Lipstick Color Selection Tips that Blends on your Skin Tone

Lipstick is a very common cosmetic product. It can not only make one’s lips ruddy and luster, thereby make her sexier, but also has moisturizing and protection features, especially in dry or cold weathers.

Sexy Trendy Orange Lipstick

History of Lipsticks


  • Lipsticks can be dated back to 5000 years ago. Ancient Egyptian (including males) used black, purple and orange lipsticks.
  • The first tube lipstick was produced in 1915.
  • The popularity of films in 1920s also led to the prevalence of lipsticks.
  • Different times have different trends, including lipstick colors. For instance, purple is a popular color in 1970s when Disco was in fashion, while punks’ favorite color is black. In the late 1990s, vitamins, herbs and spices began to be added to lipsticks.

Though lipsticks can add luster to females, there are some lipstick color selection tips you should follow. You should select your lipstick colors according to your age, skin tone, clothes, occasions, seasons, etc.

Lipstick Color Selection Tips


  • In vibrant springs, it is better to select a color that matches the environment. Maidens can choose orange lipstick. Middle-aged women can use rosy or coral red lipsticks that can increase their elegance and mature charms. In hot summers, you’d better choose pink and lustrous lipsticks that make you exude with full vitality. In autumn, you can show your soft skin with a bright orange lipstick. While in winter, dark brown lipsticks can emphasis stereoscopic effect of one’s lips.
  • Choose colors according to occasions. If you are going to attend an important banquet, mature and steady color will be the best choice. For an interview, you should refrain from showy attire. Pink series lipsticks and gray eye shadow can help you leave a good impression to your interviewers. If your friends are inviting you to Disco, you can put your lipsticks with enthusiastic and bold color into use. If you are going to meet your future parents-in-law, pink and coral color can’t be wrong choice.


Guide To Lipstick Color Selection Tips

  • Make sure that your lipstick color complements the color of your attire. Pink or rosy lipsticks can bring out gorgeous and mature effect to females in black. If you are in white, grey brown can make your mature and steady, while pink lipstick can make you full of youthful spirits. For women in red, it is better to adopt the same series of colors.
  • Choose colors according to your skin tone. If you possess fair skin, you can choose any series of colors. But the best ones should be soft and bright colors. People with deep color skins had better adopt dark red and brownish red lipsticks. Yellow skinned people should avoid using yellow series. Red or pink series lipsticks can increase brightness of their faces and lips.


Matters Needing Attention in Using Lipsticks

Though lipsticks are necessary things for every beauty-conscious lady, it is better not to use them for long time. The pigments, no matter organic ones or inorganic ones, do no good to one’s health. Some ladies wipe off lipsticks before they have dinner and draw them again. Though it brings about lots of trouble, safety is the most important thing. Therefore, for the sake of your health, it is highly recommended to follow suit.

List of the Top Lipstick Brands

A lot of women love lipstick and that is something that will always be. Lipstick is a major part of all facial makeup and most women cannot live without it. There are numerous companies that manufacture lipstick and all of them are big income generators in the world market.

A model prepares backstage before the Carlos Miele Spring/Summer 2013 collection show at New York Fashion Week

Top Lipstick Brands

  • MAC

MAC, according to various reviews from consumers, is the greatest lipstick brand of all time. Mac has been around the global market for a while and they use the expert advice of the celebrity makeup artist Pat McGrath in developing shades. They normally release a collection of shades for each season and you are bound to get lovely orange lipstick from them.

  • Lancôme

Famous all over the world for their great shades and finishes in lipstick, Lancôme is a favorite for many makeup artists. Most makeup artists in Hollywood swear by this brand. Not only are their lipsticks great, they are also very affordable.

  • Nars

This brand has recently caused a sensation by launching their famous brand, Orgasm. It can be used as lipstick or blush and even eye mascara. This is the one of the top lipstick brands especially for the woman on the move who doesn’t have time to get all the makeup and carry it around.

Finding The Best Red Pink Orange Lipstick

The Luxury Brands

  • Dior

Famed mainly for their classic collections of runway clothing, the Dior ranges of cosmetics are still known for good quality. However, they are also very expensive.

  • Channel

Channel is an embodiment of high fashion and their range of products are top quality including its top lipstick brands collection. This brand is a choice for most models and celebrities.

  • Estee Lauder

Considered as one of the top lipstick brands, Estee Lauder is very popular especially in Europe. Their lipstick is good and affordable and although they are among the luxury brands, they are reasonably affordable. Their lipstick is long lasting and needs less retouching up during the day. It also leaves a smooth and satiny impression on your lips.

Other top lipstick brands to look out for are Revlon, Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlain, Make up forever and Bobbi Brown. These brands have various selections of shades. Now all you have to do is pick out the best brand that suits your needs and, of course, your budget. Make sure you try these lipsticks on before purchasing them to check if the shade you chose look good on you.

Best Lipstick: Popular Lipstick Brands

There are so many different colors of lipsticks that a woman can wear and this depends on their taste. They say that having the best lipstick on your lips wraps up your outfit well. However this seems to be changing how women view lipsticks. There are different colors that the best lipstick can have. Orange is a good color to go with. This may be because an orange lipstick can always make you stand out.

Tips For Finding The Best Long Lasting Lipstick

Below are some outfits that can match well with your best orange lipstick:

  • Summer Sundress
  • Flashy Vegas Dress
  • Orange Bridesmaid Dress


Top Lipstick Brands

Lipsticks are becoming an integral part of your whole outfits. It is always important that you choose the best lipstick for your lips since they give your face different expression and hence should be made to look nice and cute. Below are world’s top lipstick brands as voted for by users in their reviews:

  • MAC is one of best lipstick collection based on color and finishes. This brand has a wide array of selections so you can always choose the one that suits your skin tone.
  • Lancôme is another popular brand that has a huge collection of shades and finishes. This is the brand, which celebrities mostly endorsed.
  • Dior is considered an expensive brand of lipstick. In fact, it is referred to as a luxury brand by many users and it is a very popular brand because of its quality and classic shades.
  • Estee Lauder is famous because of its long lasting colors. This product boasts of being more into purity luxury and emotional colors.


Tips For Finding The Best Long Wearing Lipstick

  • Make up Forever is one brand that will surely attract you. This lipstick is reformulated and has colors of which if you get to follow application rules properly, you surely will get good results.
  • Yves Saint Laurent is among the best long wearing lipstick brand that comes in a variety of 18 shades. It has a delightful feeling to users because of its creamy texture when it is in contact with your lips as well as its formulation, which makes it a brand to look forward to wearing.

Another best long lasting lipstick is Guerlain. Others include Bobbi Brown, Chanel and Nars to name a few. So what are you waiting for? Hurry and grab your best lipstick choice now!

The Best Lipstick Shades for your Skin Tone

Application of lipstick is a fashion that never fades. There are women who use them on a daily basis and there are those who do it occasionally. When using lipstick shades, it is important to first know which shade will suit your skin tone well. Also, keep in mind your outfit when choosing for lipstick shades. Make sure your chosen shade will not crash with the color of your clothes. Lipstick shades come in different colors such as red, orange, pink and even brown.

How to Pick the Right Lipstick Shade for Your Skin Tone

Guidelines in Choosing Lipstick Shades

An orange lipstick shade is usually worn on specific occasions such as Halloween, birthday parties, and also casual dinners. The reason as to why you do not want to wear an orange lipstick shade in a formal dinner is because the color is too loud and not very appropriate when on a business meeting or when dining with a client. Mostly, dresses worn for this occasion are of a classic style. It is important to have a presentable look and therefore you should go for a lighter or subtler lipstick shades. Perhaps you are wondering what clothes to wear when you are donning an orange lipstick shade. Here below are some clothes that would go well with this shade:

  • Bohemian Style Outfit
  • Black and White Ensemble
  • Any Casual and Cool Get-up


It might prove to be a hard task while trying to find the best lipstick shades. This is because for women, all of them are attractive. While choosing a lipstick, it is important to know which one would do well with you. Below are simple ways in which you follow to know whether a lipstick shade is good on you or not:

  • Check first the ingredients used in making the lipstick to avoid any allergic reactions.
  • Get a lipstick that has a shade that is darker than your natural lips.
  • Test it by applying it to one of your lip. If it is darker than your natural lips shade, then you are good to purchase it.

Best Cover Girl Lipstick Shades

An undertone helps you while choosing a good color for your lips. Best lipstick shades for fair skin is pink and light corals. Medium skin tone will be good to go with darker shades such as roses, mauves and also berries. Dark skins can go with deep plum, chocolate and red.  Some of the best Cover Girl lipstick shades are Bronzed Peach, Rose Quartz and Adobe Sand to name a few.

Once you have the right lipstick shade that matches with your skin tone, you can then go ahead and apply it as you will be sure that you will look great in it.

Completing Your Fashion Arsenal With An Orange Lipstick

Every woman loves wearing lipstick. Red, yellow, pink, blue, purple and even orange lipstick is worn throughout the entire year. A lot of women think the they have to put their orange lipstick away after Halloween, however, they don’t have to. Orange lipstick will go with many different outfits and because of that all women should keep it close by in case they have a desire to wear it sometime.

All About Orange Lipstick

What To Wear With Orange Lipstick

  • Orange Shirts – One item you can always wear with orange lipstick is an orange shirt. The best thing about an orange shirt is that there are many different shades of orange so you will easily be able to find the right color to go along with your lipstick.
  • Pair With An Orange Handbag – Every women carries a purse or a handbag when they go out, so why not pair the orange colored lipstick with an orange handbag? Handbags don’t cost very much, so you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money just to get your lipstick to look right.
  • Shoes Work – Another thing that you can wear to go along with your lipstick are matching shoes. Shoes work great to pair with a different colored lipstick because they are not extremely noticeable and yet they still match.


Know The Best Orange Lipstick

Whether you plan on wearing orange red lipstick or regular orange lipstick won’t matter, what matters is that your lips match well with the outfit you are wearing. In order to look your best you should have the best orange lipstick or it might not look very good.

Best Time To Use Orange Lipstick

  • Halloween – Halloween is one of the few times during the year that you can wear any color that you want. Orange is a great Halloween color so this would be the best time of the year to go all out and put on any shade of orange that you have.
  • Birthday Parties – Another popular time to wear orange lipstick would be to a birthday party. The best part about wearing orange lipstick to a birthday party is that it won’t be extremely noticeable. Just know that you should tone the color down a little bit and don’t go overboard with the rest of your makeup.


Trendy Neon Orange Lipstick

  • Casual Dinners – Yes, you can wear orange lipstick to a dinner, however, it should only be to a casual dinner. The reason you don’t wear orange to a fancy dinner of some kind is because fancy restaurants usually want people to wear black and white or formal dresses.

There are many more time when you could use orange lipstick, but you should keep it to a minimum. Wearing too much orange lipstick is not always the best thing to do, try and diversify your lipstick color from time to time. Even if you change it up from neon orange lipstick to brownish orange lipstick, this will at least give you some variety that will ensure that people don’t notice your very orange lipstick all the time.

Latest Trendy Orange Red Lipstick

When wearing orange lipstick make sure you are wearing it to the right place. There are many different shades of lipstick that you can wear, yes, orange lipstick is a very popular color but it is not for everybody all the time. For more guide, check out online for finding the most popular lipstick brands.