Various Types Of Thongs To Choose From

Thongs have become very popular form of inner wear for the modern woman. This is because they are light and convenient and they do not show over the clothes. As clothes get more and more form fitting and body hugging, one cannot afford to wear regular undies with thermal pants as this will bring great shame. This is why thongs have become a hot favorite. There are several types of thongs and listed below are some of them.

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Types Of Thongs

  • Lace Thongs
    These are very popular especially for those women who wear pants. This is because they never show over the clothes and they are also great intimate wear. They give a very sexy image and they are a hot favorite for evenings out for most women. Lace types of thongs usually have a mesh rear to ensure that they are as inconspicuous as possible. They are also modeled to hug the body as closely as possible. There are several kinds of lace including the eyelet lace and the flowery lace.
  • Cotton Thongs
    Apart from their comfortable nature, cotton thongs are very convenient for all day wear. These types of thongs are greatly absorbent and they do not cause uncomfortable friction. Cotton thongs are most commonly worn as bikini bottoms for the beach. The cotton will mostly be combined with a little lycra or any other elastic material for stretch. They are however very particular on size because they cannot stretch as much so getting a good fit is essential.
  • Silk Thongs
    For a long time silk thongs have been the most expensive of all lingerie with brands like Victoria Secret greatly capitalizing on this. Silk is a great material that gives the ultimate comfort and luxury feel. All women who value their sense of style love silk panties especially the thongs. White silk thongs are very desirable and they give a good feel. It is not easy to get silk thongs and they are definitely not made for the low end market although nowadays they have gone down a bit on the price. These are the most expensive types of thongs.
  • Sheer Fabric
    People love sheer thongs. These types of thongs are an indirect way of staying without any undies. This is mostly desirable in the hot summer weather when wearing too many clothes is just a bother. They are also great for wearing with sports gear especially if the color is the same as that of the skin. The most common brands that make them are Ongossamer and La Perla. They are made of mesh and one can figure out much of what is underneath. Ruffle detail on them is a great way to show some style.
  • G-String
    G-strings are only meant for the brave woman and they are much preferred for wearing inside formfitting trousers and skirts. This is because they do not show any panty line and so one can make the clothes as tight as they want to. Among all types of thongs these are the most revealing because they do not have a rear. They can either have a crotch or be crotchless. Some popular brands include Cosabella and La Perla.

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These are the types of thongs available in the market today. Choose based on your personal preference and the outfit that you’ll be wearing them to.

The most popular brands of lace underwear for women

Top Brands

There are several styles of lace underwear available in the market. However, what most women look out for are the brands. Here are the most popular brands of lace underwear for women:

worlds popula hanky panky lace

  1. Hanky Panky. These are by far the most common brands of lace undies, especially lace thongs, around. They are well modeled and form fitting and they give an excellent and flattering shape. One can get them in all colors especially red and brown and black. White lace is also very alluring and beautifully made. The lace is very tight and does not have to be revealing at all if one does not want it to. It almost appears opaque. They are made of nylon and spandex and needless to say they have enough stretch. These are popular brands of lace thongs and most women love them.
  2. Cosabella. They have the most beautiful floral lace thong and they have special designs. The low rise design is especially great because it ensures that the low rise clothing goes into it perfectly and so one does not have to spot telltale lines under the clothes. They have sewn in cotton crotch to ensure one is comfortable in it all through. The lace stretch sides ensure that it can fit any size of hips and so the sizes are mostly general. They have minimal rear coverage and so it is very hard for them to show over the other clothing.
  3. Victoria’s Secret. This is a household name when it comes to lingerie. They are the definition of style and chic. Their signature lace trim thong is very nice because it combines comfort and style in one. Their lace is unique and durable and this is the best brand for thongs.
  4. Betsy Johnson. If you want to go all the way in style with string side thongs, then this is the brand for you. They are also great on ruffles and so you will have the most uniquely designed thongs. The color ranges is also great and everyone will love them. They mostly have the sexy floral lace front and a mesh back that is light and airy. The side seams will not let you down because they are very flat and will never show over the clothes.
  5. La Perla. These are the most intimately-made pieces of lace thong for the modern woman. They are light and almost feel like a second skin. You will not get any lines on clothes from these for sure. These are popular brands of lace thong and every woman who likes style and romance blended must try it out. They have a sheer stretch mesh back panel that is just awesome.

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Womans Underwear: Styles and Shopping Tips

Womens underwear is available in a variety of styles and sizes from boy shorts, thongs, panties, underpants and granny panties. There are also different fabrics and colors that can match with different bras too.

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Popular Styles of Womens Underwear

Here, are some popular styles of underwear for women.

  • Bikini Underwear – This offers more rear coverage compared to a thong and has a shorter rise than briefs. There are low cut and high cut bikinis and string bikini as well. They are made of different fabrics, with cotton fabric mostly being used.
  • Womens Briefs – These are basic womens white cotton panties. High cut briefs are the most commonly worn underwear among women today.
  • Boyshorts – These are the preferred womens underwear for sports activities. They can be worn for sleeping among others. They offer more coverage on the rear and front than any other underwear. It minimizes the appearance of panty lines and tucks in quite comfortable below the belly button; therefore, giving your tummy a nice flat appearance.
  • Womens thong underwear – These is the perfect solution for today’s tight clothing. They are designed to hide away side seams. They do not leave panty lines. Once paired with the right bra, these thongs can make sexy lingerie. The fabrics used in seamless panties are modal, nylon and spandex. This type of underwear comes in many popular designs such as high cut thong and lace thong. Lace panties stretch just enough to fit every woman’s curves.

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With the different styles of underwear, variations of these have also been created. Womens thermal underwear provides warmth and comfort without being bulky. They keep the temperature regulated so you can go outside wearing it. You can wear thermal underwear and go out during cold seasons without feeling very cold.

Shopping Tips

When buying womens underwear, the following guide will be of great help.

  • Size – Choose underwear that fits you well. It should not be too tight or loose. Womens underwear sizes vary from small to XXXL. If you are of normal build, it is quite easy to get the right size because most of them are stretchable.
  • Style – Choose a style that will fit the appropriate occasion and clothes. For low cut jeans, thongs are preferred.
  • Material – Go for materials that are absorbent such as cotton. It helps to keep you dry and prevent odors.
  • Cost – Prices of womens underwear vary depending on various factors like the fabric used, design, style and brand. Go for underwear you can afford.

Choose quality underwear that would last longer and would bring you comfort. Be clean, comfortable and at ease with any of these womens underwear.

General Overview Of Womens Panties

Women first started wearing panties during the French revolution. The creation of cotton gins during the 18th century led to the production of cotton fabrics, and hence the mass production of cotton clothing, among them being the womens panties.

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Variations of Panties

Panties for women today, however, are more than just a bare necessity. They are a must have, and are able to tell a lot about what kind the woman is. There is a wide selection of womens panties in the market today some of which are:

  • Thongs – these are a sexy pair of women’s panties with thin sides and a very exposing backside, which exposes its wearer’s buttocks.
  • Classic granny panties – these panties are a must have for all ladies. They are very comfortable and not revealing at all. They are however not appealing to the eye.
  • French cut briefs – these womens panties sit above the hips of its wearers but close to the waist
  • Hipster panties – these types are the low waist panties and are commonly paired with low waist trousers where jeans is the most common.
  • Tanga panties – these are panties with the design of a bikini on the front side but on the back side, they expose a lot of your behind.
  • Bikini panties; these panties have thin and narrow sides but provide for full coverage of the backside.

The most preferred fabric of panties today is the womens cotton panties. This is because of their absorbent nature and the fact that it can withstand strong bleaches and disinfectants hence allowing for maximum hygiene. Cotton panties are also quite comfortable as a result of them being absorbent. The womens satin panties are also fast gaining popularity among the modern women today. These womens panties are comfortable, warm and absorptive, hence, have begun giving the cotton panties a competition. The satin material is quite cosy.

 best seller authentic cotton panty

Plus Size Availability

Plus size womens panties are today available all over the market. This is because of the great demand that there is for the plus size panties due to obesity, and also due to the large number of companies that make women underwear today.

The Sexy Thongs

The thong itself as a type of women’s panties is quite sexy and eye catching. The lace thong on the other hand is a type of thong for the women, only that it is trendier than your normal thong, more modern and more stylish, hence on greater demand. This panty may not be the most comfortable but it is the sexiest.

Womens panties are readily available in clothes stores and when looking for them, women need to consider cost, material and also size. It is a rule of thumb that these factors should be considered unless it’s not meant for you, then that’s another story.

Popular Types Of Lace Thongs

The awesome characteristic of a lace thong is that, it can make you feel sexy even when wearing casual T-shirts or clothing. Lace thongs are popular nowadays especially since the invasion of skinny jeans, leggings and tight skirts. It eliminates the unsightliness of panty lines you get when you wear regular granny panties.

wild prints lace thongs

Aside from being so seductive, it also makes you feel fresher because a lot of air can circulate around your bums making your skin to breathe more due to the G-string feature and the thin texture of the lace. The lace detail adds to the style of a low rise pants especially if it is peeping from your behind. Most of the lace thongs have an additional special detail on the back for this purpose.  One example of this is the lace up thong which is tied by a ribbon from behind, on the sides or at the front.

signature rolled pink lace thong

Popular Types Of Lace Thongs

Lace thong comes in many colors, designs and shape. There are many popular styles to choose from. Depending on your purpose, you choose the styles that best suit you.

  • Seamless Thong Panty. It is barely-there. You cannot see the seams. Plus, the fabric is tight fitting and thin that makes you think you are wearing nothing but your skin.
  • High Waist Lace Thong. If you are struggling with the bulge of your tummy and yet you want to wear a sexy lace thong, this type is for you. It will give your unwanted bulge an instant tuck. Your mid section will look firmer and toned.
  • G-String Lace Thong. This is the skimpy version of a lace thong. Instead of having a band on the waist as support, a stretchable string serves as the main hold of the thong and only a tiny low rise covering on the privates. This is very sexy and seductive at the same time.  The other name for this type is the T-back.
  • Ruffled Back Lace Thong. The back of the thong has a ruffle detail. This is best when you are planning to have a show. Because the ruffles are soft and do not bulge under your pants, you can still wear it under fitting jeans and skirts.

midnight delight black lace thong

Fashion Tips In Wearing Lace Thongs

Lace thong is really uncomplicated apparel. It goes well with every dress you choose. Here are some fashion tips of wearing it.

  • Nude Thongs. This goes well with white tight miniskirts and white leggings. It has the ability to hide itself under your skin. You look like you are not wearing anything at all. So, on dressy days, nude thongs are the best bet you can wear under your sexy dress.
  • Pink Lace Thong. It has a cute appearance. You can wear it under your leggings or under a matching pink chemise.
  • Black Lace Thong. It looks good under every outfit you choose. Black is a solid strong color. Most of the high waist lace thong girdle comes in this color.  If you want to have a thong that functions well under any type of dress, a black lace thong is a good choice.
  • Wild Prints Lace Thongs. This is every woman’s must-haves. Wild prints lace thongs make you feel sexy instantly and seductive even if you have gained some weight. It is like a magical wand that picks up your low unsexy day and transforms it into a sassy and flirty experience.

hanky panky red signature lace low rise thong

Top brands for lace thongs include Victoria Secret, Style Secret, Hanky Panky, Gilly Hicks and last but not the least, Target.

Fashion changes the styles of dresses that come every season but all types of underwear are here to stay. Whatever the design of your dress is, you must choose the right underwear to pair it with and you will never have fashion problem regarding accidentally showing garters and straps. Lace thongs are the choice if you want functional underwear with a sexy attitude