Understanding Pillow Form – The Differences and Features

Pillows are part of our everyday lives and even though these things are rather taken for granted on a daily basis, they play a huge role in our lives. From the very pillows you tuck behind you head when sleeping to the pillows that go in your furniture set that provides comfort and appeal, they are indeed embedded to our modern living today. Hence, they also come in numerous pillow forms. There is literally a pillow for just about for anything and everything.

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There is literally a specific pillow that goes to a specific purpose. For example, there is a pillow to prop your feet up on, there is a pillow to make you more comfortable during childbirth, and there is even a pillow to help you eat in bed. A pillow form is basically the raw shape and structure of any pillow. A pillow form can be just about any shape or size and can be stuffed with anything that gives cushion. It is up to the person’s preference as to what is considered comfortable and stylish, and it can be quite fun crating your very own pillow.

People can get their pillow form in various ways. They can purchase pillow forms wholesale, or go to a craft type market and see if they do that sort of thing there, or even some fabric stores offer this type of service as well. There is different types of pillow forms and the common ones are the down pillow forms, polyester pillow forms, foam pillow forms and inflatable pillow forms.

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The Different Pillow Forms

Down Pillow Form – The down pillow forms are really luxurious and soft. However, some people can easily be allergic to this type of pillow form, just because of the down feathers. Although it is nice and soft to the touch and some are made from real bird feathers and some are just synthetic ones that acts the same like the feathers. Since real bird feathers are exquisite and hard to harvest, any down pillow form tends to be more expensive than others.

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Foam Pillow Form – This pillow form is much less expensive and are really common among average households. Such pillows would only have one block of foam as the pillow thus forms the shape of the pillow at once. Unlike down pillows that takes its shape depending on the pillow bag, a foam pillow form automatically depends on how the foam pillow block is shaped. Hence, this type is more flexible in terms on shaping. You can easily make a round pillow form or a heart if you want to. Hence, you can also opt for the shredded-foam pillow form types which are basically pillow bags stuffed with shredded foam just like down pillows.

Polyester Pillow Form – Another pillow form are those stuffed with polyester. Polyester is a lot lighter and softer than foam. Single-block foam pillows tend to be hard when it’s new and would need a lot of beating first before it softens to the right cushion. However, polyester pillow forms are also like down pillows which are dependent on the shape of the pillow bag. Unlike cotton which are used in pillows before, polyester doesn’t compress much under pressure and are lighter as well which makes it a good material for pillows.

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Inflatable Pillow Form – Inflatable pillows are the newest addition to pillows today. These aren’t made to be used as floaters when swimming, these are actually used like pillows and other cushioning applications. Some of the popular inflatable pillow forms are the donut pillows, the popular U-shaped aviation air pillow that you stick in your neck and other pillows for sleeping and decor.

In the end, it really is all about preference. Some want sleeping pillows to be hard and choose rigid foam pillow forms and some want softer ones where your head would sink in better and have a more fluffy pillow form.

It doesn’t really matter if you have just one pillow on your bed, or a dozen, what matters is what makes you most comfortable and why you prefer. If you are not allergic to the down feathers, the down pillows are a lovely choice. So, try out different pillows and once you know what you like it will be so easy to buy what you want.