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Types Of Skirt and Information on Each

Skirts define the very essence of a woman. They are fun, flirty, can be worn for any occasion and can match any outfit. Skirts have evolved for so many years. They are now fashion statements and are available in different types. For you to be well-versed with skirts, this article will be discussing the different types of skirt.

What is a Skirt?

A skirt is basically just a tube-shaped garment of clothing which hangs down from the waist. Skirts are a very versatile item of clothing which can make the wearer feminine, flirty, sophisticated, stylish, warm, sexy, prim, and proper. It all depends on how it is made, the design, and the way it hangs on the body.

To get a better idea of how different skirts make different statements, we have created a list below of some of the most popular skirt styles. We also give an indication of the type of vibe each skirt will give off when worn, as well as some occasions that might suit each skirt type.

Types of skirt

The following are the common and popular skirt types that you commonly see women wear.

Pencil Skirt

Also known as straight skirt for its straight cut, pencil skirt is slim fitted and can be worn below or above the knees. This skirt style can be worn to the office, dinner and fancy events.

types of skirt styles

A-Line Skirt

This skirt is basically shaped like the letter A, hence its given name. It is fitted at the waist and opens up towards the bottom. This type of skirt can be worn short or long and is appropriate for the workplace and casual dates. It is a classic skirt style and is one of the most popular types of skirt.

Fitted Skirt

As the name indicates, this is a skirt which is fitted to the shape of the body from the waist to the hips. A pencil skirt falls into this category. This is a very flattering skirt and really shows off the figure. These types of skirt would be perfect for a romantic date or a fancy evening out with friends.

Drindl Skirt

A drindl skirt is a straight cut skirt which gathers at the waist. The fullness around the waist gathering is fitted with a waistband so that it sits comfortably on the waist without the risk of it falling down. This is a great event skirt which would also go down well as a party skirt.

Tiered Skirt

A tiered skirt is one in which the fabric is layered all the way down the skirt. This gives it an appearance as if it has been made up of different tiers. It usually gives the skirt a ruffled, layered look which can be very dressy and feminine. A tiered skirt is a popular choice as it can be worn both casually and for dressier occasions. It also works on a lot of different body types and can be found in many different styles, lengths, and fabrics to suit basically any preference.

Layered Skirt

Slightly different to a tiered skirt, a layered skirt is made up of ruffled fabric pieces which are arranged one on top of the other to form a classic skirt shape. This type of skirt can be worn both casually and for dressier occasions. They often come in different types of materials and lengths so you can find the right layered skirt depending on where you are going to wear it.

Circle Skirt

A circle skirt is a very full skirt which tends to be fitted at the waist. The fabric of the skirt resembles a circle with a hole in it, hence the name circle skirt. These tend to be quite casual skirts, but can be worn on dressier occasions depending on what it is styled with. A circle skirt tends to be worn quite high on the waist and goes well with a top tucked into it.

Gored Skirt

This type of skirt is paneled with different sections of fabric which give it fullness which comes into an A-line silhouette. These types of skirt tend to be fairly short and go great when attending fancy events or going out on nights out with friends.

Godet Skirt

This type of skirt has a triangular piece of fabric inserted into the body of the skirt to give it some fullness and shape. This is a great summer skirt and it offers a lot of freedom. They can come in many different materials and patterns to suit every taste.

Trumpet Skirt

A trumpet skirt is fitted at the waist and remains fitted until the bottom hem where it then flares slightly. These skirts are great for wearing to the office, for casual outings, or for casual nights out with friends.

Wrap Skirt

A wrap skirt is a one-piece item of fabric which is wrapped around the body. It overlaps and is fasted using a button closure or with ties, depending on the style. These skirts are great for summer and usually tend to be worn casually.

Divided Skirt

A divided skirt tends to be quite flowy with wide flares, however, it is actually divided into two legs similar to pants. It is worn like pants but gives the illusion of being a skirt. These are great for casual spring and summer days or work great as a skirt for wearing around the office.

Pleated Skirt

As the name suggests, this skirt is defined by its pleats, which basically are folds forming the skirt to add fullness to it. It is comfortable to wear and appropriate for movies and lunch dates. It usually starts fitted at the waist or hips and then flows outwards due to the pleats.

Asymmetrical Hem Skirt

These types of skirt have a hem which looks asymmetrical. An example of an asymmetrical skirt is a handkerchief skirt, which looks as if you are holding down a handkerchief pinching in the center, and then has corners which hang down. This is a very flattering style of skirts and is great for parties, weddings, and other dressier events.

Bubble Skirt

A bubble skirt has a puffy silhouette just about the hemline, and then the hem gathers inward with an elastic casing. This forms a kind of bubble shape, hence the name bubble skirt. This type of skirt is great for casual events and parties.

Yoke Skirt

A yoke skirt consists of two parts. It has a yoke above the skirt and then the actual skirt below. The yoke can be all different kinds of shape including round, triangular, or even asymmetrical. These types of skirt can also be called hip huggers as the yoke is fitted around the hips. This type of skirt can be gathered or pleated. It is a great skirt for dressier events or a fancy date.

Tulip Skirt

As the name suggests, a tulip skirt takes the shape of an inverted tulip flower. This type of skirt has overlapping panels in the front of the skirt. This results in an irregular hem due to the way the panels overlap. These skirts tend to be wider in the middle than the waist or hem areas. These skirts are great for a summer day.

Maxi Skirts

Patterned from the maxi dress, these skirts are long and free-flowing. They are comfortable and perfect for the summer because the material is lightweight. This type of skirt can be high-waisted and paired with a belt to complement a woman’s body.

Mermaid/Fishtail Skirts

Inspired by mythical mermaids, these skirts are tightly fitted around the hips and open out like a fishtail towards the bottom. They are fashionable and appropriate for red carpet events. The mermaid skirt compliments the hourglass shape of a woman.

maxi skirts outfits

Skort Skirts

These are skirts that have shorts underneath. They are ideal for sports, especially tennis and volleyball. They are usually short in length and they are also appropriate for the beach.

Sarong Drape Skirts

These are flirty skirts used for covering the bikini. Therefore, it is to be worn to beaches and for swimming. It is light and comfortable. A sarong is usually made up of a square piece of fabric which is then wrapped around the body to make a skirt.

Leather Skirts

As the name implies, this skirt is made of leather and is very popular and loved because of its visual appeal. It’s usually short and worn as a mini skirt. These are great for going on nights out with friends.

Full Skirts

It is known for its fullness at the waistband and having fine fabric. These are great skirts for fancier events as they look very elegant and stylish.

Skirt Lengths

Depending on the style of the skirt, the taste of the person wearing it, the cultural influence on the wearer, the body shape of the wearer, or perhaps even the event in which the skirt is being worn, the length and height of a skirt can vary greatly. Below are the different types of length that you will find of most skirts.

  • Micro Mini – This type of skirt ends literally just one inch below your bottom. This is an extremely short skirt, the shortest kind.
  • Mini – A mini skirt ends somewhere in the middle of the thigh of the wearer.
  • Above Knee –  This is where the skirt length ends slightly above the knees.
  • Knee Length – A knee-length skirt sits right on the knees.
  • Cocktail – A cocktail-length skirt will end someone between just below the knee and the middle of the calf
  • Midi – This style of skirt ends someone between the knee and the ankle
  • Long or Maxi – This skirt is usually between right below the middle of the calf to the lower calf. These skirts are usually within ten inches of the floor.
  • Formal Evening or Full-Length – This skirt is usually within one inch of the floor.
  • Floor Length – This type of skirt drags along the floor or grazes the floor.

Skirts are diverse in style and the different types of skirt appeal to women for various reasons. Skirts have been designed to flatter and capture the beauty of a woman.

Types of Skirt: Conclusion

As you can see, there are many different types of skirts, even more than featured on this list. Skirts come in all different shapes and sizes and all different patterns and styles. What is your favorite style of skirt? Which types of skirt do you currently own? We would love to hear your thoughts on the different types of skirt. Leave us a comment in the comments section below this article.

Useful Fashion Guide in Wearing Long Skirts

Don’t let miniskirts have all the fun. Longer skirts can be just as fun and stylish. This trend is strong in Hollywood, where some of the A-list favorite celebrities are taking this trend and running with it. Longer skirts can be a great alternative to wearing pants. Perhaps you’re a little scared about trying this length, don’t be. Fashion is about taking risk, so be bold and have fun with this trend. There are tons of creative ways to play up longer skirts. Most of the pieces are in your closet already. Here is your fashion guide in wearing long skirts.

useful fashion guides and tips in wearing long skirts

  • Just like any piece of clothing, longer skirts come in different colors, patterns, textures and fabric. Another important point to think about is keeping a balance. The scale of the look is important. You don’t want to wear a loose fitting top with a flowing skirt. The look doesn’t do anything for your shape. For skirts that are cut closer to the body, try wearing a top that is form fitting. No outfit is complete without shoes. With longer skirts, heels are your friend. However, most long skirts look great with sandals, flats and boots.
  • Think about what look you are trying to portray. A simple way to style up this trend would be to color block. Color blocking has been strong for a couple of seasons. For a brunch with the girls, try pairing a white top with a pink skirt. Accent the look with a locket, stud earring and a few gold bracelets. In the fall, longer skirts are perfect.

maxi skirts outfits

  • Take your look to the next level with your personal style by layering. Add an infinity scarf along with a safari style vest and top the look off with ankle boots. Play with textures. Leather was all over the run way for fall. Try finding a faux long skirt, paring it with a silk top. Pair the look with a faux fur vest and statement making boots. Longer skirts can be dressed up. Opt for a sheer fl fabric and a sequin fitted jacket.

Maxi skirts are a fun fashion trend that everyone should try. It is a great addition that can be just as fashionable as a mini skirt. Your fashion guide in wearing long skirts should reflect your personality. Stick with what makes you look flattering and feel good. You can enhance your look by adding unique accessories. Now grab your check book and go shopping for a few long skirts.