Different Types Of Pillows

There are lots of different types of pillows. You have throw pillows, pillows from the beds, body pillows, oversized pillows, and travel pillows. If you cannot find the type of pillow that you need, you can create pillow forms that you can put inside the cover you are trying to fit.

stylish pillow forms

There are different kinds of pillow filling materials as well. You can have a pillow stuffed with feathers, fiber stuffing, cotton stuffing, and other types. You may like the way the pillow you have feels against your face, or sticking your hand in the pillow case. Everyone’s preferences for the different types of pillows varies. Some people can only sleep on a certain type of pillow.

Types Of Pillows

There are three different types of pillows when you are buying them for your home.

·         Decorative

Of the different types of pillows, a decorative one is the one you can have the most fun with. You can have them in all different colors and styles. This way you can have throw pillows on your couch or a cute small pillow in the front of your bed. Decorative pillows are just for that, to decorate your home with accent colors and patterns. You can match the color scheme you have going on in your house and the furniture. When shopping for throw pillows, you can mix and match textures and sizes in order to make them look whimsical and modern.

·         Functional

Functional pillows are pillows that you take on a plane to rest against. These are also known as the best travel pillow. Another type of functional pillow is a body pillow, which is great to sit up behind you when you are reading or studying. Functional pillows serve a purpose and allow something to become easier. They can come in lots of different sizes; for example, a neck travel pillow can be full of little beads instead of stuffing. Body pillows can be different sizes too with the largest stretching the full length of the bed.

different decorative types of pillows

·         Practical

Practical pillows are going to be the pillows on your bed. They can be fluffy or not, they can be full or flat. Different people like different types of pillows. There are hypoallergenic pillows for those who suffer from terrible allergies. Some pillows have memory foam that conforms to the shape of the person’s head so that they can always sleep in the same comfortable position. The memory foam will hold the shape for as long as you use the pillow.

Whether a person likes to sleep on one pillow or three, everyone has their own pillow preferences. Whatever you need to make yourself comfortable, there are many different types of pillows.

How To Make Pillow Inserts

Sometimes the stores just do not have what you have envisioned in your mind for your décor, and that is when you have to get creative. To start with, you could with knowing how to make pillow inserts for your chairs, couch, bed, or wherever you need a specific size pillow. It is fairly easy to learn how to make pillow inserts and it can be an inexpensive project. You can find different ideas for pillow inserts design by surfing the internet and looking for examples.

how to make decorative pillow inserts

You can make pillow inserts as when you love to sew or knit your own cases. Making one will also help you get the specific size and designs for pillow inserts you want the pillow to have. It should only take about twenty minutes to do and is easy if you follow directions. Even if you are not creative, you can still follow the easy how to make pillow inserts directions and do okay.

What You Will Need

Before starting with the procedure on how to make pillow inserts, you will need the following materials and tools in making pillow inserts.

  • Fabric
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Fiber Stuffing
  • Needle

You can get all different types of covers for the forms, but you should make the form out of cotton material. It is the easiest to sew and to work with. You can purchase all of the things you need at a craft or fabric store and everything is fairly inexpensive. You do not have to have a sewing machine, and that is just an option. Scissors and thread are usually something most people have lying around. Make sure that you get enough filling to make the size insert you will need. Once you have all your tools and materials together, it is time to make the inserts.

ideas for pillow inserts design kids love

How To Make Pillow Inserts

The first thing you will need to do is to cut out two pieces of fabric that are the same size as the pillow. Put the two pieces together pinning them with the outside of the fabric facing inward. You can use a sewing machine for the next step or hand stitch. You will want to sew a seam half of an inch from the edge on three of the sides and halfway on the final side. You can now turn what you have created inside out. This is the shell of the pillow forms. The next step is to fill the shell with the fiber stuffing until you get it to the fluffiness that you want. Make sure that you do not fill it so much that you cannot sew it shut. Hand stitch the rest of the pillow closed and you have now created your pillow form.

Don’t get frustrated if they do not turn out perfect, since just like with anything else, you have to practice to get good at it. That is all for how to make pillow inserts.


Travel Neck Pillow For All

A travel neck pillow might be just what you are looking for if you are traveling frequently on long flights. This neck pillow will provide the support that is needed by your head and neck at the same time, which is something that you are not getting from the regular pillow forms. In contrast to the square shaped pillows, you can find neck pillows with different shapes to fit comfortably below your neck.

comfortable travel neck pillow

Factors To Consider When Buying Neck Pillows

When you find the best travel neck pillow, you can carry it everywhere with you. With this specially designed pillow that can fit around your shoulders and neck, you will feel comfortable like when you are sleeping in your bed even though you are on the road. The most popular pattern for these pillows is the horseshoe, but you can find other variations. You can check some of the travel neck pillow reviews online or get help from the representatives in the stores when you want to find the right pillow. The following are some of the factors to consider before you buy one of these neck pillows:

  • The Shape

It is said that the regular U-shaped neck pillow will be perfect for frequent flyers. If you are using this travel neck pillow, your upper back, head and neck will get the right amount of support that is needed to relieve the stress in your neck muscles.

  • How The Pillow Fits

You should ensure that the pillow fits your body well and is not too tight or loose. A pillow that is very loose will cause your head to drop down and to prevent you from getting support from the backrest. If it’s too tight, you could end up choking.

  • The Type

For airplane use, you can get a stuffed or an inflatable travel neck pillow. If you are traveling with the inflatable pillow, it will be easy to carry around and store when not in use. The stuffed pillows are smaller in size with a peculiar shape and they are also easy to store. This means that you can carry these pillows easily in your hand luggage.

best travel neck inflatable pillow

  • The Size

You should get a pillow that is in proportion with your body shape. This simply means that you should not buy a small pillow if you have a big body. Essentially, the travel neck pillow must be able to provide your neck, head and upper back with enough support. If not, you are guaranteed to be extremely uncomfortable on your flight.

  • Pillow Forms

It is important to consider the material that is used to make the pillow to ensure that you don’t have an allergic reaction. You could find a pillow that is really comfortable, but you will end up sneezing all night. Bear in mind that the pillow materials and forms are usually different because they are made by various manufacturers.

Just remember that your travel neck pillow will be your source of comfort when you are traveling on a long flight. So, ensure that you conduct a thorough research and choose carefully.

How A Cloud Pillow Can Help You

The cloud pillow is said to be the ideal solution for those who want relief from neck or back pain. This pillow is designed to provide your head, shoulders and spine with superior support unlike the normal fiber-based varieties. If you are one of those persons who suffer from severe pain because of your sleeping posture, then you should consider buying this pillow.

sleep solution cloud pillow

Two Types Of Cloud Pillow

When you are shopping for sleep solutions, you need to know about the different pillow forms. In case you are not aware of this, a pillow form is really the inserts, stuffing and upholstery batting that are used to make cushions and pillows. There are many different types, sizes and shapes on the market. The bolster pillow is one shape of the pillow form with various materials for filling such as polyester or down feather.

On the other hand, the cloud pillow that you will find on the market is available in two main types: the air beads and the memory foam.

1.     Air Beads

You might know about the air beads type because they are popularly known as Sobakawa pillows. These pillows are filled with more than ten million air beads and the design is inspired by the Asian buckwheat pillow. According to the information gathered from a Sobakawa cloud pillow review, you will love this pillow if you are looking for something that is firm and comfortable.

2.     Memory Foam

These are made with special foam to mold and fit every sleeping posture. In most cases, these are designed with a contour shape with ribbing to increase head cooling and to allow your head to stay in the right position so that it is aligned with your spine when you are sleeping on your back or side.

ideal sobakawa cloud pillow

Some Cloud Pillow Sobakawa Reviews

  • Sobakawa cloud pillows are lightweight and will be ideal for traveling. When you buy this pillow as a traveling aid, you can say goodbye to stiffness and pain in the neck.
  • When compared to others on the market, you can find a Sobakawa pillow at a cheaper price of $20; while Symphony by Termurpedic that is scientifically designed is selling for $100 and higher.
  • Sobakawa cloud pillow is giving a warranty that the pillow will be comfortable because it will mold to your body. This means that you can feel refreshed each day after waking without a stiff neck. The pillow will give good support when you are sleeping and you do not have to pull or adjust it during the night to get into your favorite position.

Similar to other products on the market, you will find positive and negative reviews from consumers. So, you might come across information about Sobakawa cloud pillow scam. Some users are in disagreement with the reports that the pillow will help to relieve their back and neck pain. So, you have to do your own research to make the right decision. The next time you are shopping for a sleeping solution, you need to give some thought to buying a cloud pillow. This is your chance to wake in the mornings without back or neck pain.


Understanding Pillow Form – The Differences and Features

Pillows are part of our everyday lives and even though these things are rather taken for granted on a daily basis, they play a huge role in our lives. From the very pillows you tuck behind you head when sleeping to the pillows that go in your furniture set that provides comfort and appeal, they are indeed embedded to our modern living today. Hence, they also come in numerous pillow forms. There is literally a pillow for just about for anything and everything.

less expensive foam pillow forms

There is literally a specific pillow that goes to a specific purpose. For example, there is a pillow to prop your feet up on, there is a pillow to make you more comfortable during childbirth, and there is even a pillow to help you eat in bed. A pillow form is basically the raw shape and structure of any pillow. A pillow form can be just about any shape or size and can be stuffed with anything that gives cushion. It is up to the person’s preference as to what is considered comfortable and stylish, and it can be quite fun crating your very own pillow.

People can get their pillow form in various ways. They can purchase pillow forms wholesale, or go to a craft type market and see if they do that sort of thing there, or even some fabric stores offer this type of service as well. There is different types of pillow forms and the common ones are the down pillow forms, polyester pillow forms, foam pillow forms and inflatable pillow forms.

decorative pillow forms

The Different Pillow Forms

Down Pillow Form – The down pillow forms are really luxurious and soft. However, some people can easily be allergic to this type of pillow form, just because of the down feathers. Although it is nice and soft to the touch and some are made from real bird feathers and some are just synthetic ones that acts the same like the feathers. Since real bird feathers are exquisite and hard to harvest, any down pillow form tends to be more expensive than others.

luxurious down pillow forms

Foam Pillow Form – This pillow form is much less expensive and are really common among average households. Such pillows would only have one block of foam as the pillow thus forms the shape of the pillow at once. Unlike down pillows that takes its shape depending on the pillow bag, a foam pillow form automatically depends on how the foam pillow block is shaped. Hence, this type is more flexible in terms on shaping. You can easily make a round pillow form or a heart if you want to. Hence, you can also opt for the shredded-foam pillow form types which are basically pillow bags stuffed with shredded foam just like down pillows.

Polyester Pillow Form – Another pillow form are those stuffed with polyester. Polyester is a lot lighter and softer than foam. Single-block foam pillows tend to be hard when it’s new and would need a lot of beating first before it softens to the right cushion. However, polyester pillow forms are also like down pillows which are dependent on the shape of the pillow bag. Unlike cotton which are used in pillows before, polyester doesn’t compress much under pressure and are lighter as well which makes it a good material for pillows.

stylish pillow forms wholesale

Inflatable Pillow Form – Inflatable pillows are the newest addition to pillows today. These aren’t made to be used as floaters when swimming, these are actually used like pillows and other cushioning applications. Some of the popular inflatable pillow forms are the donut pillows, the popular U-shaped aviation air pillow that you stick in your neck and other pillows for sleeping and decor.

In the end, it really is all about preference. Some want sleeping pillows to be hard and choose rigid foam pillow forms and some want softer ones where your head would sink in better and have a more fluffy pillow form.

It doesn’t really matter if you have just one pillow on your bed, or a dozen, what matters is what makes you most comfortable and why you prefer. If you are not allergic to the down feathers, the down pillows are a lovely choice. So, try out different pillows and once you know what you like it will be so easy to buy what you want.