Old Books For Sale

Selling old books for sale can prove a promising business if you are interested in reading. If you are a vivid reader and love to do something related to your interest, find rare old books for sale and sell them online. Dan Poynter’s survey says the “used books make for $533 million in annual sales; 13% of the units sold; and 5% of the total revenue of the $30 billion book sales industry”. Approximately one in 10 books sold is a used book.

Old Books For Sale In The Internet

Old books for sale online contribute a lot to the yearly profits of major book selling websites like Amazon, E-bay, and Nextag. Along with many other websites, they thrive by selling used books. A thriller fiction or a mystery novel sells approximately 5000 to 10,000 copies at the most.

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These old books for sale are rotated in the market again and again through resale. Though there are claims about self-help books and children’s books like Harry Potter selling millions of copies, they are a rare occurrence.

It is said that “A Dance with Dragons” sold 298,000 copies on the first day. But, it is a combination of its printed sales, audio formats, and e-book orders. Most of our forefathers saved such works in leather bound books and passed them on to the next generation. Since everything is available in digital format now, there is no necessity to do that. Those who purchased the printed format bid it in e-Bay very quickly and the book keeps passing from hand to hand.

Old Books For Sale Business

If you are interested in making some quick money out of old books for sale, set up a website or a blog for yourself. Collect some valuable books from your friends and neighbors. Target some old people, as they have lots of rare collections, which you cannot buy now.

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Become an affiliate to specialized websites selling rare old books and first edition books. Just redecorate the old books for sale with new covers. Start selling them right away. Provide an option for your customers to market the old used books for sale they possess. Earn a commission from them for permitting them to use your website or blog. In a short time, you will have more business and money than you can manage.

Gather old text books from students. Computing and medical books costing a fortune can be purchased for half the price. Set up small exhibitions in schools and colleges to sell these books. Sell other used books which might interest the students and the staff too. You will be amazed to know how many people are in need of old books for sale. Inform them about your website. Once your website or blog becomes famous, you can earn through advertisements and membership costs in addition to the revenue generated from the old books for sale you are showcasing.