Modern Hairstyles

The 70s might be making a comeback in hairstyles, but if you’re looking for something modern, steer clear. It’s not that the 70s hairstyles aren’t good looking, but if you want modern hairstyles, they are simply not it. Don’t fear though, there are plenty of modern hairstyles for men and women out there. We’ve highlighted two for each sex below.

Modern Hairstyles for Women

shag modern hairstyles

Shag Hairstyle

The shag hairstyle is a classic type, but it has so many variations that it’s always going to stay in the category of modern hairstyles.

  • It’s popular with older women as well as younger ones, and teenagers love it as well.
  • You can curl the ends, layer it, have it trimmed into a bob, or highlight it with bold splashes of color.
  • Whatever you choose with the shag, you can make sure it’s one of the cute modern hairstyles, and yet totally your own.

Layered Hairstyle

Another hairstyle that’s considered both modern and timeless is one where the hair is layered, with shorter hair underneath and longer layers on top.

  • Ideally, hair length should be medium, unless you’re looking for modern hairstyles for teenage girls; if that’s your goal, then leave it longer.
  • This is a versatile cut that will take on modern colors and hot hairstyles very well.
  • Because it’s medium length, you can do more things with it, like add curls or waves, or even trim it shorter if that’s the current trend.


Modern Hairstyles for Men:

rugged modern hairstyles for men

Rugged, “Just-Woke-Up” Hairstyle

The short, messy look is very modern and trendy for men. There’s something appealing about the “I just rolled out of bed” look on men, even if it means spending 20 minutes and styling products to get that ideal modern look. Keep in mind that practice is key with modern hairstyles: you don’t want to spend too much time on it, nor do you want to use too much styling product. Nothing screams “bad hairstyle” than seeing a guy whose messy hair has been glued into place with too much product. Or worse yet, leaves oily spots behind when he puts his head against something.

Classic Hairstyle

When in doubt, you can always go classic style.

  • Classic has been around for a long time, but there’s something timeless about it.
  • It’s that standard style you see on a lot of guys: shorter on the sides, long enough on top to lie down, but not so long as to be messy.
  • It’s similar to the messy, tousled look above, but can quickly be cleaned up to be presentable for business or important events.