How To Use Medela Swing Breast Pump

The Medela swing breast pump is a bestselling product very reputed among various working mothers. It is appreciable that many mothers are coming forward to breast feed their babies even though they have to stay away from them for most part of the day. These mothers should learn how to use Medela swing breast pump safely. They should maintain their pumping equipment properly in a hygienic way to stay safe and to keep their baby problem free.

The Benefits of Medela Swing Breast Pump

How To Clean Medela Swing Breast Pump

Sterilizing the funnel daily is the first important cleaning procedure. Since the funnels and the breast shields come in contact with the nipples directly, it is advisable to keep them very clean. Another important step in learning how to use Medela swing breast pump is its cleaning procedure. Plastic bottles can be cleaned with warm water and a teaspoon of salt. Allow the water to pass through the tube well.

Clean it with warm water without salt twice after this procedure to remove any salt imprints in the equipment. Don’t ever use soaps or other washing agents for the first six months, unless they are prescribed by the doctor. It might cause allergy to the mother. Glass bottles can be cleaned simply with boiling water. Use small brushes to clean the layered top and flush the tubes well using the pumps with warm water.

Medela Breast Pump Storage

The bottles and the tube which store the milk are manufactured using surgical quality plastic or glass. Storing breast milk in them is absolutely safe. Learn the instruction guide on how to use Medela swing breast pump for storage well. Breast milk can be stored up to six hours in normal room temperature in the Medela bottles. They can be stored in refrigerator for about 8 to 10 hours usage and stored in deep freezer for days.

Tips on How To Use Medela Swing Breast Pump

Medela Breast Pump Care And Mothers Hygiene

It is not enough to keep the pumps alone clean. Mothers have to take care of their personal hygiene to a certain extent before using the pumps. Use a wet tissue to wipe out sweat or other dirt from the breast well before inserting the funnel. Clean the dripping drops and insert a shield immediately. Avoid wearing very tight clothes or bras, which might cause scratches or small wounds in the nipples. Sometimes wounds caused through baby bites might bleed. Take proper care to remove the medicine applied on such wounds before using the pump funnels. The poisonous antibiotics mixed with milk might cause several stomach problems to your baby.

Learning how to use Medela swing breast pump hygienically is an easy task for all the mothers who care for their babies. It is just that the already tired mothers should take some extra efforts to make sure their pumping paraphernalia are cleaned and maintained properly for their own and their baby’s benefit.

Medela Breast Pump Types

Breast pumps are a boon to working mothers who have to leave behind their infant babies under the care of their nanny or caretaker. Responsible and educated women who do not want their baby to miss the privilege of drinking their milk, and cannot compromise their career too, use quality objects to pump milk from their body and store it in a proper way. Medela is a famous breast pump producing company well known among such career oriented mothers. Medela breast pump types can be widely categorized into electric and manual breast pumps based on their operative mode.


New Medela Swing Breast Pump

Three Basic Medela Pump Types

Medela pump types can be classified into three based on their models. They are the following:

  • Freestyle pumps: They are electric pumps giving you the freedom to use your leg to pump or simply to se an electrical outlet to pump milk and stay hands free.
  • Medela swing breast pump: They are electrical pumps too, but cannot be used manually.
  • Pump in style Medela pumps: Manual breast pumps that give the mother the freedom to pump at her own pace using her hand or leg.


Features Of Medela Breast Pumps

Though Medela breast pump types are classified widely on their types and operative modes, most mothers simply categorize them as electrical and manual pumping machines. The features of most of these machines are nearly the same.

  • They are made of high quality products, which do not give the mother any discomfort. The soft funnel and the streamlined movements of the pump replicate the exact sucking movement of a baby.
  • Nearly all the Medela breast pump types come with a separate storage, which contains all the necessary pumping items. So, the mothers can pump and store the milk in the office premises and bring it back safely to the child.
  • Most of the models come accompanied with special breast shields and neck or shoulder straps to hold the pump and the bottle in place.


All About Medela Breast Pump Types

Benefits Of Using Medela Breast Pump

All the Medela breast pump types are made of high quality products. They are clinically tested using stringent processes to ensure they are absolutely safe to use. There is no need to worry whether the electrical pump will harm the mother or operate beyond control. The funnels are made of high quality rubber, which will not irritate or cause any discomfort to the mother’s already sensuous nipples.


Medela swing electric breast pump is the bestselling model. This pump, well known to several working mothers is now enriched with several new improvements. If you are planning to give your baby the best stored breast milk, use various Medela breast pump types to do the same. You won’t regret you decision in any way.


Medela Breast Pump Accessories

Medela breast pump accessories are convenient and economical for mothers who don’t have the money to buy a brand new set. Ever since the products and accessories have been introduced on the market as breastfeeding aids, Medela has become one of the trusted names. Read on to find out about the different types of accessories.

Top Quality Medela Swing Breast Pump and Accessories

Different Types Of Breast Pump Accessories

Breast pumps are essential tools for women who are nursing, especially when they are always busy and cannot stay with their babies all the time. Although Medela is a brand that is well-known for comfort and durability, it’s still possible that several daily uses will cause problem. Since this manufacture is aware of this, there are Medela breast pump accessories designed to cater to this need.

Medela is offering a wide collection of accessories for pumping and storing milk. Some of these accessories include:

  • Medela Freestyle breast pump accessories;
  • Medela pump and storage bags;
  • Medela Easy Expression hands-free pumping bustier;
  • Medela breast shield kit;
  • Medela breast pump tubing; and
  • Medela storage and pumping bottles.


The Medela Breast Pump Accessories Tubing

There are many different models of breast pumps available from this brand and pump tubing is designed for all of them. All the models have a specific number, such as 8007215 tubing number for the Swing Breast Pump. Those who are using the Medela Swing breast pump can look for the tubing accessories with this number.

Buy Affordable Medela Breast Pump Accessories

When it comes to the breast pump tubing accessories, Medela tubing cannot be compared to other brands because they are well-built and sturdier. Here are some of the reasons why most mothers prefer these Medela breast pump accessories:

  • The tubing is much easier to clean. With proper care and cleaning, it’s possible to save money on replacement costs.
  • This accessory is a very essential part of the breast pump.
  • Whether the tubing is damaged or lost, a replacement can be ordered easily online.
  • It is really inexpensive to buy this replacement part, but it’s unlikely that it will get damage or even stop working if its cared for properly.

One thing is for sure, the Medela Swing breast pump parts and accessories can make breastfeeding and the extraction of milk easier and more convenient. In fact, mothers hardly encounter problems with the accessories and parts when they opt for this popular brand.

If you are a first time or an experienced mother, there is no doubt that you will benefit a lot when you are using one of the Medela breast pumps. What’s more, you can find a variety of pump accessories or spare parts readily available on the market. This means that nothing should prevent you from breastfeeding and giving your baby the right nutrition. Just remember that Medela breast pump accessories will make breastfeeding more stress-free and relaxing.

Medela Breast Pump Parts

There are Medela breast pump parts available on the market, so you don’t have to worry when you need a replacement. This means that you can find the ideal solution if a part becomes loose on your breast bump and this makes it uncomfortable while breastfeeding.

Get Medela Breast Pump Parts

Medela understands that every mother wants the best quality breast pump even if they are on a budget and this is why they make durable pumps with spare parts and accessories. In fact, most hospitals and mothers highly recommended that you buy Medela swing breast pump if you are looking for a quality product to use as an experienced or first-time mom.

Replacement Parts For Medela Breast Pump

You can find many different types of parts to choose from. Whether you are looking for a cleaning accessory or a battery, Medela swing breast pump replacement parts are available to not only make it easier for you to breastfeed but also offers flexible options for you to select the most appropriate parts. The following will highlight some of the parts that you can find.

  • Breast shield Connectors: You can use this part along with the personal fit breast shields. The connector is a built-in part for the standard size breast shield.
  • Personal Fit Breast Shields: You can find these in many different sizes to fit your breast nipple. The small size is 21 mm; the medium size is 24 mm; large size is 27 mm; extra large 30 mm and XX large sizes. You will need these Medela breast pump accessories and parts if you want to be more comfortable while breastfeeding.


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  • Collection Bottle: You can buy the 5 or 8 oz collection bottle. These bottles are made with a curve shape with ounce markings in lavender or turquoise colors. The bottle can be attached to any Medela breast pump when you want to extract milk from your breast. The 8 oz bottle is made with a design that is relatively new, so if you are buying one of these Medela breast pump spare parts you have to ensure that it can fit your existing bottle stand.
  • Medela Conversion Kit: You can buy this kit if you want to convert one of the Medela pump parts to a manual pump. This will come in handy if you are using it with a Medela Lactina Pump, as the cylinder and piston are designed so that you can use it daily. The design will allow you to screw the part unto the back section of a breast shield connector. By attaching one of these Medela breast pump parts to a bottle and a breast shield connector, you will get a manual pump.


In conclusion, if you want to buy one of the battery operated breast pumps but you are on a tight budget, you should definitely consider this brand. The Medela swing breast pump has a small size, so you can carry it around everywhere in your purse or handbag. There are additional resources available if you want to learn more about Medela breast pump types and parts