Guide to Decorating Your Patio

As a responsible homeowner, you need to find and know the best ways of decorating your patio. Through careful decoration, your patio will look more lively, pleasant and inviting to anyone who visits your home.

How to Design Patios
As you look forward to designing and decorating your patio, you need to put some important factors into consideration. Some steps to follow while designing a patio include:

Step 1: Site to locate the Patio
Look for a very private, quiet and peaceful place like near the bedroom or living room. The site should be spacious in order for it to accommodate a considerable number of people.

Step 2: Plan and Take Space Measurements
You can tell the amount of space that you require by coming up with a good plan. Planning entails knowing the type of outdoor furnishings you would like to have in your patio. Do you need a lot of furniture? Do you need small sets or large sets of furniture? After knowing exactly what you want, then you can proceed to taking the desired measurements.

heaven like garden place patio design

Step 3: Groom the Patio

You need to think of a good design while decorating your patio floor. The shape of the floor can be rectangular, squared, curved, octagon or round, depending on your liking. The type of material you put on the floor also matters. Flooring materials range from bricks, gravel, pavers, and concrete and each flooring material comes in various colors. In order to protect your patio from extreme sunlight and other bad weather conditions, you should provide it with a shade such as sail, patio umbrella, and retractable awning or with a strong permanent roof.

Step 4: Adorn the Patio with Elegant Patio Furniture
During this step of decorating your patio, go for the best type of furniture that suits your space, style and budget. Patio furniture can be made of plastic, metal, glass, wicker, resin, plastic or timber.

Step 5: Additional Features
You can create a flower bed around your patio and plant different flowers. You can also add water fall or a fountain.

In decorating your patio, a good patio dining set, something elegant and unique, would complete the look. Some top choices in patio furniture include:

1. Vista 7-piece Patio Dining Set
This set is made from strong Mahogany Shorea Hardwood. Its 6 recliner seats are very stable and comfy. It has a butterfly table that has an extension for seating more people. The able has a dimension of 67″L by 39″W by 30″H and each chair has a dimension of22″L by 18″W by 41″H.The set retails at $591.

2. Darlee Santa Monica Cast Aluminum Outdoor Patio Dining Set With Cushions
The set has a dining table, 2 swivel seats and 4 dining seats that are made from high quality aluminum metals. The set is water resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The table has a dimension of 72″L by 42″W by 29″H and it has an umbrella hole. Each chair has a dimension of 26″L by 25″W by 36″H. The set costs $1,736.10.

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Caring for Patio Furniture
Patio furniture should always be cleaned after every five months by the use of dishwashing detergent mixed with warm water. Always use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the solution. Avoid the use of abrasive applicators like steel wool or scouring pads because they can cause permanent damage to furniture finishes.

Decorating Your Patio is definitely the best way of adding an aesthetic value to your home area. You can always manage to invite guests, have time with your esteemed family or just take time to relax at a well decorated and designed patio.

Picnic In The Patio Ideas That Relaxes The Mind

Most homes have an outdoor space that they utilize as a place for recreation or dining. There are wonderful picnic in the patio ideas that help bring families together and couples to spend romantic moments in their own patio.

Patios are mostly located between the garden and the home area in the backyard. They are built of strong materials like tiles or stone and even bricks and concrete. These private areas offer wonderful picnic spots. Standing in the backyard, the patio lends privacy and can be used as dining space, play area, sitting area or party space. By using innovative ideas combined with picnic in the patio ideas everyone can have great fun and enjoyment together.

classy type patio picnic set

Picnics are arranged not only to have fun and enjoy games, but picnic in the patio make life happier and romantic especially for couples. To make the picnic parties memorable here are some tips that adds extra warmth to the picnic in the patio ideas.

  • Setting

The atmosphere or the setting is very important when arranging picnics. Especially if it is a romantic picnic in the patio the ambience must be appropriate to express feelings that one wants to share. The setting sun spreads a feeling of romance in the air. Then as the moon throws her soft beams on the couples, a feeling of closeness and deep love fills the hearts of the couples.

Picnic in the patio ideas are meant for family gathering, the bright days are just appropriate where all the family members can sit together on a Sunday afternoon and enjoy lunch together and the children can have fun playing games around the garden and patio.

  • Location

There is perhaps no other place best for picnics like the patio in the backyard. No one has to drive to enjoy an evening or a drink with friends next door with picnic in the patio. One can enjoy and chill out till late night as no one has to drive back home.

  • Food

A few delicacies or barbeques and grills spread out on the patio dining set add a separate meaning to picnics. It is a different experience altogether. Sitting under the moonlight, with sumptuous food and exotic drinks is a different kind of enjoyment that can be shared with all.

  • Personal Touch

Add a personal and romantic touch to the picnic arranged in the patio by covering the dining table with stylish table cloth, using exclusive crockery and cutleries and hanging small dim lights around with soft music in the air. All this creates a soothing ambience and a romantic feel engulfs the couples. It is nothing but a special way of spending quality time together after busy days of work.

patio picnic rustic wood table and bench

To add to all the fun and romance, a wonderful patio dining set can be kept in the patio. These sets are available in a large variety of materials, styles and shapes to lend a unique appeal to the patio. Patio dining set made of teak are amazing addition to a picnic in the patio ideas. They are beautifully crafted to give a special touch to the settings. The aluminum dining sets too are widely used. There are sophisticated dining tables of glass tops, stone and granite that can be used to compliment the entire arrangements of picnic in the patio.

Patio Tables and Other Patio Furniture

What’s a patio without a patio dining set? Leaving it bare simply does not make any sense as this section of your house may become useless without any patio tables, chairs, and other furniture.

Besides, having a patio as a decorative part of your residence is not complete without any kind of furniture to accentuate the beauty of your home, or at the very least, make it useful!

A long time ago, even though many already had patio spaces in their homes, they spent more time beautifying the inside areas of the house. It felt like a waste to put anything on the patio. These days, however, the patio plays an important role to house owners.

garden library patio furniture

The Role of Patio Furniture

Placing patio tables and chairs in your patio space is a great way to make your house look more inviting and attractive. Guests will feel welcome immediately, as they can relax here even before going inside. It is also easier for you to entertain visitors whom you do not want to invite inside, such as people you do not know much or perhaps those who are just dropping by for a quick visit. In line with this, if in case the inside is not tidied up yet, you may also opt to talk to people in the patio instead and still be able to make them feel at home.

Another big role that patio dining tables may play is for eating your meals, as the name suggests. You and your family can gather here from time to time to eat lunch or share a candlelit dinner while enjoying the cool breeze and the view outside. This scenario is especially ideal for houses that are located by the beach, by the lake, in mountainside regions, or even other places with beautiful views.

What’s more, a lot of people nowadays like to relax in the patio just reading a good book and sipping coffee. You can de-stress here and enjoy the peace and quiet every now and then. Setting up outdoor patio tables can also allow you to unwind with family members and friends— playing cards and board games, chatting over pizza or barbeque, doing a hobby together such as painting, and more.

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Choosing the Right Patio Furniture

Naturally, you should think about the purpose that you want your patio to have first before you decide on the furniture to put here. For example, some people usually place rocking chairs, swings, and hammocks in this area for relaxation purposes. Others opt for a patio dining set in order to be able to use the venue for eating meals together and even as an extra seating place for visitors during a party or get-together.

Patio tables are indeed very important, along with matching chairs and other furniture. You must be sure to pick out those that go well with the look, theme, and architecture of your home. You should also follow your own style and taste in home decor, as well as your personality.

Oftentimes, additional ornaments are placed on patio tables such as candles, flowers, figurines, and pots in order to create a peaceful and beautiful ambiance and also to suit the overall look of the house.

Thus, it is best that you look for outdoor patio tables and other kinds of patio tables that suit your patio the most and bring out the best in your residence.

Dining Set: Creating Family Memories

The most common furniture pieces that would go to the patio or porch are the patio dining set or dinettes. Aside from providing an area for outdoor meals, they can also be used to receive guests, hold meetings, or a place where a family member can simply relax and enjoy the outdoor view. Since they are situated outside the house, they are usually crafted from tougher materials that can withstand heat, water, or ice. Most of these dining sets can also be placed by the garden or the yard. There are dining sets suitable for a small family and there are also those that can accommodate more members or guests like the 9 piece patio dining set.

venice 5-piece patio dining set

Common Inclusions in a Complete Patio Dining Set

Whether it is a 9, 7, or a 5 piece patio dining set, they are usually comprised of the following components. Some of the parts may individually be purchased, but it is better to choose and buy them per set for uniformity and ease in deciding.

  • Dining Table. The dining table is the centerpiece of any patio dining set. The table usually determines the size and capacity of the entire furniture set. The larger ones can accommodate additional seats while the smaller ones are limited to only a few. The smallest sizes of these tables are commonly termed as dinette tables. To fit the environment outside the house, patio dining tables are usually made out of casted iron, metal, stainless steel, or perhaps hardwood. There are also tables made out of durable plastic that are sold for less.
  • Dining Chairs. The next major components of the set are the dining chairs. When they are manufactured as complete set, the chairs usually follow the design and style of the dining table. They are also crafted from the same material. These items usually have simple and plain designs but are toughly built, also to cope up with the requirements of the external environment.
  • Seat Cushions. To provide comfort to the stiff and hard chairs when used, complementary seat cushions come with every patio dining set. Patio set cushions are stuffed with high-density foams or perhaps, polyfill material. The covers are also crafted from tough leather-like fabric that is resistant to the UV rays, weathering, and are more durable.
  • Patio Umbrella. When the dining set is placed in decks or the garden, added protection from the sunlight can be provided using patio umbrellas. These umbrellas are large enough to provide shade to the entire area or size of the patio dining set or table. Beach umbrellas can also be used for the round-type dining sets.

providence 7-piece patio dining set

Popular Brands

Almost all furniture manufacturers have their own line of patio furniture or dining sets, but the popularly sold ones are those designs made by Martha Stewart, Atlantic Pli, Vista, Coral Gables, Seville, and most brands that large supermarkets like Target, Wal-Mart and other home depots carry and sell.

pation dining 7pc grand regent rockers

Shopping and Usage Tips

  • Prior to buying a set, it is a must to assess the right size that would go to your patio or garden. Among the factors to consider include the number of family members, the size of your patio, deck, or garden. Smaller sets usually comprise of only 3 pieces while the largest ranges up to 9 pieces. The mid-range sets are the 7 piece patio dining set.
  • Choose a particular design suitable to the style of your home or garden. Those made out of bamboo, wicker or rattan have unique and beautiful designs.
  • For a more natural look, a patio dining set crafted from wood or any other natural building materials is ideal. But if you are more concerned with durability and longevity of use, hardwood, metal and plastic are the materials you should opt.
  • Complementary cushions should also be sturdy and firm.
  • And make provisions for an umbrella if you’re planning to place the dining set in a sunlight-exposed part of the patio, porch, or garden.

kontiki 9-piece round patio dining set


Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with your patio dining set. Check your nearest Home Appliance center now and talk to a product specialist to get great deals.