Necklace Selection Guide

Necklaces are the most popular choice for gift-giving. Who would want to spoil such gift? This wide necklace selection guide prepared for you will surely help you choose the right necklace type and design. Read and know what you really want to give!

Necklace Selection By Design

Women just love the designs and sparkles on their necklaces! See this necklace selection guide and wow her or your loved ones!

1. Diamond Solitaire Necklace

This is a style that never goes out. The diamond solitaire necklace is simply classic. Every woman has been passed down with diamond stud earrings. Why don’t you pair it up with this necklace? It will surely be a great compliment and your woman would think that she is for keep!

2. Journey Diamond Necklaces

The journey diamond necklace shows how your love has evolved and how it grew. Arranged from the smallest to the largest, its multiple diamonds tells the journey of your love. When worn, this will really look amazing. It makes a strong statement, hence; make sure to wear a subtler outfit not to outshine the necklace.

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3. Gemstone Necklace

With its vivid colors and representation of birth months, the gemstone necklace is a star for graduation, birthdays, and anniversaries or for any other occasions.

4. Silver Necklaces

Silver has already outdated gold. It is one of the widely worn metals today. It is elegant in its own way but it is not that expensive. This is a starter gift for young adults and you can give this just because you want to give or maybe because of appreciation to your loved ones.

5. Diamond Heart Necklaces

Do you want to convey your feelings through a particular thing? Well, the diamond heart necklace speaks loudly of the feelings that you have for your partner or for your crush. This will accentuate her formal outfit once worn. This is the romantic gift ever!

Necklace Length

Necklace length should also be considered. This necklace selection guide talks about how the necklace’s length greatly influences how you look!

1. A collar necklace length measures 12 to 14 inches. This compliments V necks or off shoulder tops. This can be used casually but it will be more astonishing for elegant dinners and parties.

2. A choker necklace measures 14 to 16 inches. If your neck is your asset, wear this one. It will draw attention to your neckline.

3. A princess necklace measures 17 to 19 inches. This necklace is best suited for dresses or tops with collars.

4. A matinee necklace measures 20 to 24 inches. This necklace chain is used for casual and business occasions.

5. An opera necklace is 28 to 34 inches long. This will look very elegant with a formal blouse or elegant gown. It accentuates a woman’s bosoms.

6. A rope or sautoir necklace is 35 to 45 inches long. This will focus on your curves, hence; use this at weddings or anniversaries.

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7. A lariat necklace is 45 inches or longer. The best pair of the lariat necklace is a long and fitting evening gown.

Other Necklace Selection Guide

  • If we based it on color, casual clothing can be paired up with rocks or woody necklaces. If it is elegant, match it with pearl, stone, silver or gold necklace chain, earring or bracelets. You will see how harmonious they are!

  • All accessories co-exist with a neutral colored-clothing.

  • Necklaces, earrings or bracelets made of colorful plastics are only for young children and people who wanted to look young. Make sure to match your accessories with your age.

  • Be discreet at times. Do not wear accessories from head to toe or you’ll just end up like a Christmas tree. Only wear two accessories at maximum like a necklace and a ring or a necklace and a bracelet.

  • Tube dress or wide-necked dress goes well with large statement necklaces.

Remember, every woman enjoys a necklace even though she is conservative. Having this necklace selection guide will also test how well you know her. Choose the one that would enhance her elegance, the one that will accentuate her beauty. It is always a woman’s dream to have her man place a necklace over her neck. Give her one now! She’ll be reminded on how much you care and how much you love her every time she looks at it.

Necklaces: How To Wear It

Sometimes, necklaces are unfashionably wrong if not worn properly. Wear the best necklace type for the best outfit and occasion! Flaunt your way with tips on how to choose your necklace.

Popular Necklace Types & Tips On How To Wear Them

1. Collar

A collar necklace measures 12 to 14 inches. It has a multi-strand necklace chain. It is worn high up on the neck and tightly. If you love wearing V necks or off shoulder tops, a collar necklace will accentuate your tops. If you have that slender, thin neck, amplify it with this necklace type. Though this can be used for casual occasions, save it up for formal dinners and elegant parties, you just might entice your future partner while wearing this necklace.

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2. Choker

A choker necklace measures 14 to 16 inches. Mostly, this is has single strand necklace chain. However, multi-strand necklace chains are on the market now. It’s like the collar necklace that is worn tightly around the neck. However, it is worn just above the collar bone and it is stiff. Wearing this necklace type will direct the focus of people on your neck or neckline.

3. Princess

A princess necklace measures 17 to 19 inches. It is the most popular necklace based on length (shorter than a matinee, longer than a choker). This necklace type will go well with dresses or tops with collars. Just make sure that the collars are either higher or lower than the necklace. If accompanied by a pendant, you might turn out to be the princess of the ball!

4. Matinee

A matinee necklace measures 20 to 24 inches. It is typically a single strand necklace chain. It is considered to be the most versatile necklace type since it can be used both for casual and formal business events. This is most suited for extremely high necklines or extremely low ones since it is supposed to be breastbone long. Since its length sits at the top of the cleavage, it will emphasize a woman’s beauty and elegance. Bear in mind not to use tops or dresses with decorated neckline. It will defeat the purpose of wearing a matinee necklace.

5. Opera

An opera necklace is 28 to 34 inches long. To look dramatic and elegant, you can do a double loop around the neck. One more thing, you can even wear this as a multi-strand bracelet. If you think you have an attractive bosom, this is going to be a good choice since attention is drawn to your chest. Pair it up with a formal blouse or elegant gown, your beauty will sparkle all night long.

6. Rope/Sautoir

A rope or sautoir necklace is 35 to 45 inches long. This can be worn in various ways. The most common are doing multiple loops around the neck and knotted in front. This can also be worn as a multi-strand necklace. Doing double or triple loops will give an impression that you are wearing two to three separate necklaces. This can focus the attention to your curves all the way to your torso, hence, if there are weddings to attend to or if it is your anniversary, grab this necklace type and flaunt your style.

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7. Lariat

A lariat necklace is 45 inches or longer. This is fascinating since this can be worn as multiple loops around the neck or with multiple knots in front or a combination of both! This is the best match for long and fitting evening gowns.

Additional Tips

Here are some added tips on choosing necklace types

  • The necklace type chosen must be appropriate with the occasion.

  • Choose a necklace type with an average length if you intend to use it for all occasions.

  • To compliment the length, choose a shorter necklace for a high neckline.

  • For the necklace to be noticeable, were a longer necklace over a shirt.

The mentioned necklace types can have various necklace chain types depending on your interest, taste and the manufacturer. When buying one, don’t forget to check the quality and authenticity of the necklace. Some might just sparkle in one to two months and will then fade away. Now, that would hurt a woman’s feeling and as well as her pocket. Look for a necklace that will last for years. And remember, the sparkle of a necklace creates a dazzling effect inside and out.

Different Designs Of Mens Gold Chains

Gold is one of the most precious metals that we have in this world. It has found its ways in fashion and is commonly worn as an accessory to enhance beauty. Men have not been left behind in all this. There are mens gold chains which is a very convenient way to enhance their looks. It is common to see male celebrities sporting different types of mens gold chains. One tricky thing other than knowing how to wear your gold chains is shopping for it. This is because fake gold chains exist and you have to be careful when shopping if you want to get an original piece of this precious metal.

There are different styles of mens gold chains available that you can get. Listed below are some of the designs to choose from.

Designs Of Mens Gold Chainsstylish mens gold chains

  • Figaro Chain

This has one large link and several other smaller links. Links can either be flattened or oval and it all depends with what your personal preference would be. This is one heavy type of chain and the most preferred types are Figaro mens 14k gold chains.

  • Rope Design

The rope design resembles a rope just as its name suggests. This particular type of necklace chain looks like two strands of rope that have been twisted together and normally has a spaced pattern.

  • Box Design

The box design is made up of square boxes of equal sizes fitted together by alternating their positions. They are very fashionable and a cute type of gold chain for men.

  • Mariner Design

mens white gold  franco chains

The mariner design is more like a loop. This loop comes in different styles such as the curb and Cuban link as well as the thicker raised style.

Once you get to know the various styles and designs of mens gold chains in the market, the only thing left is for you to know how to wear your gold chain to get the perfect look.

Wearing Tips

  • Choose the necklace design that will go well with what you plan to wear. Also, keep in mind the occasion that you are going to attend. Mens white gold chains can fit most of men’s clothing and so it can be a great consideration.

  • Have gender considerations on your mind. It would look weird for a lady to wear a ball chain necklace in a formal occasion. Men should go for necklaces that extend only up to their necklines.

  • Choose a gold necklace that can go with contrasting colors, for instance white gold mens chains can be a perfect choice for any outfit.

Factors To Consider In Buying Gold Chains

Chains are common fashion accessories that people get to use. They are simple compared to other fashion accessories worn by people. Gold chains are simply chains that are made of gold. They are unique when worn and are usually used as a statement of a person’s financial status. In addition, they can be used to express fashion taste unlike other types of chains. Before you buy any type of gold chains for men, there are some important factors that you need to consider.

Factors To Consider

  • Karat

This is an important factor since karats depict the combination of durability and luster. Durability affects the number of days you get to wear your gold chain while luster defines its beauty. A good size of karat is 14 and this ensures these two qualities are met although you will incur more cost compared to lower karat chains.

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  • Length

What length of gold chains is it that you want? The length of the chain depicts its visibility and price as well. Always ensure that you choose the right length of necklace chains when shopping for them. Keep in mind that it directly affects their prices.

  • Kinks

Your worst nightmare would become real when you buy a gold chain that kinks. This makes them weaker and different that your only option is not to wear them at all for fear that it will break. There are some brands that are known as kinking gold chains and you should avoid them. There are other types that you can be familiar with when you research. An example is Herringbone Chains and Omega Chains.

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There are different designs of gold chains that you can choose from. Listed are some examples.

Gold Chain Designs

  • Mariner’s Link Design

In this design, you can choose to wear your pieces of gold chain either as stand-alone or choose to use charms and pendants as their enhancers. This design is common and is among the best designs for your chains and will surely catch your attention when shopping. You can use this design with white gold chains for men and you definitely will like it.

  • Another popular design is Figaro. They are distinct in the essence that they have several links in them, one large and one small link. These links have been flattened to ovals and have diverse lengths which make this design. The Figaro design also suits different colors of gold chains such as the white gold chains.

Necklace Chain

A necklace chain or commonly known as a chain-type necklace is among the earliest and most common accessory that a lot of individuals make use of. Compared to their complex and elaborate counterparts, chain necklaces are simple, but when worn properly they would project class, elegance, and unparalleled look. This type of necklace may also be worn for almost any purpose, occasion, or event, and it can be paired with almost any pair of clothing whether it is formal, semi-formal, or when simply wearing casual shorts and t-shirts.

How to Best Wear Chain Necklaces

Although a necklace chain is versatile and can be worn and styled according to the wants and preferences of an individual, there are still key considerations or pointers needed to bear in mind when flaunting your chain link necklace. Failure to observe the following simple tips will certainly affect your total getup.

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  • Choose a necklace that matches the purpose of wearing: Basically, there are only two general options you have, those which are appropriate for casual or regular use and those intended for the more formal or special events or occasions. You wouldn’t expect a lady to wear a ball chain necklace at a cocktail or formal evening party, in the same manner that you won’t see anyone wearing a heavy or cocktail necklace with precious stones during the day, in the middle of the streets.

  • Get to know the gender considerations: A lot of people and fashion experts have been liberal with this aspect but conventions say that certain necklaces are suitable only for men and others for the women. The jeweler, dress, or fashion consultant can be a resource person to suggest a particular necklace chain suitable for your gender and overall look. The ladies have generally no problems on flaunting chain necklaces, but as for the men, it is ideal to wear them inside shirts and t-shirts showing only the neckline.

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  • Consider the necklace material: Chain necklaces are commonly crafted from gold, silver, and some other precious metals. But there are also chain necklaces crafted with beads, fabric beads, plastic and other colorful materials. Most often, these colorful and fun types of necklaces are more appropriate for little girls and teens and would already look awkward when worn by adults.

  • A necklace chain works with contrasting colors: Chain necklaces have the easiest or most simple rule when pairing them with clothes and certain outfits. They are best for clothes with contrasting colors of the necklace itself. The shiny gold and silver chain necklace, for example, is best coupled by black or dark-colored turtleneck, clothes, dresses, or gowns projecting that sophisticated, classy, and elegant look. On the other hand, the more colorful and fun necklaces with beads, fabric chains, and others styles are more ideal for plain and light-colored shirts and t-shirts.

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Most Common and Popular Styles of Chain Necklaces

A necklace chain can further be classified according to the type or style of chains contained in every necklace.

  • The Cable Type: The cable type chain necklace is the most common style wherein individual oval pieces are connected with each other side-by-side. It is similar to the common chains that people use for any other purpose.

  • The Foxtail Type: This type is the popular style used when creating necklaces. The oval links are all aligned and are connected by flat rows of rings in the center. Each oval also features curves and twists to make the chain flat when laid.

chain link necklace set

  • The Rope Type: This style is similar to the appearance of ropes people have at home. Two strands of a metal are twisted in a continuous manner to create a rope-like necklace.

  • The Serpentine Type: This style is similar to the foxtail and cable types and is only different on the shape of its individual chain, which takes the form of a letter “S” instead of oval.

A necklace chain always makes your outfit better. In choosing the best necklace for you, opt for those that suit your style and your liking best. Always purchase your necklace chain from a reputed jeweler to ensure the originality and quality of the necklace.