Useful Guide On How To Prevent Nail Polish From Chipping

A great manicure is a work of art, but how do you make it last? The main challenge of a manicure is on how to prevent nail polish from chipping. Your beautiful nails won’t look nearly as pretty with chunks of color missing. Besides the quality of nail polish you use, there are several things you can do to make sure that your manicure lasts.

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Useful Tips

  • Clean Thoroughly. Always start with nails that are clean and dry. Remove old polish completely, wash your hands and use a nail brush to remove any dirt, oils and debris which may cause problems with your nail polish coverage.
  • Use Good Undercoat. To prevent nail polish from chipping, start with a great undercoat. This not only protects your nails from dark and metallic nail polish that could stain them and cause some damage, it also gives the polish a smooth and ready surface to adhere to. The under coat is very important when it comes to uniform color coverage and smoothness and even helps prevent air bubbles which can cause chipping.
  • Choose Good Nail Polishes. Choosing a high quality nail polish which isn’t old and clumpy is also important. Old polish or polish that has begun to dry and get clumpy is quick to chip. Some people keep their nail polish in the refrigerator and employ a 5-10 minute shaking process to blend and smooth the polish before applying it. Some say this prevents air bubbles, clumps and uneven application.
  • Dry It Completely. Allow your undercoat and polish to dry completely before applying the next coat of color. The best way on how to prevent nail polish from chipping involves making sure that you have no damp layers where air bubbles, or uneven coverage can occur. Make sure you give each coat time to dry completely before applying more.
  • Be Careful With Nail Art. Nail art should be applied carefully to the top layer of color before adding a sealing top coat. It’s important to understand that if you have applied nail art such as decals or jewels that you are more likely to see chipping than with a simple color application. The top coat helps seal these items to the polish, but can sometimes allow air to be trapped around the nail art which can lead to bubbling and chipping.

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Manicures can be a work or art, or they can be a simple way of adding color and glamour to your hands, take the time to learn on how to prevent nail polish from chipping before you begin painting your nails. You can have a great manicure that last for up to two weeks with no chipping, bubbling or peeling.

Getting Creative with Popular Nail Polish Colors

Girls, are you looking for something different to jazz up your nails? There are plenty of popular nail polish colors, ranging from plain beige to even metallic nail polish. That doesn’t even count what you can find in the classic colors like red and pink. You can also try many do it yourself designs that are simple and creative, and you can even pick up home manicure kits. With a lot of things that you can create, who knows,  you might discover your talent in the chic world of nail art and spend your time on things that interest you most.

There are a lot of popular nail polish colors, and nothing beats the best selling colors of the classics. Many shades of red are still in style, although these days, you’re more likely to find blue, green, yellow and orange being sported instead of just plain red. You can also find  gothic nail polishes, in colors like burgundy and black. Neon colors aren’t left out – pink, yellow and neon blue are all found on the market these days. If you’re into dual colors, cracked nail polishes are always available. These are nail polishes that can be painted over your basic color on your nail to look cracked showing  the original color underneath. This design can be tricky to pull off without the special polish, but the look is all worth it. No more boring nails!

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Newsprint Project

Did you know that you can make your nails have newsprint or look like watermelons? Yes, it’s true. Besides popular nail polish colors, a little creativity goes a long way. Here’s a short tutorial on how to get your nails to look like newsprint. Once you’ve handled your regular nail maintenance of cutting and filing, try this out. For this project, you’ll need

  • Newspaper – cut into small squares
  • rubbing alcohol
  • a bowl to dip your fingers in
  • your nail polish along with a top coat


  • Paint your nails. Make sure you use a clear base coat first to keep the other polish from destroying or yellowing your nails
  • When you apply the color paint you want, make sure that you choose white or another popular nail color.
  • Let your nails completely dry.
  • Get your squares of newspaper ready. They need to be just slightly larger than your nail to work. You generally want to find articles with small print, and even small pictures transfer well if you are very careful.
  • Dip or soak your finger in the alcohol, enough to completely cover the nail and nail bed. It is important to make sure that the polish on your nails is already dry.
  • Once you have enough alcohol covering the nail, place the newspaper square on your fingernail. Press it down as hard as you can, and try not to move it around – the print with smudge and create a shadow effect.
  • Apply a sealing top coat to your nails, allow it to dry and finish your manicure by cleaning up the edges.

choosing the right color for your nails

What you will have is a simple design that will draw attention to your nails, even better than some of the most popular nail polish colors out there. These projects are fun and creative, and so simple that it’s great for even little girls who want to use it at slumber parties. Have fun!

The Safer Options On Nail Polish Remover

Are you looking for safer options of toxic nail polish removers? As you all know, anail polish remover is a natural or chemicalsolvent used to remove old nail polish from nails. Nowadays, there are lots of options on these products that you can choose from. Some are totally safe, while others may contain toxicnail polish remover ingredients.In most cases, however, the main ingredients used are alcohol, acetone, ethyl acetate, and butyl acetate.

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Safer Alternatives

Because some nail polish remover contains different chemical components, it can pose several adverse effects to the user. These can include brittle and dry nails, skin dehydration, and eye irritation. In addition, it has noticeable chemical smell and flammable properties. To counter these negative effects, safer versions are now available. To help you get a better understanding of each of them, this article has created a brief description stated in the list below.

  • Homemade Nail Polish Remover – Safe, healthy, and inexpensive, homemade removers offer a better alternative to chemical-based solvents. To keep your home free from dangerous chemicals, consider doing this project at home. To make one, you simply need to combine equalamounts of lemon juice and vinegarand apply the mixture on the nails using a cotton balland you are done.
  • Non acetone Nail Polish Remover – Usually, non acetone removers contain natural ingredients that are derived from fruits like ethyl acetate. These components are less likely causing dryness to the nails and have fumes that are not as bad as the chemical versions. While it may take additional time to dissolve nail polish, it still provides an effective solution in cleaning nails prior to polish application. When using, make sure that you apply the remover in a well-ventilated environment.
  • Other Handy Alternatives – In case these ingredients are not available, you can also use rubbing alcoholor certain brands of perfume and toothpaste that contain a bit of acetone to eliminate all sorts of polishes like metallic nail polish. However, if there is no other option left, you can simply apply another coat of polish on the nails to wet them once again and then wipe them off using a cotton ball.

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These alternatives have acidic ingredients, which effectively break down all types of nail polish there is. To speed up the process, soak your fingers inhot water for ten to fifteen minutes. Nail polish removal does not have to be dangerous when you can use safer nail polish remover instead.

Color Changing Nail Polish Explained

If you love nail polish but want something different this time, you might want to give color changing nail polish a try. Unlike regular nail polish, it changes in color whenever it is exposed to sunlight or temperature changes. And since it was targeted towards the fashionable crowd, the colors are usually available in trendy instead of classic shades. For people with passion for classics, however, there are some varieties that they can choose from which range from ivory and pink to magenta and metallic nail polish.  Have you tried a color changing nail polish before? If not, then it would be a good decision to try them on and be amazed yourself.

awesome orly color changing nail polish

How It Works

Oftentimes, UV color changing nail polish change into only two colors – the original color when it is initially applied and the alternate color when exposed to sunlight or other sources of heat like warm water and hot air. But once the temperature changes again – becomes cooler for example – the color will return to its original tone.

This color shifting, as they say, is similar to what mood color changing nail polish do. This, however, detects your mood changes to make the nail polish color change. According to your body’s thermal changes the polish blooms into another color. Fun and interesting, it shows you how many times your mood changes which will surely make you smile.

One of the most popular names on this industry is Mood Struck color changing nail polish. Inspired by the retro fashion era, this nail polish gimmick is increasingly becoming a hit, especially to women who have a constant need for innovation and change. In this manner, the ladies will not have to buy a nail polish with a different color again since their needs are perfectly met.

solar active uv color changing nail polish


While one-color polishes still reign the most popular nowadays, color changing polishes are dramatically becoming a crowd’s favorite, especially to the youth who always have the eye for fun and exciting colors. They may not be suitable for professional settings like the workplace and business events, but the color lovers do not care. In fact, more and more of them are visiting the salons to choose among the wide array of polishes available.

Color changing nail polish provides the change and fun that most modern women are looking for these days. If you are one of them, you should definitely purchase a bottle or two today for you to enjoy the “magic” for yourself. It may be a bit pricey than regular polish, but the higher price is totally well worth it.

Basics Of Metallic Nail Polish

What are the benefits of having nail polish that is metallic? Metallic nail polish finishes make nails look like metal because of the shimmering look it gives the nails when the application is done. It differs from regular nail polish because of its natural shine unlike the ordinary polish where the shine is only achieved after clear varnish has been applied over it. Nail polish referred to as metallic is available in a variety of colors, not only the silver or gold that is quite popular. Furthermore, this type of nail polish is considered chic as well as modern and a favorite for women with long or short nails who want their nails to appear strong while attracting attention.

fancy navy blue metallic nail polish

Types Of Metallic Nail Polish

Among the wide variety of nail polishes that give a metallic finish, there are those that are popular and can be spotted on the fingernails of many women. These nail polish finishes are available in many stores whether online stores or at beauty stores in different malls and they include:

classy mirror metallic nail polish

  • Metallic Mirror Nail Polish This type of nail polish is highly reflective bringing out special effects of a metallic finish on the nails. The special effects include mirror shine, color-shifting effect and intensity of color that is attributed to the formula used in its creation.
  • Metallic Silver Nail Polish This type of nail polish brings out a silvery effect on the nails leaving them looking shiny. The silver metallic finish is popular among both younger and older women as it is can be worn for any occasion.
  • Metallic Gold Nail Polish This is a favorite of many women who would like their nails to look classy with a metallic finish. Gold is a color that is able to complement any type of outfit thereby making this particular nail polish a “must have” for any woman.

shining shimmery metallic light gold nail polish

Fashion Tips On Metallic Nail Polish

Although, nail polish that gives a metallic finish is a favorite of many women, it is important to know how to pair them up with various outfits and when to wear them.

  • Wear nail polish that is as close to your skin tone as possible, so that they can complement each other. However, there are times when a color that contrasts the skin tone is acceptable especially for younger girls.
  • Use subtle shades for everyday wear as brighter shades can be distracting when interacting with various people. Wear brighter shades when attending a party or when trying to make an impression on a date.
  • If possible, match your nail polish color with that of your eye shadow for a picture perfect look. However, shades like silver and gold can be used together as long as either shade is not overdone.
  • To create a unique nail color, you can apply more than one color of metallic nail polish on your nails.

molten silver metallic nail polish

Ultimately, having nail polish with a metallic finish is a “must have” for women who want to stand out and have a distinctive look whether at work or when attending a special event.