Top Lingerie Brands to Try

There are regular lingerie brands and there are top lingerie brands that produce lingerie of the highest quality. Listed below are the best brands of intimate apparel. They were picked among the rest based on overall quality, sense of luxury, versatility, customization, accessibility and affordability.

agent provocateur low cost asos satin corset

Top Lingerie Brands

1. Agent Provocateur – Named as the ultimate brand of lingerie and is the number one brand of fine, high-quality lingerie. The materials that are made for their lingerie are from France. It features a lot of collections of bras, nightwear, panties, corsets and a whole lot more. Each product is made of high quality materials and seductive styles that women would really love.

2. Frederick’s of Hollywood – A brand that is quite similar with Victoria’s Secret when it comes to affordability and quality. Frederick’s of Hollywood goes to the second spot of top lingerie brands. Their products are suitable for any types of occasions. Most of their items are very daring, but flirty and fun at the same time. They have high quality products at very affordable prices so they are very efficient to buy. There are lots of items to choose, from classy to simple yet elegant lingerie.

3. Spoylt – This brand shows complete sexiness. Their items come in different colors with very amusing combinations such as red and pink with bows and laces. Most of their items are suitable for special occasions or dates. Their items include bras, handcuffs and camisoles and most of them are reasonably priced.

4. La Perla – A lingerie brand known for its high-end and sophisticated items for women who like chic and sexy. Their products are made from Italy but they serve to most European countries and the United States.

5. Victoria’s Secret – VS takes the fifth spot of our top lingerie brands. Victoria’s Secret is a brand that manufactures high quality lingerie pieces but has very affordable prices. They have a wide range of items, from colorful and playful to sultry and seductive. They also offer plus size lingerie such as plus size bustiers and bras. Each year, VS unveils its Million Dollar Bra, intimate apparel encrusted with hundreds of stones, diamonds and pearls that add to its multi-million price. Victoria’s Secret is also famous for its annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show that’s sure to bring the fancies of both men and women.

best victoria secret lingerie

In choosing a good lingerie brand, there are things that you must consider first. You must choose a brand that offers high quality products and has a good review from many consumers. Though affordability is also an important factor, you still have to consider the quality of a product. If you try and buy from these top lingerie brands, you will have a lot of choices that would definitely suit your taste, size and style.

Tips On How To Choose The Right Plus Size Underwear

Visit any clothing shop today and you are bound to find plus size items from shoes to plus size underwear. Designers as well have taken the hint that plus size is a new model body type. They have gone a step further to incorporate in their clothing lines plus size wears. This has been welcomed by many people who used to find it difficult to find plus size clothing. Plus size underwear is available in attractive, quality materials and body flattering types. Plus size items like panties, bras, hosiery and body shapers are available and are designed to hide problematic areas as well as enhance curves.

summer professional plus size underwear

Tips on Choosing the Right plus Size Underwear

Whenever shopping for plus size underwear, many people end up buying wrong sizes. This is inconvenient not only because you bought something you will not use but have lost money as well. Therefore, you need to follow the tips below to ensure you get the right plus size underwear.

  • Do not buy too tight or too loose underwear. Brands differ across the globe as well as their sizes. Therefore, what you choose should be well fitting and comfortable for greater functionality and longer service.
  • Since size changes from time to time, get your measurements every time you go shopping for underwear. Poorly fitted plus size underwear will be uncomfortable and can make the outer clothes look bad.
  • For pregnant women, go for plus size maternity underwear. It will look sexy on you, lifting up your self esteem. It is also comfortable to wear.
  • Get plus size long underwear to cover problematic areas on your thighs.
  • For men, measurement for underwear should be taken from the waist. For women, they need to take measurement of the waist and hips to get right sizes.
  • As a lady, know and understand your shape to be able to get right plus size underwear for women.

very comfortable plus size maternity underwear

Pairing up plus size underwear with a plus size bustier will work well in giving you a sexier shape. A bustier flattens out the tummy and perks up the breasts. It gives a slimmer look on your torso too. Plus size women don’t need to contend with whatever they find in local clothing stores since they can do shopping online for their plus size underwear. This will provide them with varieties of colors, designs, materials and brand to choose from. Eventually, they will get something that is comfortable, sexy and fabulous to uplift self esteem. Always remember that the key in getting quality and comfortable plus size underwear will be the right tips in choosing them.

Plus Size Bras: Uses, Fitting Tips And Popular Brands

Plus size women were also designed to have plus size bras. The availability of a wide range of designs for plus size bras allows for these women to look lovely in all outfits, including summer time dresses and tops. These bras allow the large breasted women to look sexy and at the same time feel confident because of the great support their breasts receive.

perfect plus size bra

Uses of Plus Size Bras

Women with big breasts can get away with almost all kinds of clothes today since there are plus size push up bras for them too. These plus size bras enhance the shape of their breasts by lifting or pushing them up, showing more cleavage. They are available in various styles and variations like the plus size bustier bras. Wearing these bras give one a sexy and beautiful look in almost all kinds of dresses and tops. For the sporty and athletic women, sports bras are top on their priority list. Plus size sports bras are a vital need for the large breasted women as they provide for firm support to their breasts; hence, better comfort and more ease during sports activities.

The size of women’s breasts fluctuates regularly based on their menstrual cycle, weight loss and weight gain as well as pregnancy. During pregnancy, the breasts of women are larger than usual, especially for women with natural breast endowment. Nursing bras are advised to be worn by mothers to facilitate breastfeeding of their babies. Plus size nursing bras come in handy for plus size women during this time. These bras may be quite difficult to find because it should be perfectly fitting, supportive and comfortable for breastfeeding at the same time.

pure cotton plus size nursing  bra

Fitting Tips and Popular Brands

Research had shown that 75%-85% of all women put on the wrong size of bras. The following are some tips on how to fit plus size bras.

  • Measure around your frame using a tape measure.
  • Add 5 to the measurement of your frame. This gives you your bra size.
  • Measure your breasts especially along the fullest areas.
  • Using the above measurement, subtract your bra size to get your cup size.

Some of the best and quality brands of plus size bras include the following:

  • Bravissimo – This brand offers plus size bras in vibrant colors and fresh prints.
  • Cleo – Their bras have trendy and playful colors. They are mostly worn by teenagers.
  • Curvy Kate – This is a new brand has jewel toned bras.

Now you know how to get your correct bra size, make sure to select the color and design you want. Being a plus size woman is not a hindrance to look beautiful and attractive. It is on how you choose and wear your clothes and undergarments that determine your final look. 

Popular Brands Of Plus Size Bustier

Among the essentials of women who are gifted with relatively larger breasts or those who have gained extra weight is the plus size bustier. A bustier is primarily used to enhance the look of the breast when wearing gowns or dresses.

But if a bustier is used to increase or enhance the look of the breast, why are plus sizes still needed by most “gifted” women? The answer lies on the subsequent functions of a bustier; they are also used to support plus size breasts and to provide a slimmer shape for the waist similar to the functions of traditional corsets.

trendy plus size bustier

Noted Brands For Plus Size Bustier Lingerie

  • Seven Til Midnight

The brand specializes in the production of lingerie and other sexy and elegant feminine costumes. The brand is noted for creating wide ranges of designs featuring bold, eye-catching, and sexy colors. And these lingerie pieces are tailored from durable materials that would provide that needed support.

  • Dreamgirl

Another lingerie brand that creates bustier products for bigger women is Dreamgirl. Aside from the very sexy and appealing design of each lingerie piece, most of the bustier or corsets are flexible enough to be worn or paired with any other kinds of dresses or to plus size bustier tops. It is made possible by making use of much lighter and softer clothing materials.

rainbow sequin plus size bustier corset top

  • Icollection

Icollection produces more than the usual when it comes to bustier designs. Unlike the other two brands, Icollection integrates functionality with each piece of its lingerie line. If there is a bustier intended to make you look sexier, there are also styles that are considered essential to certain events like wedding, balls, cocktails, etc.

  • Elegant Moments

Elegant Moments provides the choice or alternative for women whether they want to look sexy, naughty, or perhaps, more wholesome when wearing a plus size bustier. Aside from the usual one-piece or two-piece bustier underwear, the brand also creates styles that feature miniskirts or extended shorts.

plus size strapless bustier

 Common Types Of Bustiers

Bustiers are the modern day corsets and most of the styles and designs available in the market can be classified as either of the following types.

  • The Under-Bust. This type of bustier has the main purpose of ensuring a slim and curvy waist aside from providing that needed breast support. Just like conventional corset, it is designed shorter covering only the lower parts of the breasts. A plus size bustier corset belongs to this category.
  • The Over-Bust. Contrary to the under-bust type, the over-bust covers both the waist and the breast. This extended length on top provides more enhancing effect for the breast. A common example is the plus size strapless bustier which most women wear to achieve that sexy hourglass look.
  • The Long Bustier. Common bustier only covers the mid-section part of the body. But there is also a type of plus size bustier which extends to the legs or to the shoulders. The tops or straps extend to the shoulder. On the other hand, there are longer styles that feature a stocking or legging-like feature.
  • The Outerwear Bustier. All the first three types of bustier mentioned above are essentially types of underwear. But fashion designers have now developed sexy bustier outfits that can be worn on their own without complementary dresses. An outerwear bustier usually has lower extensions either in the form of shorts, skirts, or mini-skirts.

plus size jacquard print mesh ruffle bustier

The availability of a plus size bustier only means that every woman whether slim or “chubby” has a chance to look and feel sexy. But when wearing a bustier, it is always essential to ensure comfort, provision for the needed breast and back support, and that the color, style, and design fits or makes you even more beautiful and sexy.