The Diversity of Coffee Flavors

A Peek into the History of Coffee Drinking

Coffee is a drink sipped by millions of people around the world. It was discovered in the 15th century by the Muslims in Middle East. It soon spread to India, China and Italy. The African, South American and Asian countries situated below the equator grow coffee. Coffee was consumed in its original format with or without milk for centuries. But, there are hundreds of coffee flavors in the world today. Thanks to Starbucks, Nestle and several other similar organizations which developed their own new coffee flavors.

With the improvement in the modern coffee making machinery, Espresso coffee became popular in several countries. Drawing exclusive designs on them also adds to the attraction. So, now we have something to taste and look at. The popular coffee flavors in one country might not do well in another country, or with different age ranges. Examples are:

different coffee flavors

  • Traditional black coffee is still preferred by some, but most of the youngsters like a cream filled yummy cappuccinos better than black coffee.

  • Black coffee is preferred by most of the Americans; while Asian countries prefer adding little coffee to a huge bottle of milk. Coffee without milk is a terrible flop there.

Why do Coffee Flavors Vary?

  • Coffee flavors vary distinctly based on the bean used. Brazilian coffee beans are considered the best so far. The country dominates the coffee production market for decades. Their high quality, robust coffees are elite society people’s favorite drink.

  • Chefs around the world also keep inventing new coffee flavors every day.

  • Recipes for hundreds of coffee flavors are found online. The instant mixes to create them are also present nearly everywhere. In short, coffee is the tasty elixir of the 21st century.

Famous International Coffee Flavors

The taste of the espressos and cappuccinos enthralls the whole world with their tempting aroma and beautiful color. Apart from the usual coffee flavors stacked in the supermarkets there are some international bestsellers.

To list a few famous flavors we can mention:

best international coffee flavors

  • Almond flavor

  • Chocolate coffee

  • Brazilian crunch

  • Cinnamon

  • Vanilla

  • Jamaican

  • Hazelnut

  • Hawaiian

  • Mocha and

  • Irish cream

List of coffee flavors doesn’t end here. There are thousands of sub varieties in each flavor listed above. There are several types of cream and chocolate coffee flavors in the world. Similarly, vanilla and cinnamon coffee are also prepared in numerous different ways. Nearly any fruit or spice can be added with the original coffee blend to create unique tasting latte. Pumpkin spice coffee is one such item created using fresh pumpkin puree. It is famous all over the world for its slightly sour and sweet taste.