Plastic Bag Holder: Eco-Friendly and Economical

They say a plastic bag holder is a grocery lover’s best friend. Visiting a grocery especially the farmers’ market has always been fun and food for the soul. Browsing through fresh produce and carrying home healthy foodstuff engulfs you with a warm feeling of contentment, just like shopping for clothes. This is however not the final thing, as it is also very overwhelming trying to balance the bags from the market.

A nice holder is in a position to carry up to 45 pounds of your grocery. It helps you transport bags with ease. You can use it to the market especially when collecting purchases from different vendors. The holder happens to be very handy for use when walking up the stairs or even when riding.

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How to Make a Plastic Bag Holder

Plastic bag holders are very convenient. You can even use the holder in your garage, when in park or at the beach, just place it somewhere conspicuous for everyone to use. It is a perfect reminder for those around you to be responsible for their refuse.

There are many methods in making a strong environmental friendly plastic bag holder. All you require is letting your imagination and creative drive crazy. With the holders, you can make wall decorations that belong perfectly to the theme of your kitchen. Here are four simple ways of making a plastic bag holder:

best plastic bag holder pattern

  • With a towel

  • With a sock

  • With fabric

  • With a plastic bottle or any other recyclable material

Tutorial on How to Make a Plastic Bag Holder

  • Get a piece of fabric and cut about 11 by 28 inches. These dimensions will give you a fairly long and narrow plastic bag holder.

  • On both ends (11’’ one), create a casing. On the ironing board, place the piece of cloth right side down and fold 1’’ edge and iron it. Then unfold the crease and make another crease, which is about a quarter inch from the edge.

best fabric fabric plastic bag holder

  • Then refold the first crease while the second one is still in place. This creates the casing, use the casing edge about 1/8 inch far from the fold.

  • Since the fabric is still flat with no side seam, this is the time to decorate with plastic bag holder pattern. Select anything of your choice from buttons, ribbons and put it anywhere you like.

  • The next step is creating a handle. You can either use a twill tape or a ribbon or even get a matching piece of cloth of the bag.

  • Trim any excess fabric from the edge to create a straight edge. You can use a serger if you have one.

  • Turn the bag inside out and you will be done. Enjoy using it.

easy tips on how to make a plastic bag holder

Fabric Plastic Bag Holder

This is a homemade and simple fabric plastic bag holder, which is a perfect eco friendly craftwork for beginner sewers. All you need to make a gorgeous and colorful bag holder is just the ability to make a straight line.

There are very many ways, styles of making this fabric plastic bag holder cute. They are all meant to suit your needs and taste. The most popular style is adding some handles to the holder. Enjoy your new plastic bag holder and proudly carry your eco-friendly plastic bag holder on your shoulder to the local grocery store.

Practical Reasons for a Bag Holder to Exist

Bags are essential accessories of a person who is always on the move which is why a bag holder should always come in handy since you can’t do two things at the same time. It is a known fact that when a person lost a bag, it is like losing a part of a person’s well being. We use bags to store our personal effects, gadgets, important papers, cash and other important stuff so finding a bag is like a treasure trove for some people already. It is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what you are going to get. A bag holder secures whatever is stored inside those bags.

Types of Bag Holder

A bag holder is not limited to bags as a form of accessory or personal storage. There are several forms of bag holders according to their purpose. They come in different shapes and sizes;

  • Grocery bag holder. This is a practical object to have when you are the kind of person who wants to take care of a week’s worth of consumption or for large gathering that requires large quantity of groceries.

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  • Trash bag holder. This is a must have in any house or dwellings. It hinders unwanted guests to snoop around while the garbage collector is not yet scheduled to drop by anytime soon. Plus, it makes the area tidier without these trash bags scattered all over the place.

  • Garbage bag holder. Another must have in any building. The only difference between a trash bag holder and a garbage bag holder is their quantity. Trash bag holder can be categorized while garbage bag holder is the whole story itself. Therefore, you can subdivide your trash bag inside the house according to their nature, then put them all together in one garbage bag for collection.

best Grocery bag holder

  • Plastic bag holder. This is very handy for grocery stores that encourage the reuse of plastic bags. Since it is needed to use a lot of plastic bags to subdivide the items bought, the use of a plastic bag holder will spell the difference between a reddish palm and a stress free one. Shopaholics should always have this at arm’s length. Though most boutiques uses paper bags, it would still be useful when a shopping spree would cause a strained arm or back just by simply lifting them up.

Needless to say, these objects are needed to sustain management and productivity. When a bag holder is present there is little effort needed to carry multiple stuff to and from any place. Any type of holder is need for one simple reason. Humans are made with only two hands and since a third would be out of this world, a bag holder for different purposes is always needed.

Kitchen Organizers: Practical Ideas

Staying organized is the key to leading a peaceful and happy life. A messy kitchen can stress you a fair bit and give you unnecessary tension. The kitchen is the place where you cook and spend most of your time. Hence, cluttering this area of your house is not a very sound idea. Hence, kitchen organizers are a great choice. These will help you keep things in the right place and organize your kitchen so that you are at peace and you don’t need to worry about finding things when you are in a hurry. Here are simple kitchen organizers that will take you a long way:

  • Labels: Buy removable labels for your canisters and for frozen foods so that you can remove them easily when you change the container. These are inexpensive and basic but at tough times, these act as the day savers. Labels for frozen foods are weatherproof and can handle the chilling temperature of your freezer.

best Kitchen Organizers

  • Organizer beside your stove: While cooking you will need numerous tools and having them at an arm’s length is very convenient. You can put your wooden spoons, whisks, spatulas, ladles, etc in the cart and save a lot of time while you cook.

  • Hanging racks: These racks are specifically great for pans and pots. They are great space savers because they are hung from the ceiling within your reach.

  • Steel Slats: These are great for heavy utensils. Depending on what you want to use them for, you can have yours customized. You could even place aprons, pet supplies, books and towels in the islands.

  • Turntable for the fridge: The door space of your fridge is always cluttered up. Free some space from there by buying a turntable. This will save you space and these items will also be easily accessible.

cute plastic bag holder

  • Rubber bands: These may also seem basic but they are very useful as kitchen organizers. You may be having a number of kinds of skewers. Instead of piling them all up in one place, separate each kind and bundle them up with rubber bands.

  • Hanging baskets: These are great for hanging on the kitchen wall. They are readily available and can be used for tools, vegetables and fruits that don’t need to be placed in the fridge.

  • Plastic bag holder: Plastic bags are everywhere in your kitchen for sure. Every time you go to the store, you come back with many more. Instead of leaving them lying around, make them re-usable by storing them in a plastic bag holder. This is a “must have” kitchen organizers not only in the kitchen but you can also use this in the office or restaurants where the use of plastic bags are many.

These are some of the kitchen organizers that you must have for must in the kitchen. These kitchen organizers make living easier and organized.

How to Make a Plastic Bag Holder

Plastic bags are very common. They are used for numerous reasons such as for groceries, for accessories, for apparel, etc. Surely there are numerous plastic bags in your house lying here and there. There are a number of purposes that these plastic bags will serve and when you actually need them, you might not find one immediately. To save yourself the trouble and the time, you could make your own plastic bag holder to keep the bags organized so that you can store them properly and carry the bag along when you go grocery shopping with all the plastic bags you may need. So for the question of how to make a plastic holder, this article will provide you with some great ideas.

How to Make a Plastic Bag Holder

Materials needed to make a plastic bag holder:

  • A fabric: 18 x 13 inches,

  • a pair of scissors,

  • a ruler,

colorful plastic bag holder

  • a pencil,

  • a quarter inch wide elastic: 2 inches,

  • a quarter inch wide ribbon: 8 inches

  • straight pins,

  • sewing machine,

  • sewing thread

  • and a sewing needle.

Steps in how to make a plastic bag holder

crochet plastic bag holder pattern

  • To start with, you should choose a piece of fabric that you like. You can pick anything that you want. Buying a decorative piece is also a great idea in order to make your plastic bag holder look great and attractive.

  • Place the piece of fabric you chose flat on a table such that the upper side is face down. In order words, the inside or the under part of the fabric must face you.

  • Use a ruler and a pencil to mark an inch from the top. Repeat at the bottom and pin the material using straight pins on both ends. Sew it and your hem is ready.

tips on how to make a plastic bag holder

  • Take elastic and cut it into half. Take one piece and pin it at the top of the hem and sew it there. Make sure the elastic falls at least half an inch beyond the fabric. Do the same for the bottom too.

  • Fold the piece of fabric in such a way that both the right sides of the fabrics are towards each other. Pin them together. You can notice the underside of the fabric towards you.

  • In the next step you should sew the seam. Start half an inch from the top and make your way down.

best fabric plastic bag holder

  • Take the ribbon and fold it into half. This will give you a loop of four inches. Pin the loop with its loose ends at the bottom to the tube. Pin it at about 1 inch from the top of it. Now sew it using your sewing machine.

  • Place a hand inside the tube and turn it inside out. The top side will face you and your all new functional plastic bag holder is ready!

Now that you know how to make a plastic bag holder, it is time you spent some time and made one for yourself!

Some people find it hard on how to make a plastic bag holder so they prefer to buy one instead. There a re many types of plastic bag holder available and rest assured you will have a lot to choose from.