Plasma Torch Safety Guide

If you are doing a project that requires you to cut metal or any material, then you should read this plasma torch safety guide before getting started. Just like other power tools, safety measures should be taken when using a plasma torch to avoid serious injury.

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Plasma Torch Safety Guide

Before looking at the safety measures, it is important to point out that you should learn how to use plasma torch properly. By doing this, you can prevent accidents such as fire or explosion. The following tips will help you to carry out welding and plasma cutting safely using the right protective gears.

Protective Gear:

It is extremely important to wear the right protective gears at all times when using cutting and welding equipments. Some of these gears include:

  • Gloves – You can find effective and inexpensive welding gloves to protect you from burns.
  • Footwear – It is recommended that you wear boots or shoes with leather top and steel toe. With the right shoes, you can get protection from anything that slips inside during welding.
  • Fire resistant clothing – You need these types of clothing to protect yourself from sparks. In fact, without the right plasma torching protective gear, the high temperatures can actually burn your hands through the gloves if they are close to the metal, arc, and nozzle. You should also get non-flammable welding aprons to protect your skin from metal cuts, sparks, and other debris.


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Protection From Bright Light:

A plasma cutting or welding arc produces a light that is intensely bright and this can damage your eyes if you are not wearing the right gear. To ensure that your eyes are well protected, you need safety glasses or a face shield with the right lens shade. Plasma cutting helmets are recommended for maximum protection because they are designed with straps and will conform to your head. Besides, the fact that the plasma torch light can cause serious damage to your eyes, you need to wear safety gear at all times to protect against other debris.

More Helpful Tips

When your skin is exposed, this will put you at risk to suffer from the damaging and painful effects of infrared and ultraviolet rays. Perhaps one of the most important suggestions that you will find in any plasma torch safety guide is that you should be extremely careful of the sparks. It is common for the sparks to catch in pant cuffs, open pockets, or partially buttoned shirts. So, it is best to button up your shirt front pockets, collars and cuffs to cover up exposed skin and prevent sparks from going inside.

You can do other things to prevent plasma torch accidents such as not wearing pants with cuff styles and never keep butane lighters or matches in your pockets. To prevent accidents such as explosions or fires, you should ensure that the torch is only used in areas with good ventilation and far from flammable materials.

After reading this plasma torch safety guide, you should realize that it is important to wear protective clothing and other gears during plasma cutting or welding. Taking safety precautions as well as protecting others and yourself will help you to become a responsible plasma cutter and welder.