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Garden Fountains Add Relaxing Spot in Your Backyard

If you are looking for a great way to put a spot in your backyard to induce relaxation and serenity, then garden fountains are a great choice. Outdoor garden fountains can range in size from a simple rock structure with a bubbling stream coming down to much bigger ones that flow into little ponds.

most beautiful garden fountains

Deciding on Type and Size of Garden Fountains

When you are getting ready to add garden water fountains to your yard, you first need to determine how much of an area you have available to put it in. For instance, you could either have a small version of a fountain that is used as a focal point for your flower garden or other area, or a large one to be a focal point for the whole yard.

You also need to determine if you want a traditional electric fountain or one of the newer and more environmentally friendly solar fountains for the garden which use a solar fountain pump to supply the water and make it flow.

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Popular Types of Garden Fountains

Here is a listing of some of the most popular kinds of garden fountains:

  • BirdbathsIf you are creating garden water fountains in your backyard and also like to watch birds, then consider a birdbath. These come in several shapes and materials such as metal, fiberglass, resin or ceramic. They have a bowl for the birds to drink and bathe in and come in several styles such as a pedestal, a mounted version or smaller hanging versions and in several sizes. Some are also heated and may use either solar heaters or electric heaters. These are great for keeping the water thawed in winter so the birds have adequate drinking water.
  • Tabletop Garden FountainsIf you don’t have a large area to place a fountain, then choose one of these models, which are meant to put onto a table or ledge.
  • Waterfall Style Garden FountainsIf you like the idea of a fountain that looks like a little stream bubbling over some rocks, then choose a waterfall style of garden fountains. These are quite beautiful and come in many styles, sizes and shapes.

nice solar fountains for the garden

Putting in Garden Fountains

When you get ready to put in garden fountains, you have to ready the area. How you do this depends on whether you are putting in a store-bought fountain or building one yourself. You can buy already made basins made of rock, concrete, metal or other materials to use for your homemade garden fountains.

Either way, you need to smooth out the area and make sure it is free from debris. You also have to hire a plumber so you can determine how to direct your water supply to the fountain you are getting ready to install. You will have to dig a hole and put in some piping from your main water lines to the location for the garden fountains.

You also have to dig a hole to hold the basin of the fountain securely, as well as provide a trench leading to an electric outlet if your fountain is to be electric. You won’t need it for a solar one. You have to have about two inches of gravel in the hole to allow for drainage of the fountain.

The fountain’s pump needs to be put into place into the center of the basin. Then, you have to arrange your stones to make your waterfall and put them securely into place. Decorate it as you like and then plug in the fountain and enjoy your garden fountains.

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