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Types of Boxing Gear for Kids

There are various types of boxing gear for kids which do come in a genre of styles. Their variance in size is basically based on the child’s age. They do vary in weight and material used to make them. Basically, these gears are designed to offer protection to the knuckles and hands. They may have thin or a thick padding. The gears are light in weight as they are meant for kids.

Boxing For Kids

Many kids of different ages have developed a liking for the boxing sport and hence the need to make different ones for the children. Most of these gears are designed to be used together with kids punching bags and they can be obtained as a complete set. That is the gloves together with the punching bag.

different Types of Boxing Gear for Kids

Children love bright colors and this is why most types of boxing gears for kids are bright red in color. However you are likely to find black ones too. The gears are made from two types of materials: leather or vinyl. Compared to leather, vinyl is not durable hence making them less expensive. The long lasting of the leather gears has made them to be expensive. These are much preferred for older kids while the vinyl ones are for the younger ones.

The Gears

Most the boxing gloves have laces on the sides or snap-up fasteners. Many are the slip-on varieties with many of them having zipper closures. The different types of boxing gears for kids include the boxing gloves meant for competition. These are made for older children who take part in boxing matches and athletic amateur events. Their padding is reinforced around the fingers. Most of them are made with leather with goat skin being another optional material for making them. They do have wrist straps too.

Gel aerobic style is another one of the types of boxing gear for kids. The gears for this style are made of neoprene and vinyl. Leather can be used in some instances. The gel inserted in the gloves is meant for shock absorption. This style of gloves can be machine washed. The other type is the cardio style. The gears in this category are light in weight which allows for more endurance. It is suitable for kick-boxing with different styles for girls and boys. The variations are so slight that you might not notice the differences.

best durable kids punching bag

Buying The Right Gear

The factors that have to be considered while choosing the different types of boxing gears for kids will generally depend on the type of boxing sport the child is involved in. Competition gloves should have more padding compared to training gloves.

Training in heavy weight gloves will enable the kid’s hands to get used to the weight but the light ones are more suitable in competitions. Bag gloves are not recommended at all are they tend to be pretty crappy. On the other hand, the professional gears for competition are designed with less padding to address a different level in the sport.

It is possible to get a boxing glove for a child irrespective of their age, weight and the training that they have in the boxing sport. This has been made possible by the wide genre available.

Boxing Training for Children

Boxing Training: A Brief Overview

Boxing Training for Children is the best way to keep the children fit, burn calories and lose weight. This practice is becoming more common in the general public and it is making boxing coaches to be many, and they are usually coming up with ideas of having regular training sessions which can be daily or weekly.

Basic Training

  • The training sessions normally consists of stretching exercises and a light warm up which helps the children to minimize the risk of pulling their muscles.

  • It also consists of aerobic exercises, a few minutes of skipping, focus pad work, few rounds of punching on kids punching bag, this is where they practice and learn all the punches and the combinations which are used in boxing.

effective Boxing Training for Kids

  • They also learn floor exercises like press ups, sit ups, star jumps, squats and many others.

  • These sessions will usually last for almost an hour and they are open to all sexes either male or female and to all ages.

Advanced Level

  • Once these children have advanced more from the basic training sessions and assessed their fitness levels and they have seen that it increased, then they have an opportunity to do a few sparring matches in the boxing field.

  • This should be light contact only to the body and it should help increase their fitness, stamina and strength.

  • The boxing coach usually will inform the children when they are ready for this practice.

  • Before beginning these intense training sessions the children should be taken for medical checkups.

Essential Equipment to Have in Boxing Training

The following are some of the things they need before beginning the training sessions:

Boxing Gloves or Mitts

They will need a bag mitts or a pair of boxing gloves.

  • The bag mitts are usually lighter and they have a less padding as compared to boxing gloves which usually come in different sizes, they can be small, medium or large.

  • Boxing gloves are normally sized by ounces and have more padding.

  • For those with small hands, they can use 10ounce (oz) gloves, those with medium sized hands can use 12oz gloves and those with large hands will use 14oz, which are usually made for adults.

  • For children, the gloves come in sizes of 6oz and 8oz.

  • It is highly recommended that children or even adults to wear hand wraps under their gloves to help in protecting their knuckles and wrists.

Boxing Headgear

  • A boxing headgear is recommended to cushion the head area from any injuries.

  • It also protects the jaw area so as not to cause damage to it.

  • This is very essential to have since injuries to the head can be very fatal, especially for kids.

best sturdy kids punching bag

Artificial gloves or leather gloves

  • This depends on one’s budget and on how frequent they will intend to train.

  • Leather gloves are long lasting but are very expensive.

  • Normally it is recommended that children should get their own pair of gloves in spite of the ones being offered by most boxing gyms.

Skipping rope

Usually a PVC speed rope is good to start with and these ropes normally come in different sizes: 8ft, 9ft or even 10ft.

  • A 10ft rope should be suitable for a person of over 6ft2.

  • A 9ft rope is best for someone who is over 5ft6.

  • The 6ft and 8ft is suitable for someone who is between 5ft2 to 5ft6.

Boxing Training for Children is only enjoyable if the children have all the requirements they need for their sessions.

Kids Punching Bag

A punching bag is a sturdy bag that is used for physical exercise, strength training, and stress relief. Punching bags have been used throughout history, and most notably in martial arts and swordplay for military training. There are many forms of punching bags available, and in recent years a kids punching bag has become increasingly popular.

Kids Punching Bag

A punching bag for kids is great way for children to let loose and have some fun. Purchasing a kids punching bag for your child may be just what you need to encourage them to break away from the television set or video games, and to start exercising in a creative and fun way.

best kids punching bag

It can be extremely difficult to motivate children to get active, and a kids punching bag is an ideal incentive to get your kids moving. Some of the most popular bags, are inflatable punching bags for kids as they are easy to assemble and practical for any environment.

The Main Benefits of a Kids Punching Bag

There are many proven benefits of purchasing a kids punching bag, and these include;

  • Developing better coordination

  • Developing better and faster reflexes

  • Developing better motor skills

  • Improves balance and speed

  • Improves overall fitness

great punching bag for kids

Kids Punching Bag as a Stress Reliever

Although many people think that children do not undergo stress, and therefore are not worried about the build up and relief of this, it is simply not true. Most kids need an appropriate and suitable way to vent their frustration and anger, and a kids punching bag can be the perfect solution. Heavy physical exercise, such as that which is obtained through the use of a punching bag, has proved to be an extremely successful outlet for kids of all ages. Some parents or guardians are concerned that a punching bag will encourage their children to fight or hit others, but most kids are actually smart enough to understand that this is unacceptable behavior which can entail severe consequences. A kids punching bag is a way for kids to let off steam, and it allows them to control and manage their anger in a positive way.

durable inflatable punching bag for kids

Types of Kids Punching Bag

  • Body Opponent Bag – This free standing bag is kid friendly, and can be adjusted to a range of heights.

  • Kids Inflatable Punching Bag – Inflatable punching bags for kids usually come in a range of colorful and fun designs, such as tigers, clowns and robots. These bags can be hit numerous times, and they just keep popping back up.

sturdy kids inflatable punching bag

  • Kids Ball Punching Bag – This punching bag is either a heavy or inflatable ball attached atop an adjustable and flexible pole. These bags also often come in a range of fun designs.

  • Heavy Duty Kids Punching Bag – The heavy duty kids punching bag is almost identical to an adult’s heavy duty bag, the only difference is the size. Hang it next to dad’s, and it is a great way for parents and kids to exercise together.

Whatever style of punching bag you decide to buy for your child, gloves should also be included in the purchasis. This is highly recommended for added protection and safety.