Plasma Torch Guidelines: Proper Use and Maintenance

A plasma torch is also called a plasma gun or plasma arc, and is a device that is used for generating a directed plasma flow, which is used for cutting, spraying and arc waste disposal. For accurate plasma cutting, a plasma torch height control is incorporated into the operation but it is often the most likely to be nonfunctional, misused or entirely missing in a cutting machine. Thus, it is usually the norm in many fabrication shops to see the torch operator driving his torch manually. This is because either the height control is not operating properly or the operator has not been trained to use it.

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The plasma torch parts that compose the arc should be regularly inspected and replaced in order to keep the cutter safe, working economically and doing the best quality cut. Using matching and correct parts of the plasma torch will ensure long consumable life and cut quality.

A nozzle that can be found on the tip of the cutter concentrates the gas and introduces a spark coming from the electrode. This transforms the gas into plasma. Semi inert or inert gases are utilized to shield the spot where plasma comes in contact with the metal. The molten metal is forced out of the cut by the force of the plasma, which can reach a temperature of 30,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The combination of strong force and extreme temperature wears the tip of the cutter and its components fast.

The most common items that wear down faster in a plasma torch are the nozzle, shield and electrode. There is also a swirl ring but it will last for several changes if it is maintained properly. Also, check out the Hypertherm Powermax online.

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The Plasma Torch Nozzle

The plasma arc is limited to a particular diameter by the nozzle through a round hole drilled in its tip. This hole constricts the plasma gas as it passes through, increasing the velocity. The most common reason for damage to the nozzle is mismatched torch parts, incorrect cut distance and incorrect amperage or gas settings. To avoid damage, you should always be vigilant while operating your torch and conduct regular inspections. The nozzle should be changed together with the electrode to keeping the quality of the cutting at its best.

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The Plasma Torch Electrode

The main function of the electrode is to give power to the plasma arc. You can detect damage to the electrode by examining its insert and measuring pit depth. Excessive damage to the electrode decreases the quality of the cut and can destroy your torch.

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The Plasma Torch Shield

The shield can be found surrounding the consumable stack, which protects the plasma torch from cutting itself. It is incorporated with a perfectly round hole that is identical to that of the nozzle. Main orifice damage is the problem common to the shield is it can become clogged or blocked by spatter or dross. It is easy to pick off dross but if the main orifice itself is damaged, it must be replaced. More information on how to use the plasma torch can be found with the plasma torch guide that typically comes with the package. Hence, you can also search for guides and expert advice online from professionals.