LG Steam Washer

With energy ratings 115% better than the current federal regulations, the LG steam washer line of clothes washing machines offers exceptional performance, reduced cost and stunning aesthetics. With capacities ranging from three to five cubic feet, finding a washer to fit your needs is easy. TrueSteam technology promises easy wrinkle removal, thorough cleaning and quick sanitation solutions for various clothing items that traditional clothes washers would ruin. All of this comes from a company with a reputation for quality and innovation that you can trust.

Depending on the exact LG steam washer model chosen, there are a variety of features and options from which to choose. Common features to most models include the following technologies listed below.

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Various Features Of LG Steam Washers

  • NeveRust Stainless Steel Drums

  • Direct Drive Motors

  • TrueBalance Anti-Vibration Technology

  • TrueSteam Technology

  • High-speed Spin Cycles

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  • Allergiene Allergen Removal System

  • SenseClean

  • Multiple Washing Programs

  • Multiple Temperature Settings

  • Sanitation Cycle

  • Wash Delay timer

  • Electronic Control Panel with LED Display

  • Stackable Design

With so many bells and whistles, reading the LG steam washer manual can provide help in getting the most of your LG washer. From the various wash cycles and technologies to fabric selections and delay timers, keeping the manual around provides an easy reference when you need to change settings. While these washers provide great results with default settings, learning how to use all the settings can provide astonishing results.

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LG and many popular online retailers offer plenty of LG steam washer review entries to research the model you are considering purchasing. While a few people have noted issues with the electronics on some units, most people are thrilled with their purchase. With LG’s reputation and awards from JD Power and Associates, this is no surprise. If you ever have a problem, these reviews can provide helpful insight on some LG steam washer problems.

These washers are the latest technology. While a LG steam washer offers a bounty of features and technology, this is not your grandmother’s 30-year-old washing machine. With the water savings and advanced features come some minor differences in usage from traditional machines. The following tips can help to minimize LG steam washer problems and provide outstanding, consistent results for years to come.

Tips In Using LG Steam Washers Efficiently


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  • Always use High-Efficiency detergent with your LG steam washer. With the reduced water usage of the washer, regular detergent will not rinse away properly. This results in build-up within the washer and a sticky, dingy feeling to clothing.

  • Use a proper amount of detergent. Load-sensing technology in most models makes figuring out how much detergent to use a breeze.

  • Load clothes individually and evenly. Modern washers feature spin cycle speed in excess of 1200 revolutions-per-minute. While this creates exceptionally clean clothes and wrings out more moisture, it can make the drum more susceptible to off-balanced loads.

  • Use the proper setting for the fabrics you are washing. While many settings are safe for general use, delicate fabrics can be damaged if the wrong cycle is used.