail. Leave to cure for two minutes.
  • On the nail, brush Ultima Builder for a second time. To add lines to accentuate the design, apply primary black gel. Then cure for two minutes.
  • Apply sculpt and nail shiner to seal and finish off.

Dotted French

It is a nail art that uses dots of various styles and colors which are then drawn on the nails.

  • Make a French manicure.
  • Using a nail art dotting tool, make a small dot or a large one on one side and on the other side, make a bigger one. Choose colors that complement each other such as light blue, green and dark blue.
  • Using the larger side of the dotting tool, paint lighter blue dots below and above the French manicure smile.
  • Using the smaller side of the dotting tool, create darker blue dots below and above the same line.

                                worlds best nail art design

Simple Flowers

  • Polish your nails with a pink color. Make five white dots in a circular pattern to create the flower petals with the use of a dotting tool. A toothpick will do.
  • Place the tool at every dot’s center and slowly drag the toothpick to the flower’s center.
  • Using a stripper brush, create two wisps with hot pink nail polish.
  • Dip the tool in a white polish, and then add tiny dots on the sides of the petals. Add dots alongside of one of the wisps you have made too.
  • Make a stripe below the top stripe and put silver glitter. Also dot the flower’s center with silver glitter.

Aside from painting your nails, there are also other ways of creating nail arts.

  • Press on nails, also called artificial nails, come in handy when you need instant beautiful nails. All you need to do is press it on your real nail, and you have your instant nail art.
  • Nail art stamp is a type of manicure that lets you imprint designs on nails by stamping an image on the nails. You can apply and change the designs whenever you want and switch to whichever design you want.

Nail art is very useful especially when you attend parties or simply want to look artsy. There are still other designs in the internet. Choose your design and make your nails beautiful and attractive.

Nail Designs – Trending

The nails are an important part of any lady’s appearance, and they say a lot about the kind of person one is. Bad nails portray one as careless and dirty while clean, beautiful and well kept nails portray the person as organised and neat. There are various nail designs in which one can cut and decorate their nails, and they are all dependant on an individual’s preference and choice.

Nail art today has become the hottest and newest accessory for nail decoration. Nail art designs range from animal prints to flower prints and many other patterns depending on one’s specific liking in the field of art.

trend metallic garden nail arts

Artificial Nails

Press on nails refer to artificial nails that are applied onto the natural nails using glue and pressed on for a firmer grip. These nails last for a period of up to one week when one is required to change them or stick them back on with more glue. These nails are stuck on using special glue that does not require a long time to dry, and these nails are easy to remove hence not damaging to one’s natural nails.

Common Nail Art Designs and Techniques

There are various kinds of nail designs. There are those worn on a specific season like dull for winter, and glossy ones for the summertime. Some of the cool nail art designs people have on their nails today include the following:

  • metallic garden
  • dotted French
  • simple flowers

Acrylic nails refer to artificial nail extensions that very many women are embracing today due to their beauty and easy to maintain nature. There are various acrylic nail designs today that have the ability to dazzle ones hands with amazingly beautiful effects. The acrylic nails are gaining more and more popularity today, especially for special occasions like weddings and other occasions that require a theme.

Just as, there are many nail designs, there are just as many nail art accessories and supplies, some of which include nail polish, nail polish brush, nail file, Lanolin cream and nail art pin.

best dotted French nail arts

The kind of nail designs one selects varies from time to time depending on the season, celebration, theme as well as an individual’s clothing. Other determining factors include:

  • Occasion – great celebrations demand  bright colours while sad occasions call for dull colours
  • Occupation – there are certain occupations that will require one not to wear any form of nail polish and design as their work will take off the polish and designs.

Very thin pins are used for the process of engraving designs on nails to avoid smudging the nail polish applied. There are easy nail designs that one can apply themselves. Nail designs are important as they enhance the beauty and appearance of one’s hands.

Advantages Of Press On Nails

Funky nails made by press on nails are getting a lot of attention from fashion savvy girls. It makes very pretty set of fingernails. There are a lot of design collections to choose from. When you are wearing it, you will see the difference it can bring to your nails compared by having just manicure. People will notice and will surely be impressed by the distinctive design of your nails. Some people may feel awkward towards painting long nails. But they will surely appreciate the press on nails after knowing its benefits.

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Benefits Of Press On Nails

Press on nails offer a lot of benefits to the wearer. Here are some of them:

  • Fast Results

You can apply it on your nails and have instant results after 5 minutes. You don’t have to wait in the waiting area of a salon for your turn. Waiting gets a lot of your time when you can do so much more. This is also best for people who are so busy and have only a few minutes for themselves.

  • Personal Effort

You can appreciate a thing more if you do it yourself. Press on nails is a DIY. You will be able to bond with yourself that you seldom do with all the bustles in the workplace and in the house. It will be a self pampering time for you when you apply the press on by yourself.

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  • Various Designs

There are so many designs to choose from. You can change your press on nails to match your dress, your shoes or your mood. It is so easy to change. You can have as many changes as you wish in a day although press on nails can stay on your finger nails for about 7 days. Your nails can have beautiful patterns that are not so possible when you paint nail polish manually.

  • Long Nails

You can have long nails even if you do not grow your nails long. Like busy mothers who are always running after their kids, changing diapers and doing a lot of household chores, you do not have any intension to grow your nails long. Press on nails is your only chance to have longer nails without growing them.

  • Perfect Fit

When you buy a press on nail set, there are 28 nails to choose from so that you can find the perfect fit for your nails.

  • Lasting Shine

You can have a lasting shine on your nails with press on nails. It does not lose its shine even after doing the dishes or the laundry. You can enjoy the shine thru out the 7-day life span of the press on nails.

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Top Brands Of Press On Nails In The Market Today

There are many brands available in the stores near you. Revlon press on nails, Kiss press on nails and Impress by Broadway are the leading brands. They offer durable press on nails in many designs and patterns. If you are deciding to buy them for the first time, try to buy the best press on nails available because people have already tried them and found them worth the price. You can also enjoy a sturdier brand more because it will not easily get ripped or broken.

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Still, press on nails offer the best that you can get over manicure from a salon. It cuts off lengthy waiting time, cuts the cost of service, speedy change and pretty designs to choose from. It also gives you an alternative to keep your nails short while doing the household chores and instantly wear long nails after your application. Having long nails is never so easy and fun with press on nails.