Must Have Pedicure Supplies

After returning from a revitalizing visit to a spa resort, it is very tempting to stock the house with all the pedicure supplies necessary to relive the experience from the comfort of your own home. A pedicure is the perfect way to treat yourself at the end of a long day, and a home pedicure session makes a great gift for a friend or partner.

The Complete Pedicure Kit

If you are preparing to host a pedicure session in your home, you will need several supplies to make the experience authentic. Professional pedicure supplies may be expensive, but cheaper alternatives can usually be found with a bit of searching. Here are a few must-haves:

best pedicure supplies

  • Nail Clippers, Polish and Paint:

High-quality clippers are necessary in order to perform a proper pedicure. If you are lucky, you may be able to save some money by buying both clippers and nippers in a bundle at a pedicure supplies wholesale. Nippers can be used also to trim away loose skin. Before new paint can be applied, the old coat has to go. Make sure to get some cotton pads or balls for rubbing. Use an alcohol- or acetone-based remover for best results. Make sure to invest in a rich pallet of colors for when it becomes time to nail paint!

  • Toe Spacers:

Unfortunately, most people are unable to spread their toes as easily as they spread their fingers. Toe spacers keep your toes comfortably separated and help avoid accidental smudging of paint and polish. Remember, your nails will need to dry for at least 40 minutes after the final coat of polish is applied, which makes these pedicure supplies truly indispensible.

  • Orangewood Sticks:

While the orangewood sticks give a more authentic feeling of a professional spa pedicure, they are not necessary to trim your cuticles. Stainless steel cuticle pushers and cleaners are equally efficient.

  • Rasps, Scrubs and Brushes:

Exfoliating the skin of your feet leaves you feeling lighter and refreshed. To this end, there are several pedicure supplies for home use, some more costly than others. Ordinary foot files are usually sold in pharmacies and supermarkets. For those interested in a truly exquisite pedicure, a ceramic foot file is the choice. Callus rasps are perfect for smoothing your heels. A small toenail brush is perfect for cleaning the inside and upside of the nail, and can also be used to scrub the feet.

best professional pedicure supplies

  • Footbath:

While there are many luxurious models available on the market, a simple plastic container will do. Your feet need to be warm and clean before the pedicure can start, and your pores need to be open and breathing. A warm footbath is the perfect preparation. It helps you relax and enjoy the professional pedicure experience.

Once the pedicure supplies are in your hands, make sure to research how to use them properly and safely before you start. Aim to smooth the skin of your feet, rather than to remove it, and be careful when trimming the cuticles. The pedicure experience should be thoroughly pleasant, relaxing, and refreshing.