Most Popular Types of Coffee Drinks

For years people have enjoyed the many caffeinated and scrumptious flavors of coffee in a variety of different drink variants. The magically refreshing taste of this highly popular elixir is craved and consumed all over the world with great enthusiasm. Its various beneficial properties include relaxation of nerves along with many others.

According to the latest research citing the health benefits of coffee, it has shown to have many anti cancerous properties as well. With so many wonderful benefits, coffee can be devoured almost any time in numerous drink types.

The great thing about coffee is that it is an excellent muscle and nerve relaxer which is perfect for loosening up after a hard days of work. It comes in a variety of aromatic flavors that can be blended in a number of ways to prepare mouth watering drinks.

Most Popular Types of Coffee Drinks

Best Selling Types of Coffee

Some of the most popular types of coffee drinks include:


  • It is a dark and strong coffee drink that is prepared from dark roasted beans and steam.

  • Its strong flavor and golden brown foamy exterior is adored by coffee lovers all over the world.

  • Some of the various other coffee drinks use espresso as their base ingredient.


  • A perfect blend of milk, steam, froth and espresso, this enjoyable coffee drink has a major fan following and is served with great pride by many coffee shops.

  • Its rich and creamy flavor can be enhanced tenfold by sprinkling it with cocoa flakes or powder.

  • The amazing thing about this coffee drink is that the covering foam on top of the cup is both complimenting and also acts as an insulating agent to keep the drink within the cup hot.


pumpkin spice coffee

  • This stylishly named espresso-based coffee drink has a strong taste that can be compared somewhat to a regular coffee but with a different flavor.

  • Its taste and strength can be increased by adding more shots of espresso.

Pumpkin spice coffee

  • This spicy blend of pumpkin spice and coffee is an exhilarating coffee drink that is perfect for those dull and cold winter days.

  • It can be prepared both as a regular drink and in shape of a latte.

  • There are readymade pumpkin spice coffee mix available in the market that can be readily mixed to prepare a stimulating cup of coffee.

Besides the above mentioned coffee drinks, there are many others that are immensely popular all around the world.