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Panasonic 42 Plasma HDTV: Great Features For Better Viewing Experience

Though there are many choices when you’re looking to buy an new television for your home or family, the Panasonic 42 plasma is one of the better choices on the market. With its crystal clear images and how easy it is to interface with other electronics and technology, it is the top selling plasma HDTV of its size on the market today. With Panasonic being one of the top globally renowned brands producing a wide array of modern appliances and devices, you can never go wrong with the Panasonic 42 inch high definition plasma TV.

Best of Panasonic 42 Plasma

Top Features of the Panasonic 42 Plasma HDTV

  • The ability to view JPEG photos from a digital camera on screen
  • You can view footage from a digital camcorder on screen, very easy to navigate via thumbnail display
  • 2 HDMI inputs
  • Anti reflective glare, adjusts automatically
  • Proprietary technology enhances picture clarity and produces crisp imagery in the Panasonic 42 Plasma
  • This television does meet Energy Star Rating 4.0
  • Off center viewing is as crisp and clear on a Panasonic 42 Plasma TV as it is if you are sitting dead center of the ideal viewing angle
  • Plasma screens often have problems when viewed with a lot of ambient like, but this particular model works surprisingly well even with a fair amount of light
  • Quality to price ratio: the Panasonic 42 Plasma HDTV is one of the best on the market

Home Panasonic 42 Plasma HDTV

Even though it is a 720p versus the more expensive 1080p, the difference is barely discernible on the 42 inch screen. Very few notice this minor and cost saving, feature and even though it has fewer pixels, the quality of the imagery is at no time impacted by this. Whether you are using this television as your primary TV or if you have it as a secondary TV, the value of this model keeps this television holding one of the top selling slots of its size today.

Perfect Home Panasonic 42 Plasma Wall Mount

The Panasonic 42 plasma wall mount does make this ideal as a personal or business television, it would work well in most settings, though it does function optimally when there is minimal ambient light to affect the quality and clarity of the images on the screen. When paired with Blu-Ray technology, the picture on the Panasonic 42 plasma goes from amazingly crystal clear to incredible sharp and detailed. Being able to watch your programming on a screen so clear and that integrates well with motion – there is no stuttering or choppy effect like you might notice on an LCD TV. The fluidity of this model takes your entertainment to a new level of enjoyment.

High Quality Panasonic 42 Plasma

For the cost of purchasing a television, whether this is to replace an older TV, use as the main TV, or as a secondary TV, the overall value of the Panasonic 42 Plasma is hands down one of the best buys on the market today. With so many amazing features and the clarity in imagery that only Panasonic is able to produce, this TV is the leader in plasma televisions of its size and would be a wonderful, welcome addition to any home.