Owl Crocheted Purses: Stylish And Convenient

No matter where you go, women will always need to carry a bag or a purse and crocheted purses are sure ways to stand out from the rest. Women need to carry lipstick, powder, their sanitary napkin, handkerchief, and other female necessities and even a small clutch handbag is sure to do more than what is needed. It is pretty amazing how much stuff women can put into one bag. In fact, over the years, there has been a strong push to gear away from authentic designer bags made by known manufacturers. The trend now is to go for DIY bags like crocheted purses with artistic designs. The owl purse is one of the more famous choices.

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Advantages of These Purses

Crocheted purses can be very simplistic in design, but very elegant and beautiful as well. If you take a few minutes to browse through the web, you’ll be able to find hundreds of videos and articles guiding you how to make your own crocheted purses. Cute handbags used to be popular for the younger crowd before but these days, everyone wants to be an artist and this is one good way to start. Get a regular bag such as satchel handbags or clutch handbags and then add materials or doing a crochet pattern on top of the bag is a very simple process. It is quick and easy to do but it does get the job done. With crocheted purses, you can easily embed the image of an owl or any other cute design that you desire.

Crocheted Owl Purses

The beauty of an owl bag is that owls are a very symbolic creature in many folklore stories and in fiction. Fans of the Harry Potter series would immediately remember that the main character had a pet owl to deliver his mail. Other folklores and other fantasy stories had owls that would be the central character of wisdom and mystery.

On a designer point of view, owls are very easy to embed on a bag. They have large heads with large eyes and there is no real need to emphasize on feathers and other difficult details. They are amazingly cute and it does not take long to master their shape and design. This all makes owls a very amiable choice for the beginning artist and for one who wants to create an authentic artistic bag with DIY techniques.

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Getting a Crocheted Purse Today

If you want to be artistic, if you want to stand out from the crowd, or if you just want to carry around cute handbags with you instead of the traditional Bohemian or leather bag then crocheted purses are a very good choice. They are easy to make and there are hundreds of readymade bags available on the web. You can find DIY guides to make your own or you can make it a project and a viable business in your area. If you want to find a good selection of such bags then you can just log onto the net to find a wealthy selection of cute crocheted purses to suit your liking and needs.

Easy Steps For DIY Purses

DIY purses are more artistic and unique compared to ready-made purses. These purses are not different from regular purses since they are still used to keep items safely and in an organized way. They can be freely designed with any fabric, color or size depending on the creator’s preference. Size can vary from big ones to small ones. If you create small DIY purses, they are cute and are very portable. They are actually very easy to make. You can make these purses at home, especially during your free time. Making DIY purses at home is not only cheap but also enables you to design a useful purse for personal use or as a gift for loved ones.

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Materials Needed

Before you start making your DIY purses, here are some of the most important items that you need.

  • Canvas
  • Dryer
  • Needle and thread
  • Measuring Cup
  • Wooden or plastic spoon
  • Scissors and marker pen
  • White Vinegar
  • 1 Bottle of Brown Liquid Fabric Dye

Steps in Making DIY Purses

After ensuring that you have all the requirements, you can start making your own DIY purses by following these steps.

  • Pour the liquid fabric dye inside a one-gallon bucket and then add ½ a cup of white vinegar. After that, fill up the rest of the bucket with hot water and then stir the liquid by the use of a long plastic or wooden spoon.
  • Immerse the canvas material inside the bucket and ensure that it is fully covered with the hot liquid mixture and allow it to settle for at least 30 minutes.
  • Remove the canvas material from the bucket and wash it with warm water. Let it dry for about 20 minutes.
  • Lay the canvas material on a flat surface, preferably on an ironing board and iron it well.
  • Mark the desired dimensions with a marker pen. If you want an owl purse, then create a pattern similar to an owl.
  • After that, cut the piece of canvas by following the created dimensions.
  • Using your needle and thread, sew the canvas material according to the way you would like your purse to be. You can either use a string, metal, wood or plastic to make the handle. For owl purses, embellishments are needed like buttons to serve as the owl’s eyes.

 cotton leather cluth diy clutch purse

Aside from owl purses, there are many new designs for DIY purses today. You can browse the internet for designs that you want to work on. They are very affordable to make and durable too. Creating your own purse not only shows your creativity and skills in making one but also your thoughtfulness, most especially if these purses are made to be given as gifts.

What You Need To Know About Purses For Sale

Womens purses have a number of important uses since the earlier years. They do not only carry valuables but also project the owner’s lifestyle and status in the society. Purses have become an essential fashion accessory along with belts, jewelry, shoes, and so on. But before you rush and choose among the purses for sale in stores near you, read this full article first to get more information about them.

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Importance of Purses

Today, more and more women are carrying purses to complement their outfits. Generally, it is more convenient as most ladies do not wear dresses with pockets on some occasions, particularly in formal events. But this doesn’t mean that the purses are only meant for socialites. They are also for busy women who always carry loads of items on their hands. Probably the most important benefit that purses offer is safety. This applies to people who are always passing public places where thieves and pickpockets are everywhere. Purses make it difficult for those guys to succeed, especially those types that can be worn on the wrist. For men, purses provide money security since they can be placed in their front pockets instead of placing them at the back pockets where thieves can easily get.

Likewise, children carry purses so that they know exactly how much money they have and to organize them instead of just letting their bills and coins be loose in their pockets. When it comes to style, purses won’t let you down. Anyone can look stylish with purses. All you have to do is to find the right one for you. When it comes to materials, the ones made from leather is one of the best-sellers because they are durable and classy as well. But if you aim for more unique items, then an owl purse is your best choice.

Tips in Buying Purses

Purses for sale are very abundant if you know how to find them. Here are some buying tips on how to select quality purses for sale.

  • First, you need to smell the purse’s material. Crazy as it seem but this tip actually works. If you are looking for a leather purse, you must know that an authentic one should have a slightly gamey smell. If you can’t smell anything or it smells like plastic, then put it back on its place because it is a fake purse.
  • To know if it is made from high quality leather, the purse has to pass the oil test. Do this by rubbing your finger to your hair or skin and rubbing it on the material later. If a streak or stain appears, it is not a good material like high quality leather. Even cheap designer purses repeal oil.
  • Also, check on the stitches. The purse’s stitches should not be easily pulled or else your valuables will be compromised. The stitches must be intact. This is a must, especially if you are buying wholesale handbags and purses for your business or friends.
  • The purse’s inner lining is important as well. If it is lined, then it is a high quality piece that will protect everything that you put inside and will last longer.
  • There are lots of purses for sale out there that are attractive and embellished with lots of adornments in them. But if you want something that will work on any occasion, you should settle for the one with very minimal embellishments.

 ultimate guide purse buying

These purses for sale are abundant not only in local stores but also on online stores. Read online reviews on the products if you will buy from online stores since you can’t really scrutinize how the purse looks like.  With all the buying tips that were given, what is important is ensuring that the purse has the basic black stitching and is efficiently working so that you can rely on it anytime you need to.

Looking More Into Cute Handbags

Cute handbags are always the choice of any woman. If you want something formal or something extremely girly, these handbags are for you. Whether you are looking for a unique bag that will show your artistic taste or you just want to keep your essential stuff with you without carrying a very large shoulder bag, go with these cute handbags. Here is a look at some of the best cute handbags.

polka pots cute barrel handbags

Clutch Handbags

Yes, large shoulder bags are still pretty famous but these clutch bags are becoming a strong contender as well. They are now famous because aside from looking classy, they are easy to carry. They are small but can carry all of the essential things that a woman needs such as their makeup kit and female necessities. They usually come in leather; hence, you are guaranteed to have a fashionable look. Famous designs of these clutches are made of glittery, silky materials and flower prints. They are very feminine and can easily stand out amongst the crowd of different kinds of bags used by women. They are really trending these days.

Satchel Handbags

These handbags are another popular choice these days. Satchels used to be limited as an option for metrosexual men but new designs have been created to suit also women’s needs. Some like to see it as an option for maintaining an elegant flair without going too formal. These handbags don’t necessarily need to be branded and of high reputation since these cute handbags focus more on functionality than their marketing image.

Other Types of Handbags

Aside from clutches and satchels, there are also other types of handbags.

  • Barrel – A barrel bag is cylindrical in shape and very fashionable to use.
  • Bucket – As the name suggest itself, it was designed with rounded bottom and in a bucket shape.
  • Hobo – The distinguishing feature of this bag is its crescent-like shape. It is also roomy and perfect to complete a chic boho style.
  • Tote – This bag is very efficient when going out for shopping. It is very roomy and can accommodate lots of things inside.

 longchamp tote handbag

You can find all sorts of cute handbags abundantly at various online stores. The designs and styles also vary from famous cartoon characters or animals like owl purses that kids will surely love. These handbags are usually affordable and cheap. However, there are also authentic designer handbags that will cost you more money. Since most of these cute handbags are crafted by real designers and some by known brands, you can be sure that they will retain their utmost quality because they are made to be durable. They will not break easily and can last for a very long time. Any type of cute handbags can actually complement almost all of your outfits. Hence, it is time to have one or more of these handbags to complete your look and look fashionable while enjoying their functions.

Owl Purse — Exotic Fashion Statement

Bags having the appearance of an owl are becoming the new mantra of fashion, and they are called as an owl purse. They are cute-looking and have a resemblance to the wide round eyes and small beak of the owl, even its small ears. This nocturnal bird species has not only caught the eyes of new-age fashion designers, but has also become quite acceptable to the fashionistas of this era. Girls are especially out there to add it as a fashion mantra, creating a completely new definition in the world of fashion. The view of the bag appearing like an owl makes it appealing to people of all ages, but mostly youngsters. In addition, the vibrant colors add to the attractiveness of the owl purse.

world class hand made leather owl purse

Types and Styles of Owl Purses

The nature and model of the purses differ, and it adds to your style statement. A few of them that can enhance your fashion statement are mentioned as follows.

  • Leather owl purse: The gravity of the leather will add to the glamour factor of your outfit, other than adding to your style quotient. The leather owl purse has an appeal of class and the taste of the individual.
  • Owl coin purse: As mentioned earlier, this purse will definitely come as a savior to manage the number of coins that you might have to carry with you. It will certainly come convenient to you when your wallet cannot handle loose change.
  • Owl change purse: This bag is almost similar to the coin purse variety. The cool magnetic button of the owl change purse makes it easy for you to hand over change quickly and without any hassle. To add to this, the zip provided in it, helps in keeping your change in safety.

little blue owl change purse

The style, design and types of the purses vary and add to your fashion statement. This bag will certainly help you in the summers, matching with your slippers and summer clothes. The vibrant color will add to your glamorous appearance for night outs.

cute leather owl coin purse

Popular Owl Purse Brands

There many well-known brand names that carry various owl purse offerings. Some of these are the following:

  • Mary Frances night owl handbag
  • Eco owl bag
  • Zutano Girls owl bag
  • ASOS owl bag
  • Joe Browns disty owl bag
  • Snowdon owl bag

These are some of the few brands that you may like. Other than these, there are a whole lot of brands and varieties of owl purses available in the market.

bead embroidered owl purse

With all these happening in the world of fashion and accessories, you can simply check out the immense variety of the bags including the trendy owl purses that could eventually become your type of fashion statement.