How To Wash Rubber Shoes

Sometimes, people think that washing rubber shoes tends to be too complicated and hard, but actually it is not. You need not have them washed in the laundry cleaner, because you can easily wash and clean them yourselves. You are about to discover how to wash rubber shoes, read on to discover how, step-by-step. Following these tips will help you to maintain your rubber shoes in good working condition.

Helpful Tips on How To Wash Rubber Shoes

Ways of Cleaning Your Rubber Shoes


  • Take the laces out of your shoes, and remove any excess dirt. You may also want to take out the inner soles off your shoes if you are going to be doing a lot of cleaning, to prevent them from getting wet and to enable faster drying. You can hose down your shoes or just take a cloth or paper towel and wipe your shoes down with some water to remove excess dirt.


  •  Clean the laces by either putting the laces in with your laundry and leaving them out to dry, or by putting the laces into a solution of 50% bleach and 50% water, then hanging them out to dry. Which option you choose will largely depend on how dirty your laces are. If they are too dirty, you may need to use bleach. Otherwise, use the washer. Once you’ve done this, you are ready to learn how to wash rubber shoes with a cleaning solution.


  • Choose a cleaning solution. There are several options for cleaning solutions you can choose from:
    • Toothpaste
    • Dishwashing Liquid
    • Hand Soap
    • Commercial Shoe Cleaning Products
    • Tire cleaner
    • WD40
    • Furniture Polish
    • Olive oil


  • Choose your weapon! Okay now you are almost ready to clean your rubber shoes. We all know that mens water shoes can get dirty so guys if this is you, get a strong brush. Any of the following scrubbing tools will work well for you:
    • Toothbrush
    • Kitchen Scrubber (used for washing dishes, works fine for shoes, too)
    • Cloth


The important thing to remember with rubber is that you don’t want something too harsh. Yet, it must also be strong enough to get in-between the cracks of your rubber shoes. So look at your rubber shoes, if the rubber is especially soft, go with a cloth. If it has a lot of cracks or small creases in it, use a toothbrush or kitchen scrubber.

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  • Apply your cleaning solution. Now you want to put the cleaning solution you’ve chosen onto your “weapon” or scrubbing tool and get ready to clean your shoes. You should start with a little bit and continue working your way up to more cleaning solution. The reason is this: If you are using a lot of cleaning solution right away, then the dirt is going to go all over the place. A better tactic is to start with a bit of cleaning solution, clean, then add more, and repeat. Doing this will allow you to clean faster and get a cleaner shoe with less effort. Now you’ve almost learned how to wash rubber shoes. Let’s go on to the most important part.


  • Scrub away! You want to work in small circular motions. Large motions just move dirt around. Scrub the dirt off from one side to another, making your way across the shoe. The idea here is scrub, clean, rinse and repeat. You should clean, then add more solution, then clean. Doing so will give you the best result with the least amount of effort. Start on one side of the shoe and clean it piece by piece. This will prevent dirt from getting back onto areas you have already cleaned.


Remember to work in circular motions, as this is the optimal way to get all of the dirt out. Straight motionsleave little scratches and do not get all the dirt out. A circular motion, on the other hand, will keep a consistent and polished look to your newly cleaned shoe, along with removing all of the dirt, in the most efficient way possible.

Now, you have learned how to wash rubber shoes. Now just rinse them with water, hang them out to dry, and your done! Now you can enjoy your beautiful shoes.

What to Look for in Crosstraining Shoes

There are a number of tips one should bear in mind when choosing training shoes. For the people who do not know what to look for in crosstraining shoes, this can be a grueling task. You will want the best shoes for training; hence, get enough information to ensure you land on the best.

Getting The Best Tips on What to Look for in Crosstraining Shoes

Tips on Choosing Quality Crosstraining Shoes

  • First on what to look for in crosstraining shoes: Lateral SupportThe best crosstraining shoes will have more lateral support when it comes to side-to-side movement. They should also have a deeper tread to guarantee comfortable trail running or hiking. You should buy what will not injure you, and if the lateral support lacks, injuries to your foot are likely to occur.
  • Price is a factor in relation to what to look for in crosstraining shoesYou will need the best training shoes at a pocket friendly price. The most important thing here is the best shoes, not the most expensive ones. Price will however not spell quality, and if a shoe is good and cheap, buy it. Cheap can be expensive too, and as much as you would want to buy cheap ones, refrain from the extreme cheap, it could be they are not quality.
  • Another on what to look for in crosstraining shoes: the Bigger SizeThe crosstraining shoes you choose should not fit tightly. When trying your shoes on, ensure you can fit the index finger between the front of the shoe and the longest index finger. You might find that one of your legs is bigger than the other, which means you should choose your shoe in relation to it, and not the smaller one.
  • Minimum Slippage: important in knowing what to look for in crosstraining shoesAfter putting you shoe on, lace it up firmly then place your foot on a flat surface. You should press downward to keep your shoe from moving, and then try sliding your foot forwards and backwards. The shoe should offer minimumor no slippage at all, in terms of the foot inside the shoe and the shoe on the floor.
  • Leather uppers are a must in what to look for in crosstraining shoesLeather uppers provide maximum ankle support. This is important especially if an individual will be doing his training on uneven terrain. The best would be mid-profile leather upper. They should also have a synthetic mesh to keep both insects and perspiration away.


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As a person out to purchase crosstraining shoes, you should also consider:

  • the socks you will wear when training;
  • the brands for the shoes, as each brand may offer a different model and design which might be better;
  • the weight of the shoes, as it should not make you tired;
  • the shoes’ wide cushioned sole for stability and comfort; and
  • the comfort.

Other than mens crosstraining shoes, trendy mens water shoes should also be chosen with care. Remember they should protect you as you run through terrain including rivers, rocky beaches, and streams, and the shoes you choose should be ideal for each terrain. They should provide you maximum safety and at the same time give you ample tread, to ensure you enjoy a variety of water activities comfortably.

Cheap Shoes Up For Grabs

Are you shopping for your next pair of sneakers, best mens water shoes or cheap skate shoes? Do you want to find quality shoes at a price that won’t ruin your monthly budget? Learn the tricks of the trade for finding cheap shoes. Finding cheap shoes, like cheap shoes for women, is probably easier than you expect. With a bit of research and time to devote to finding cheap shoes online, you’ll never have to pay full price for another pair of shoes again.

Choosing The Best Cheap Shoes Online

Best Times to Find a Shoe Sale

When you look for cheap shoes on sale, you’ll want to stay flexible, since you likely won’t find the exact pair of shoes you want. Since the stock will be picked over, there will be a limited amount of styles, sizes and colors. If you’re okay with trying on several different kinds of shoes and don’t have your heart set on one type, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

There are some times that are better for looking for a sale than other times. Consider the following:

  • Shop for shoes during their off-season. For example, the best time to buy cheap winter boots is during the summer, when last season’s styles are on sale.
  • Big sale times during the year usually occur around the holidays. If possible, wait until after Christmas to go shopping, when just about everything will be discounted.
  • No matter what time of the year it is, if you want last year’s shoes, you’ll always be able to find them on sale.


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Random Sales in Department Stores

Regularly check back with your favorite department stores to see if they have an unexpected shoe sale going on. Often, department stores will over-order shoes and then need to get rid of the surplus supply. The shoes will go on sale randomly just so the store can lower their abundance of shoes.

Outlet Shopping

Some of the best places to find cheap shoes is at outlet stores. Almost all of the stock at an outlet store is discounted and there will be a ton of options to choose from. Even if they’re only offering last year’s shoes, they’ll have them in a variety of sizes and colors. Search on the Internet for outlet stores of your favorite department stores and small shops. Everyone from Lord and Taylor to Tommy Hilfiger has outlet shops. Usually, outlet stores are all grouped together in one shopping outlet.

Getting the Right Running Shoes

If you’re in the market for your next pair of running shoes, do your homework before spending big bucks on a new pair. Finding the best running shoes for your lifestyle is important if you want to protect your ankles and legs from injury. From mens water shoes to barefoot running shoes, there are a lot of options out there.

Finding The Perfect Running Shoes

Knowing Your Foot Type

The type of feet you have has a lot to do with the running shoes you should choose. Most salespeople should know how to figure out what type of foot you have and find the perfect running shoes for you. If you want to figure out your foot type on your own, look at the shape your footprint leaves in sand.

There are three main types of feet:

  • Flat Feet:

Flat feet don’t have any arch. Your foot will be completely flat, from your toes to your heel. With the sand print test, your footprint will be a blog, without any curve from your toe to your heel.

  • High Arches:

High arches are pretty self explanatory. With the footprint test, the middle part of your foot will look super skinny.

  • Normal Feet:

A normal pair of feet will have a slight arch. With the footprint test, the inward curve of your arch shouldn’t be more than 3/4 of an inch.

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Shopping for Your Foot Type

The type of feet you have will determine the type of running shoes you should buy.

  • For Flat Feet:

People whose feet are flat often find their feet rolling inwards while running. You’ll need a shoe that keeps you stable. Look for shoes that have motion control. You may want to insert orthotics into your sneakers, too.

  • For High Arches:

People whose feet have high arches often find their feet rolling their outwards while running. Opt for sneakers with a soft midsole to absorb shock. Look for running shoes that say “flexible” or “cushioned” in the description.

  • Normal Feet:

There are a wide variety of shoes made for people with normal feet. Just don’t choose any that are specifically designed to combat a foot problem.

Running Shoes User Reviews

Find user reviews for any type of running shoes you’re interested in. For example, if you want a pair of Brooks running shoes, head over to the website and see what shoppers are saying. Pay attention to repetitive comments, both positive and negative. Chances are that if several people are having the same experience, you will too.

Mens Water Shoes – Built For Extreme Water Sports

Mens water shoes are outdoor shoes suitable for wet conditions; whether it be for hiking, fishing or undertaking other water sports. With specialized exercise clothing, like these shoes, it is best to buy quality over versions of cheap shoes. Consider it an investment in your comfort and safety. Well-made mens water shoes will also last so much longer than cheaper versions, and may even come with a guarantee.

Vibram Mens Water Shoes Size 15

The large range of mens water shoes is somewhat mind-boggling. The different water shoe styles reflect varying suitability for a variety of water sports and related activities. When you are doing your research before buying this type of shoe, consider what outdoor activities you are most likely to need them for. Do you kayak? White-water raft? Or are the water shoes for wearing when you are at the beach, on holidays? Outdoor, water-based activities that definitely benefit from wearing mens water shoes which include the following popular activities below.

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Activities Ideal For Mens Water Shoes

  • Fishing on rocks, or at the beach
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking / bushwalking
  • Rafting
  • Boating
  • Beachcombing

Regardless of the extremely large range available for purchase, the best mens water shoes will always give you the performance and function you are looking for which should be more than just being waterproof. The following qualities below should be experienced in any footwear claiming to be a pair of mens water shoes.

Choosing The Best Mens Water Shoes

Features Mens Water Shoes Must Have

  • Keep feet dry and comfortable
  • Provide exceptional grip (for instance: when walking over wet rocks or other slippery surfaces) to prevent slipping
  • Have a sole designed to keep you steady on your feet, no matter what the surface
  • Be made from durable, quality materials
  • Support and cushion the feet
  • Keep feet safe from cuts and scrapes, on rocks, mussels and other sharp items
  • Be adequately flexible and versatile in different water environments
  • Dry off quickly after exposure to water, including ports to let water run out speedily and efficiently
  • Have a breathable design
  • Be quick and easy to pull on, and easy to take off afterwards. This is a fine line; the design must allow for a very comfortable and snug fit, whilst allowing enough room to permit the foot to escape effortlessly, as needed


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The starting price of a high-quality pair of mens water shoes seems to be around the $70 mark compare to most running shoes which is cheaper. Realistically, though, you may pay something more like $150 on average – unless you hunt down some good discounts and sales. You may ask yourself if they are worth the initial outlay; but if you regularly partake in wet outdoor activities, the answer is surely a resounding “Yes”.

Buying a pair of mens water shoes will not only increase your ease of mobility and provide wonderful protection for your feet, they will give you the confidence to focus on the activity at hand, and enjoy the great outdoors more fully. The price of mens water shoesis a small price to pay when you consider the bigger picture; such as the cost of potential health care after slipping, or cutting your feet on sharp rocks when not wearing them.

Size-wise, mens water shoes made by most brands, including Teva, Bodyglove and Vibram, tend to start at size 4. If you have a larger foot, it is possible to purchase mens water shoes size 14 and larger online. Some brands even go up tomens water shoes size 15(in some cases, up to size 17) including Keen and Adidas.