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Pocket Watch: Not Just Another Collection

A pocket watch is a watch that is meant to be carried in a pocket rather than the conventional bracelet watch which is worn on the wrist. This was one of the first creations on the evolution of watches. During the first half of the eighteenth century, watches are considered as luxuries and only a few of the elite class owns a pocket watch because of its high price. As it gains fame by the end of the century because of its uses and reliability, cheap pocket watch surfaced in the market. The demand to own a pocket watch is increasing rapidly. In fact, the American Watch Company produces more than 50,000 reliable watches every year since 1865.

Stylish Gemstone Bracelet Watch

Uses of a Pocket Watch

1.) Vintage Collection:

Pocket watch aficionados collect numerous of this piece as it really looks stylish and classy. No matter what the style is, it gives additional vintage points to every collection. It can be bought anywhere from Walmart to online shopping sites like Ebay or Amazon. This costs from around $10 to a whooping $200 in Amazon but could cost up to about $700 for a genuine Bernex Swiss Made pocket watch.

Learn How to Wear a Pocket Watch

2.) Timekeeping:

Many health care professionals own at least a pocket watch, specifically those in United Kingdom because of its stylish aura and accessibility. Yes, it can be said that an antique pocket watch is a great addition to a collection but why keep it in a glass cabinet for the purpose of viewing when you can actually make use of this device.

Timeless Antique Pocket Watch

3.) Gift Idea:

A pocket watch could also be a great gift idea. It is unique, handy and compact. It does not really have to be expensive since even cheap ones come in great style.

Classic Pocket Watch Necklace

For the new generation of the twenty-first century era, one might wonder how to wear a pocket watch since this is really not in fashion these days. There are two possible ways to wear a pocket watch, to say the least, and both ways involve a chain. It can be worn as a pocket watch necklace basically fashioned like a necklace. It can also be attached, using the chain, to the trousers’ belt part or on a vest.

So if you are fond of vintage fashions, why not use a pocket watch as opposed from a bracelet watch. After all, fashion, like history, repeats itself.