Natural Nail Polish

Nail polish is used by a score of women to decorate their nails. Nail polish comes in different textures, hues and shades from dark to fluorescent to pale. Nail polishes are classified into two main categories: commercial and natural nail polishes.

Two Types Of Nail Polish

Commercial nail polish contains chemicals that harm the nail plate with frequent use. Natural nail polish is the most sought after option for frequent nail polish users. The natural nail polish contains organic ingredients, such as water, soy-based film formers, coconut oil, iron oxide, titanium oxide, diethylene glycol, dibenzoate, and mica.

There are two types of natural nail polish: water-based and solvent-based. Water-based natural nail polish contains water as the main ingredient. Solvent-based natural nail polish contains acetate as the main ingredient.

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How To Make Natural Nail Polish

There are two methods on how to make a natural nail polish.

  • By Henna

a) Take organic henna powder in a bowl.

b) Mix the desired color in the henna powder.

c) Pour warm water into the bowl and mix them.

d) The consistency must be such that it is easy to apply with nail polish brush

e) Carefully paint it on the nails. Take care to not apply it on your skin.

f) Let it dry in sunlight or use a nail dryer or fan.

g) Wash it off with water.

h) Be sure to discard the remaining organic nail polish. It has to be re-made to apply again.

  • By Clear Nail Polish

a) Buy a clear water-based nail polish.

b) Take a natural eye shadow and crush it.

c) Mix it with the clear nail polish depending on the shade of the color you want. If you wish for a darker shade, mix more eye shadow.

d) If you want pastel hues, try adding natural food coloring.

Natural Nail Polish Remover

To remove the natural nail polish, a natural nail polish remover is a must. The ingredients for natural nail polish remover mainly consist of vegetable glycerin; d-Limonene taken from oranges; ethyl lactate obtained from fermented corn; and methyl soyate derived from Soya oil.

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In addition, you will also need vinegar and an acid base, which you can get from citrus fruits like lemons or oranges. Be warned that different natural nail polishes require different levels of acidity. So be sure to have different natural nail polish removers with different levels of acidity.

Best Natural Nail Polish Brands

Two of the best natural nail polish brands are Suncoat and Honeybee Gardens. They are both water-based.

  • Suncoat: Their new polish and peel natural nail polishes contain water and acrylic copolymer along with mica, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, chromium oxide green, ultramarines, ferric ferrocyanide, carmine. It is easy to remove. Just soak it in warm water and peel off. It is available in eight colors.

b) Honeybee Gardens: The watercolors nail enamel is odorless and earth-friendly and can be removed with rubbing alcohol or vodka. It is available in 26 colors.

Before applying natural nail polish though, it is highly advisable that you clean your nails first. This includes removing dry skin around your nails and excess cuticle. Cuticle care is important for nail growth and it helps prevent infections. Use cuticle oil after bath regularly and remove dead cuticle skin with a cuticle remover. Moisturize with cuticle oil again.