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Menstruation Cup

The use of menstruation cup has been increasing exponentially ever since they first surfaced in the market few years back. Although the sales figures were initially low, with more women getting acquainted with the use and mechanism of the menstruation cup, there was a swift rise in the number of women using the menstruation cup. Today, majority of working women prefer to use the menstrual cup during their period days.

natural choice menstruation cup

These are convenient to wear and do not cause any discomfort if worn properly. Unlike the tampons and pads, they do not cause any uncomfortable feeling and are generally smaller in size. The instead menstruation cup is a popular brand among the menstruation cups available in the market today. If you are someone who endures a rough working style each day, these cups are a perfect solution for you. If you still haven’t found an answer to the question as to what is a menstrual cup, you should visit the store yourself and take a look at them. You will find them in almost all health food stores although having no prior knowledge about them might leave you confused because of the different types of cups available in the store.

instead menstruation and fertility cup

We have already discussed about the instead cup, which happens to be the most demanded one in the market because of their fair price. You can also try the diva cup, which is apparently a reusable one. These cups are generally small in size and are placed inside the female genital at the time of menstruation. These are not designed to absorb the blood but just collect the blood into the cup. Hence they have been proven to be suitable for all kinds of working women irrespective of the type of work they do. One main disadvantage of using these cups is the messy part of removing these cups once the blood gets collected.

Of course, the pros of the cup are dominant over this single disadvantage of the cups. Moreover, you might initially find it hard to place them properly but subsequent attempts will surely refine the accuracy of the placement. If you haven’t tried them, you should give them a try as soon as possible. Many women find it difficult to switch from the usual tampons and pads over to using these cups and in some cases, they are just ignorant to try them out because of lack of confidence in using them.