Diamond Watches Are Timeless Timepieces

Diamond watches are not just mere pieces of jewelry that are wrapped around the wrists. They speak of both class and elegance. Since they are made of one of the most exceptional and rarest piece of hard mineral, they can pass the test of time longer than any kind of watch. Depending on the clarity of the diamond used, they also hold the highest quality.

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Why are diamond watches unique?

It has been said time and again that “diamonds are forever“. If this is the case, then diamond watches are for a whole lifetime. Here are the reasons why they are long lasting and unique.

  • They don’t just serve as a simple timepiece so anyone can check on the time. They are the perfect statement of value, sentiment and style.
  • They are not just made out of stainless steels. They are crafted with one of the world’s finest mineral, diamond.
  • And since diamond watches can be pricey compared to other watches, only a few of the general population can own them.
  • They have never gone out of style even with the passage of time.

It has been mentioned that diamond watches can last forever. If so, then there are existing watches today that have been made many, many years back. These are commonly called as vintage watches. While owning watches from well- known brands such as the La Mer watches, including a timeless timepiece in one’s collection is acquiring a history far bigger than a person’s status-symbol dreams. These watches convey a unique sense of the past and rarity.

Must Have La Mer watches

History is not just the main reasons why you have to buy a vintage watch. There are three other reasons:

  • Style
  • value for money
  • Investment returns in times of financial uncertainty.

Vintage diamond watches are the ultimate style icons that you can take everywhere. And more often than not, they only cost a fraction of the price tags of their brand counterparts. Modern watches are mass produced, so when you walk along the street, there’s a good chance you’ll meet someone who has the same watch as yours. Vintage watches, on the other hand, are rare. They ooze individuality and unaltered charisma. These are the watches that would turn heads.

Vintage diamond watches speak of high quality craftsmanship. Modern watches have lost their financial value after a year or so because of the emergence of new models. On the other hand, vintage watches will have the same value as they have when they first left the factory. Since they retain their value, you would be able to sell them at the same price that you have bought them. In fact, the price can increase, which depends on the rarity of the watch and its iconic value.

Because of today’s aggressive marketing, replicas are found in every corner of the market. They can be very expensive. As a matter of fact, they can be pricier than the original vintage watches. Hence, always go for the original than the replica. Invest in even just one diamond watch and you will not regret doing so because diamond watches are timeless timepieces.

Basic Guide On Vintage Watch

It is true that a vintage watch is a very rare item. Initially, these gadgets were all over. However, with the contemporary inventions, many people forgot about them and concentrated on the new technological timers such as cell phones among other devices. After it dawned that vintage watches have become a rare commodity, people have now began looking for this item.

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Definition Of A Vintage Watch

  • This is a traditional watch that was made out of precious material that is rare in the contemporary society. Such watches were so precious and were worn by people in higher classes within the society. The designs of such watches were exclusive. Their traditional yet classic looks are second to none. Good examples of vintage watch are the La Mer watches.
  • Vintage is a term that refers to an ancient item whose value is still intact. Therefore, a vintage watch is one that possesses the antique features. As stated earlier, vintage watches are traditional devices with precious recognition in the current world. Though old, such watches still retain the value due to their exclusive appearance. This kind of watches is very rare yet on high demand.
  • The vintage watch is a unique item since its material and its mode of making is rare. For instance, it is so difficult to find a golden watch today. This is opposed to the ancient days when making a watch out of gold was a very easy and a less costly endeavor. In essence, vintage watches remain unique since they are far much higher in class compared to the contemporary watches.

Why Purchase A Vintage Watch

If you are an individual who fancies cozy or classy life then it’s inevitable that you need to get a vintage watch. It being a sign of class, you need to have one to be counted among the top guys. Apart from that, an individual who values the ancient beauty has to get this kind of device as it simply accords them that inner satisfaction.

How To Find The Vintage Watch

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There are numerous people looking for vintage watches. Unfortunately, some dealers are so unscrupulous to the extent of offering illegitimate vintage watches. This calls upon everyone interested in obtaining a vintage watch to embrace vigilance.

This can be achieved by seeking advice from friends who have had some interaction with sellers of this commodity. In the process of chatting, several names of both bad and good dealers shall crop up. It is important to note down such names as they could be instrumental in decision making.

When looking for a vintage watch, avoid rush since most watches have been designed to appear like vintage watches. With some research and rational approach in the buying process, you stand a chance of getting the best vintage watch.

Tips for Buying Ladies Watches

There are certain factors that a person must consider when it comes to looking for ladies watches. It is not practical when you just go and shop around. It is not that simple because you have to consider some factors so it will fit best with the person who will wear them. Even though you can find many watches that suit for everybody anywhere, if you are going to follow the guidelines of buying ladies watches on sale, you will find the perfect one.

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Here are some tips when choosing ladies watches:

  • If you want something that will stand in almost all situations, you might want to buy the shock resistant type. They are very tough and won’t crush or break easily. Most of the designs of this type are modern and able to withstand the elements for a long period of time. So, if the person who will wear it has a manual labor job, this is the best to buy.
  • If the lady who will wear it has an active lifestyle or loves the great outdoors, the sports watches are the best. Though she is feminine, she may want to wear a timepiece she can also use when she is working out.

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  • Most of you think that ladies watches are called fashion watches, which is somehow slightly correct. The ladies diamond watches are the best example of fashion watches. These watches are mostly worn on formal occasions. This kind represents elegance and glamour. Most of these watches are worn by adult women who like to splurge on their timepieces. However, you may want to work on your budget with this one since most of the prices are quite expensive.

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  • Online stores are the easiest way you can shop on almost all kinds of ladies watches. You can look for cheaper prices and look for the best brands. There is no limit for shopping online and you can even find valuable vintage ladies watches that are worthy gifts for women.
  • Know the personality of the woman you will give the watch to. Know what she likes, notice how she dresses, and be aware of her lifestyle. This way, you can select the perfect one that matches her character.

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These are some of the important notes to consider that will help you in shopping for ladies watches. If you are still boggled, bring someone with you so you can have a second opinion of which to buy. If you want some advice about the brand, La Mer watches are best for ladies fashion. The watches are truly made with a feminine flair to complement with their wardrobe collections.

Popular Brands of White Watches

People, especially women, would love to receive white watches as gifts. Watches are classy items that expresses the person’s self. You can give a watch as a gift for every occasion, even during someone’s graduation or birthday. White watches for women accentuate any outfit and are a great way to show people who you are. You can find women’s watches now that are designed with diamonds to enhance the appearance and become more elegant. But you can also find many cheap white watches for those who cannot afford the expensive types. If you are planning to give a gift for someone, white watches are the best choice. Here are the popular brands where you can find the best styles and designs of watches to look for:

stunning White watches for women

1. DKNY – The watches represent soul and spirit. These are what women get from the DKNY white watches. Though the design of the watches is simple, they look full of energy which makes them very trendy. Styles come from high end fashion inspiration which you can actually buy over the Internet and in many local retailers. There are also contemporary and modern styles, and classic and unique pieces.

2. Emporio Armani – This brand is known for the sexiness and class of their watches. Most of their watches are made from leather bands, stainless steel and some have water resistant features. Now the white ceramic watches from this brand are gaining popularity. You can choose from a wide range of choices where you can get a fresh, new look to fit with your wardrobe.

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3. La Mer Collections – When it comes to white watches, La Mer is one of the best brands. The watches are known for their feminine, edgy and elegant style yet they look unpretentious. Almost all of the La Mer watches are paired with different kinds of leather wraps. Some are even combined with chains, charms or friendship bracelets. They fit mostly in all types of occasions and outfits.

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4. Guess – This brand is synonymous with sophistication and glamour. They target the young and also fashion-oriented people. The brand always looks into the latest trends and combines it with the right appeal.

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These are the popular brands of white watches that you can search for. You can find these brands in some local official retailers. You can even shop online where some are sold in discounted prices than other retailers. All you need is to select what type will suit best with the person you will be giving the watch to, or perhaps, yourself.

The Chic La Mer Watches Collection

The La Mer watches were created because of the need of its designer and company founder Martine Ilana for a simple yet stylish and feminine watch to wear. When she did not find anything from the jewelry she owned, Martine decided to make one for her, and that was how the La Mer watches collections were born.

Stylish La Mer collection watches

La Mer Watches

The La Mer collection watches are designed based on the inspiration Martine gets from her many travels. The collection may be inspired from her visit to South Africa’s colorful markets or to Thailand’s pristine blue ocean. The watches under the La Mer collection are designed by Martine herself. These beautiful designs are paired with exquisite leather straps.

Here are some samples of the La Mer Watches:

  • The La Mer Chain/Charm Wraps

This La Mer wrap watches are part of the collection that integrated leather straps with the dainty chains. There are several designs under this collection. Some are Brazilian inspired while some are inspired by the exotic beauty of Tokyo. There are also designs under this collection that are inspired by places close to home like the Arizona inspired Tobacco Multi-chained wrap.

Latest La Mer wrap watches

  • Bali Stud And Stud Wraps

This La Mer watches collection is inspired from Martine’s travels to Bali. There are 16 watches under this collection. The straps vary from the simple black strap with studs to snake skin with silver stud. The watches under this collection are handmade which is why the La Mer watches under this collection vary.

  • Layer Wraps

There are 16 designs under the La Mer watches collection. The designs vary from the subdued caramel and tan layered strap to the more vibrant tangerine and neon orange wrap. These watches are all nickel free and are all handmade so no two watches are exactly alike.

Fabulous La Mer watches

  • Simple Wrap

Not all La Mer watches have intricate designs. There are also some watches that have simple leather straps. There are designs that have plain black leather straps and there are also designs that have simple yet shocking neon pink straps. These watches are also handmade so no two watches are exactly alike.

  • Odyssey Wrap

These La Mer watches have hexagonal watch faces. Some of the watches are silver plated and the others are gold plated. The watches under this collection are splash proof and contain Japanese movement. These watches are also handmade.

Choosing A La Mer Watch

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There are quite a number of designs under the La Mer watch collection. To choose which one to buy, go for the one that will match most of your outfit. It would be wise to buy a classic watch because you can pair it with several outfits. However, do not be afraid to wear the colorful and vibrant La Mer watches.

There are several places where you can go to buy La Mer watches. You can go online and you will find a good number of online store selling La Mer watches. If you are patient you may even chance upon La Mer watches on sale online. La Mer watches are also available in any watch store.