Top Eyewear Brands

If you are a person who likes to call him/herself a ‘fashionista‘ then obviously you would like to keep track of the top eyewear brands. Eyewear is pretty important to complete your outfit. You should also have some idea about these top eyewear brands so that you can compare your options and see whether your pink sunglasses actually go with your face or if you need a replacement. Here you will find all the information you need to make that choice.

world's top eyewear brands

Popular Eye Glasses Brands

Listed below are the top 5 names in the eyewear industry. Find out what they are famous for.

1.) Ray-Ban:

Founded by Bausch & Lomb in 1937, it is no wonder Ray-Ban managed to cut the first place at the top eyewear brands list. They were first introduced to the US Army Air Corps. However, as you know, their popularity did not stay within the military forces. The best thing about Ray-Ban is how they manage to mix up the decades of eyewear fashion. Their Legends collection will reveal the presence of past right in front of your eyes while their Tech collection takes you a few steps forward in eyewear fashion. It is their greatest strength, that is, versatility.

2.) Oakley:

Jim Jannard started producing the Oakley sunglasses in 1975. Young as it is compared to Ray-Ban, Oakley managed to be the second best eyewear brand since its main focus is on the athletic fields. Apart from the sunglasses, Oakley produces all kinds of sportswear. The specialty of Oakley eyewear is each of them passes through the ANSI Z87.1 test. This is the highest requirement to ensure safety against impact. Oakley eyewear is possibly the best protection you can get if you are a sporty person. Even their casual eyewear collection has something sporty about them.

3.) Prada:

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Prada is the oldest member in the eyewear industry. Mario Prada founded it in 1913 and it has been the name of ‘classy’ ever since. In fact, this is their focal point, luxury. Prada eyewear is not sporty and they simply will not give the impression that you are a person with rich eyewear taste for casual sunglasses. No, what Prada does is they keep you in a class. With their eyewear styles, you are bound to plan your outfit that matches that eyewear. So obviously, you should choose Prada if you want to impress people with your classy and luxurious looks.

4.) Polaroid:

After Polaroid Eyewear was first introduced in 1937, it has been producing all kinds of polarized sunglasses as well as polarized lenses. Their tagline is Perfect Vision and it is pretty much true since their eyewear will actually help you see better. In case you do not know the relation between polarization and eye, it is one of the most responsible reasons to shorten your visibility distance. The vertical polarized glasses of Polaroid eyewear help in reducing the effect of horizontally polarized light and consequently increase your visibility. Their fashion style is modern as they are effective.

5.) Gucci:

The last entry on the top eyewear brands is Gucci. After it was founded in 1921, it quickly became the name for a wholesome fashion house. They excel in all the sections in fashion, not only eyewear. Gucci eyewear is versatile. They can adapt to almost any kind of outfit you choose without making you stand out of the crowd like an out-of-place person. In fact, their versatility is the reason Gucci has turned out to be the highest selling Italian brand in the world.

Sunglasses for Sensitive Eyes

Nowadays, there are more and more people who need sunglasses for sensitive eyes. With summer just around the corner, people who have eyes that are sensitive to sunlight or have been diagnosed with photophobia have taken to buying sunglasses to ward off the glaring sunlight. If you suffer from these kinds of discomfort, it is prudent to learn what kind of sunglasses to buy to alleviate the sensitivity to light.

essential sunglasses for sensitive eyes

There are four things everyone needs to know when it comes to buying sunglasses for sensitive eyes. First, remember that the more sensitive you are to light, the darker the sunglasses should be. Second, buy sunglasses that protect your eyes from 90% of the sun’s UV rays. Third, sunglasses fitted with mirrored lenses can help reduce the light which hits your eyes because of it being reflected away. Finally, polarized lenses are a must for people who drive or swim as it reduces the glare off of horizontal surfaces like the road or the ocean.

How to Buy Sunglasses for Sensitive Eyes

Many people make the mistake of buying just any kind of sunglasses for sensitive eyes they can find in the store. This is unhelpful as some people have actual eye problems and need prescription from their respective doctors. However, if you are one of those who really just have sensitive eyes or just buying temporary sunglasses but have no idea where to begin; here are a few guidelines you can follow:

  • Glasses Weight – Asses weight. The sunglasses must feel comfortable on your face, if you have thick glasses, then use thick frames to support it.
  •  Frame Materials – This is important as plastic tends to be light and durable but does not bend for custom fit. Aluminum and titanium are more viable.
  •  UV protection – Read what is written down on the label or ask around for the UV rays protection rate. You should always make sure that it is 100%.
  • Choose Color Lens Wisely – Lenses should be dark if you have sensitive eyes. Frames can be of any color, from yellow to blue to pink sunglasses as long as the lenses you choose can protect you.

Sunglasses for Sensitive Eyes to Choose From

If you are new to buying sunglasses for sensitive eyes and are looking for brands to choose from, here are a few which have protective lens:

  • Hybrid – This is by Oakley and is famous for its 100% UV rays protection. The sunglasses are very affordable and are made from lightweight materials that can last for a long time.
  • Sherpa – By Julbo is another brand of sunglasses which are ideal for summer. With a nice frame whose leather sides and mirrored, this is best for people who drive. It also offers 100% protection from sun rays and has a light protection of 88%.

Radior – are sunglasses by Gatorz, made from aluminum with wraparound frames to protect the wearer from wind and pollution, Radior is best for people who drive open cars or motorcycles. It offers 100% UV rays protection and is made with polycarbonate lenses.

glittery pink sunglasses

Whether you want to buy simple pink sunglasses for summer or just want something to protect your eyes, follow these guidelines to get the best sunglasses for sensitive eyes available.

Prescription Sunglasses for Everyday Use

Prescription sunglasses are a kind of glasses that are recommended to an individual, by an eye wear prescriber, after tests are ran on that individual’s eyes and results showed that corrective lenses are in need. Federal Trade Commission in USA demands that a patient is given a copy of eye wear prescription whether he or she asks for it or not.

fashionable prescription sunglasses online,

Refraction Eye Errors

Specification parameters on eye wear prescriptions vary from one individual to another. Generally, however, each lens is made specifically in order to correct blurred vision due to errors caused by refraction. Some of these errors include;

  • Myopia
  • Hyperopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia

To determine the most suitable lens for an eye patient, a phoropter is used, and a patient is also asked which lens work best for him or her. A dispensing optician is responsible for assembling of spectacles frame and lenses and selling them to that eye patient.

shopping for cheap prescription sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful effects of ultra violet rays and at the same time serve in making you look stylish and dope. Prescription sunglasses online can be found on the website, and this website offers some of best selections in cheap prescription sunglasses as well as designer glasses. Frames they offer feature tinted lenses aimed at protecting eyes from harmful ultra violet rays, and they specialize in selling on retail.

Polarized prescription sunglasses are prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses and are very handy in preventing harmful ultra violet rays from reaching a person’s eyes and at the same time reduce reflected glare surrounding them. These are majorly recommended for people with light sensitive eyes, who are advised to wear them even indoors after undergoing any kind of eye surgery because of superior light filtering found in polarised technology.

really cool polarized prescription sunglasses

Selecting Tips

In order to make informed decisions when going to get these glasses, below are guidelines on shopping for prescription sunglasses;

  • Select most suitable lens in terms of weight, size, and comfort and for fashion sensitive people, design.
  • Ensure that you visit qualified eye specialists who have up to date eye treatment equipment. This guarantees accuracy in test ran and strength of lenses prescribed, hence more reliable correction mechanisms.

stunning pink sunglasses

For a long time now, latest and hottest craze around has been different colour tinted prescription and non prescription sunglasses. This is where we come across things as crazy as pink sunglasses. This is how far fashion has gone. There are many variations of coloured sunglasses today that sometimes it is no surprise to see them in different looks.

Where to Find Cheap Glasses

metal frame cheap reading glasses

Before when the word cheap crossed your mind it would definitely mean poor quality. However, this has changed with time, getting something at a cheaper price does not necessarily mean you will acquire poor quality goods. It simply means you can source for products that you want at reduced prices. Glasses are essential in our day to day activities, considering their various functions like reading glasses that help you while reading and sunglasses that protects your eyes from UV rays. If you are looking for cheap glasses, the best place to get them is online.

Buying Cheap Glasses Tips

have some cheap glasses frames

Here are some procedures to follow in order to find cheap glasses at your budget:

  • Visit a store that has the type of glasses that you require. Write down your size details and also specifications. Decide on the brand.
  • Go to sites like EBay and Amazon and type your glasses brand, search thoroughly to ensure you get right brand. With the almost unlimited source of information from these online stores, you are assured to eventually get cheap glasses.
  • Compare different results that you get and ensure that you get a cheaper one that suits your budget, enquire from manufacturers on condition of glasses that you want to purchase before you purchase them. See if they will deliver free of charge or you will have to incur extra charges for that. Once you gather all these information compare with prices that you got from your store to see if it is more cheaper to get them from stores or online.
  • If you do not want to get your glasses online you can also get them at cheaper prices from stores. To get cheap glasses from stores means having to move from shop to shop comparing prices. If you do not have time to go from shop to shop, you can search various online directories for contact details of stores that sells these types of glasses that you require and record their different prices to summarize on which one will be cheaper at the end.

looking for cheap prescription glasses

Above procedures can work for cheap prescription glasses, cheap reading glasses and also cheap glasses frames. This method can also be used to get good sunglasses that are found in different colors that range from white sunglasses to pink sunglasses.

glamorous pink sunglasses

However, while getting cheap glasses you should ensure you get quality ones that just comes at cheaper prices, otherwise getting poor quality glasses can easily damage your eyes. It is essential to always work on improving your sight and not destroying them with poor quality glasses.

Tickled Pink in Pink Sunglasses

The most feminine of all shades for sunglasses is pink sunglasses. It exudes sexiness and sophistication. Flirty and candid, pink sunglasses are perfect for any girl who wants to be charming and girly.

Pink is a shade where white and red are mixing their potential magic. White symbolizes purity and cleanliness while red denotes dominance and strength. Combining the two unique colors makes pink, which gives off subtle dominance like an innocent goddess. Unlike red which comes so strong, pink is discreetly dominating the looker. Unlike white, which is so pure and clean, pink is enchanting in the most delicate way. No wonder pink sunglasses are a favorite eyewear among women who never wants to be dominant but rather, irresistible.

Pink Sunglasses and Their Elements

diamond pink sunglasses

Like red sunglasses, pink sunglasses never go out of style. The shape of the frames may vary from one fashion season to another but the color remains in any season at all times. Here are some fashion tips where you can wear it best.

  • Best for a girly beach wear. When having a grand vacation on the beach and you are in the mood for some fun, pink sunglasses will serve you well.
  • It looks nice over corporate wear. There are pink sunglasses that have a more professional looking frame.
  • Aviator pink sunglasses are also available to pacify a girly and flirty impression. Best for the younger, girly crowd wandering around the mall shopping with friends.

aviator hot pink sunglasses

  • It is a good alternative over black sunglasses if you get bored of the classic neutral color. Pink is a nice shade worn over a rugged outfit. It gives a distinct hue and a pop of color that can smooth out rugged outfits to bring it to a more feminine ensemble.
  • It can be worn in different intensities. You can wear it in the famous hot pink sunglasses or signature baby pink sunglasses without appearing to be faded or worn out. Any pink shades paired with your casual outfit to go shopping can create a very distinct style.
  • Men can also wear pink sunglasses provided that the frame is sturdy and masculine. The tint would be silvery lined pink to give a new twist to a man’s casual wear.

fabulous darren criss pink sunglasses

  • Oversized pink sunglasses has a certain look that covers much of the eyes including half of the cheek without looking so covert because pink shades still show the eyes through the lens. This is best with casual wear, walking casual at the streets, beach or just walking around doing some errands during summer where the sun is at its peak.

Pink sunglasses can come in various styles like sporty pink motorcycle goggles, modern pink designer shades, the edgy pink cateye sunglasses, the famous hot pink and novelty pink oversized sunglasses. With the Darren Criss pink sunglasses, pink eyewear designs are no longer exclusive for girls. Pioneering pink sunglasses for men is the Ray-Ban brand. Darren Criss used to wear this brand’s hot pink sunglasses around until he created his own pink sunglasses line. Other top brands that offer pink men, women and kids sunglasses designs are Gucci, Donna Karan, and Guess. Pink Oakley sunglasses combine fun and sporty in one lovely pair.

cool ink oakley sunglasses

Nothing compares to the feminine effect of the color pink. If you want to be extra girly, fun and funky, try wearing pink. It does not look stern but more of charming, cute, and cool in nature. If you want an outfit that stands out but not as loud as red, try wearing pink. It is a great alternative over red and white. Wearing something fun and funky as pink sunglasses will give your outfit softness even it if is ruggedly assembled.