Paul Smith Wallet – Advantaged, Types, Designs

Paul Smith wallet is one of the popular designer wallets loved by a number of consumers. Although designer items are not much different from their regular or common brand counterparts, they are most of the time opted simply because of their style or design or the manner how they are crafted.

world class quality paul smith wallet

Getting To Know Paul Smith

Paul Smith is one of the well-known fashion designers of Britain. His original passion is on sports particularly on cycling. But after encountering an accident, his attention was shifted towards arts and crafts. He later on attended tailoring classes which enabled him to create his desired clothing items and later on opened a shop at Nottingham in 1970. With the help of his wife Pauline, who is a fashion graduate, Paul was able to conceptualize and complete his initial line of menswear collection by 1976.

Aided by his ability to predict and create styles which eventually became trends, Paul Smith has earned his reputation now for more than 30 years. Aside from the various clothing pieces, the huge Paul Smith collection today now includes products ranging from accessories, footwear, jewelries and watches, perfumes, Paul Smith mens wallet, as well as pens and furniture pieces.

paul smith signature mens wallet

Available Styles And Designs Of Paul Smith Wallet

Paul Smith has its own line of unique and quality wallets for men. Its wallet line includes the following:

  • The Billfold Wallets

Billfold wallets are the most common type of wallet used by men. The wallet is used to store or keep paper bills. The wallet also features additional compartments or card slots that can be used for credit cards, ATM, IDs, among others. The wallet is made of genuine and durable calf leather and lambskin. Billfold Paul Smith wallets are also known for their unique prints like the playing cards, a picture of a naked lady, minute flags, or perhaps a multi-stripe skin.

  • Paul Smith Credit Card Wallets Or Case

Credit card wallets or cases usually have larger dimensions for them to accommodate almost all sizes of personal cards and IDs. But just like the other types of wallet, they can also be used to store and carry currency bills or a few coins. Paul Smith’s design of this wallet is the pure black skin with that signature multi-stripe interior lining.

  • Men’s Zip

If women enjoy the use of ladies’ zip, Paul Smith also provides this opportunity for men by creating uniquely designed men’s zip. A zipper is usually added to a wallet to provide extra security and seal for the wallet. The Paul Smith wallet zip that the brand creates is stylish and elegant in either the Red Saffiano, black or the vintage stripe colors.

paul smith multi stripe leather wallet

Advantages Of Choosing A Paul Smith Wallet

All Paul Smith wallets are preferred by most men because of the following reasons.

  • Paul Smith provides a wide range of design when it comes to men’s wallet. Conventional wallets used by men are limited to plain black, brown, or tan colors but Paul Smith revolutionizes the trend by introducing simple yet unique and stylish designs.
  • All Paul Smith wallets are intricately crafted to be durable. Wallets offered by Paul Smith are extremely durable and with fewer chances for the style or design to fade even after years of use.
  • They are functional. More than just the provision of unique and quality design, all wallets are functional.

elegant black paul smith wallet

The wallets designed and offered by Paul Smith are good alternatives for the common brands and styles offered in the market. To take advantage of a good deal, it is advised that you search for Paul Smith wallet sale or promos.

Paul Smith Wallet: Conclusion

We hope that this article has given you some insight into what is so great about Paul Smith wallets. Have you ever owned a Paul Smith wallet? Are you looking to buy one for yourself or a friend? Let us know your thoughts on them in the comments section below this article.

Simple Steps In Organizing Your Wallet

It is very advisable for you to learn better ways of organizing your wallet so that you can always be able to keep your money and other important documents in a tidy and organized manner. An organized wallet is always a good sign of responsibility and maturity.

tips and techniques in organizing a wallet

Steps To Organize Your Wallet

It is always very easy to organize a wallet, as long as you have the time and will to do it. Some of the smartest steps that can help you in organizing your wallet properly include:

  • Arrange Your Wallet’s Bill-Holder Section
    This is the most important step that you should take into consideration while organizing your wallet. First of all, take out all of the receipts and bills that you have always kept inside this slot. Take them out and place them on the table. Throw away old or unnecessary receipts and bills. Return only the most vital receipts and inside the slot.
  • Organize The Cash-Holder Slot
    This is also one of the very important steps that you should consider as you continue the process of organizing your wallet. Take your notes, coins, credit cards and other important cards out of this slot and place them on the table or chair. Ensure that there is nothing left inside this slot by doing a thorough checking. Return only your notes inside the slot. Do not return the cards or coins inside this slot as they have their own section.It is not necessary to keep coins inside your wallet as they only make the wallet to be heavier. Keep them in a separate pocket or bag where you can always get them when you need them.
  • Arrange The Card-Holder Section
    Remove anything that is not your card from this slot. While organizing your wallet, carefully take out all of your cards such as credit cards, insurance cards, transportation cards, identification cards, business cards and driver’s license and place them neatly inside this slot.
  • Sort Out Extra Slots
    In any case your wallet remains with an empty slot, you can use it to keep some of your cherished family pictures.

Different Brands Of Wallets

The most common brands that are often preferred by people include:

  • American Needle Men’s Wallets
  • Gucci Men’s Wallet
  • Guess Wallets
  • Nautica Wallets
  • Nike Wallets
  • Paul Smith Wallet
  • Perry Ellis Wallets
  • Royce Leather Wallets
  • Timberland Men’s Wallets
  • Tommy Hilfiger Wallets
  • Zodiac Leather Wallets

marshall genuine leather wallet

Of all the different brands, Paul Smith Wallet is the most preferred brand among many people nowadays. This brand is very popular due to its unique state-of-the-art and fashionable design. It is also very decent, affordable, durable and of high quality. You can always carry it confidently and comfortably with you everywhere that you go, whether you are going out for business purposes or for pleasure.

All About The Wallet VS Purse Debate

The debate on the wallet vs purse is endless. Questions regarding design and fashion are popping up with every passing minute. It is also confusing about whom, between men and women should have wallets and who should carry purses. Well, both of them are different in their own ways and come with their unique advantages and disadvantages. You can have whichever one you want depending on your taste and preferences or also for the different purposes you want them for.

distinction on wallet and purse

Difference Between a Wallet and a Purse

So what’s the big deal about this wallet vs purse thing? Apart from the sizes, they have got a host of other differences. First, a wallet is smaller in size than the purse. A typical wallet will have folds where you put cards and IDs and a larger pocket for cash. A purse consists of a wallet-like compartment in addition to extra large pockets. With a purse, you can therefore carry your cash, ID and other cards, and still have space for your cosmetics such as lipstick, mascara and even a little mirror. A purse can also be big enough to carry bigger things such as water bottles and books. In such cases, it is often called a shoulder bag.

It is very uncommon to see men carrying purses around since most of their clothes will have pockets. However, women have more freedom when it comes to attire. They can either have wallets or purses, depending on the kind of clothes they have put on. Purses are a perfect match when you are in a dress or skirt and have no jacket. A wallet will do if you are in jeans since it is small enough to fit in the pockets. Choosing the right color that matches your attire may be the only challenge. Also the brand speaks volumes about you. For instance, a Paul Smith wallet or a Chanel purse will definitely add a statement to your class.

Wallet vs Purse – What are the Advantages?

Mostly, deciding whether you want to carry your purse or prefer the wallet instead will depend on the function. If you are going out to do some small shopping using your plastic card, the wallet will definitely do for you. Also if you shop using your card a lot, a wallet is better compared to a purse. If you put on suits or trousers a lot, the wallet is best. For women, you may need to carry your purse if you are going out for a function, a ball for instance. If you are out with the kids, the purse will come in handy since you will need to carry some extra items for them such as water or snacks.

visconti compact multi compartment leather purse

Wallet vs Purse – Shopping Tips

So the next time you need to shop for a wallet or purse, consider the following:

Brand – it speaks a lot about who you are. Get brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Paul Smith wallets.

Quality – invest in quality leather products for convenience and better service too.

Function – it is advisable to have several for different occasions. The wallet vs purse debate usually ends here.

Finally, make sure you get original products since fakes can be costly in the long run. If you do the math as well, counterfeits or fake items tend to fall short on the wear and tear so you have to buy another one where if you have the original, it would last longer. You’d be surprised to see that the amount is almost the same.

Everything You Need to Know When Buying Wallets for Men

Whenever you are out shopping for wallets for men, it may seem as a daunting task as there are various types and designs available. What you need to understand while making your purchase is functionality. Wallets for men are made into designs that accommodate placement in pockets. Wallets for men are used to keep documents and money safe on day to day activities and when travelling. Easy access is also another advantage of using wallets as the owner is more organized rather than having credit cards, business cards and money in all pockets on his body. The best wallets for men are made using different materials like leather, denim and plastic.

all black leather wallet for men

Popular Brands for Men’s Wallets

Several designers have come up with cool wallets for men. Materials used to make these wallets are carefully selected and treated, and, on the final product, the brand name is embellished for a final touch. Amongst top brands available are as follows:

  • Polo
  • Givenchy
  • Armani
  • Dolce & Gabbana and Versace
  • Royce Leather

Leather wallets for men are most preferred due to their durability and present-ability, not to mention, the classy look they naturally give. It is said that a leather wallet has its own scent which no other wallet has. Most designer wallets for men are expensive, but one can find similar styles and at favorable prices from Paul Smith wallet who offer all types of cool wallets for men listed below:

  • Bi-fold wallet, which folds in two, and has slots allocated for money, business cards and credit cards. This is good for those who like their wallet in the back pockets of their trousers.
  • Trifold wallet is another version of folding but folds three times; they also have an allocation for business and credit cards.
  • Travel wallets best used by people who like wearing coats, these types are longer enough to hold travel documents, checks and even money. They do not fold, and thus money is kept straight.
  • Zipper wallets have zippers to lock contents of a wallet safely
  • Money clip wallets are becoming the in thing today with almost everyone going for one. This is due to the fact that they incorporate the usual wallet design plus a money clip at the middle of wallet. This is convenient for safekeeping of documents and easy access of cash from a clip.

royce leather mens tri fold wallet

While purchasing wallets for men, it would be important to know more about them and the functions they carry out. If are purchasing a wallet for a special person, look into buying a leather wallet that fits the functions he carries out. If he travels a lot, then a travel wallet will score you enough points.

A Brief Look at Paul Smith Shoes and Other Apparel

It is said that a single look at a person’s shoes tells you more about them. While a lot of people go gaga on their clothes, bags and wallets, others just cannot shoes. One of the most fashionable brands of shoes today is the Paul Smith shoes. These type of shoes have been designed with the state-of-the-art technology, and using the best materials.

modern stylish paul smith shoes

Paul Smith shoes have been embraced by most people especially men. They have unique features and designs. Paul Smith worked for 16 years at a clothing house. Paul dreamed of becoming a professional cyclist but the dream was killed after Paul had an accident at the age of 17. While at the hospital, Smith made friends with people who would later become Paul’s business partners. Two years down the line Mr. Smith opened his first boutique. With encouragement and support from both friends and family, Smith’s company has turned out to be one of the best fashion companies in the world.

Popular Paul Smith Collections

Some of Paul Smith’s collections include:

  • Paul Smith shoes
  • Paul Smith for women. This details all types of women’s fashion accessories. The most known are Paul Smith women shoes, and handbags.
  • Paul Smith London
  • Paul Smith accessories
  • Paul Smith furniture
  • Paul Smith pens
  • Paul Smith watches
  • Paul Smith fragrance. These fragrances are unique and elegant. There are different scents available from this brand.
  • Paul Smith jeans
  • Paul Smith
  • Paul Smith wallet. These wallets are durable and come in different styles and designs.

All Paul Smith products are produced in Italy and England using fabrics obtained from Britain, France and Italy. These fabrics are light and durable.

Paul Smith mens shoes are available in a wide range of colors such as black, green, print, purple, taupe rouge and so many more. With this wide variety, it is easy to get Paul Smith Shoes that matches your wardrobe well. These shoes can be worn to various occasions; both formal and informal.

very affordable paul smith sneaker shoes

Paul Smith shoes sale lets one get these shoes at cheaper and discounted prices. If saving is your main requirement, ensure that you take your time to source on various sites for Paul Smith shoes that you require.

Make sure, too, that you do not get disappointed by purchasing Paul Smith shoes that are an imitation of the original type. Get one that is original and you will be assured of getting value for your money.