Popular Styles of Boots From Juicy Couture

Boots are wardrobe essentials and ‘must haves’ for everyone! When the weather gets extreme, there is always a temptation to wear any shoe that fits. This should never be the case for you! Apart from focusing on staying warm, you should always think about the fashion statement you make. You can always complement your fashion sense with a pair of perfect boots!

Where To Find Juicy Couture Laura Boots Product

Finding perfect boots is not always difficult. All people can always make their picks from the amazing range of Juicy Couture boots. To make your shopping easier and more interesting, here is a list of popular boot syles from Juicy Couture:

Top Styles of Juicy Couture Boots


Juicy Couture Laura Boots

The Juicy Couture Laura boots is not just designed to give the wearer comfort; the designer Laura boots are also perfect pieces for cold weather. If you love comfortable boots, this Juicy Couture range must be in your list of options!

  • The range of Laura boots are made of a leather upper part, suede upper sole and leather sole. These materials are used to give you the comfort you need and durability.
  • Apart from that, this range of boots is designed with high end style in mind. You can add this amazing boot in your closet confidently because the range has products that are simply amazing.


Juicy Couture Emily Boots

If you love it when your boots are taller than the Laura boots, Emily boots should be a great option! This type of boots style is certainly one of the most stylish we have today.

  • The knee-high boots always allow you to get through bad weather in style.
  • What’s more, these boots always give buyers great value for their money.
  • These boots combine a number of amazing features such as rubber lining, sole and upper part.
  • Apart from that, Emily boots have stylish buckles at the ankle and knee and a side zipper. This designer shoe will definitely give you the warmth, comfort and style you want!


Juicy Couture Fredo Boots

Boots are not just made for adverse weather conditions. These amazing wardrobe additions can always be made part of our daily styles. Whenever people need to shift from the common cold weather boots, they can always do so by choosing Fredo boots.

  • The leather and grosgrain alternate pattern in this shoes makes them beautiful pieces.
  • In addition to that, the peep-toe design, tassle lace up and synthetic sole makes them the perfect boots for you!


Elegant Juicy Couture Fredo Boots

Juicy Couture Candid Couture Low Shaft High Heel Couture Boots

Juicy Couture is a household name that is popular for amazing shoe designs. In addition to the above boots styles, the candid couture low shaft heel boots always stand out from the rest!

  • This range of boots gives the customers a wide variety of fully covered, 100% leather wedge boots.
  • To make you more comfortable, this boots also have a side zip, and a lace up design.
  • The fur on these boots also make sure that you stay warm all throughout.

Juicy Couture is a market leader. This manufacturer has been providing people with comfortable, fashionable and stylish footwear for years now. To have the perfect style boots, make sure that you visit a Juicy Couture shop today!

Ways to Maintain Boots

You can extend the life of your boots as long as you give them proper care. Doing this is totally easy because it is somewhat similar with caring for your skin. The leather in your boots also needs proper moisturization in order to keep it supple and long-lasting.

Best Ways to Maintain Boots

Maintaining your boots require only four easy steps – clean, condition, polish, and protect. These four steps are needed in order to fight your boots’ worst enemies – the dirt and dust. If you wipe your boots regularly with a damp cloth, you can prevent dirt and dust from damaging the microscopic fibers. Therefore, your boots will stay strong and durable.

How To Care For Cowboy Boots

  • Cowboy boots should only be conditioned after they have been cleaned and dried so that the conditioner you use will penetrate through the leather’s pores, which in return, will keep the leather soft and supple.
  • When choosing for conditioners, choose the lanolin-based products instead of other types of polishes that have too much oil or wax. Choosing the latter will only make your cowboy boots dry as they only clog the leather pores.
  • Your cowboy boots can be revitalized by wiping them with cream-based polish. This will hide flaws and scratches on the leather while giving it with a smooth finish. Just remember that you can only polish cowboy boots that have a finish.
  • Protect your cowboy boots with a non-silicone stain and water protector.

How To Care For Exotic Cowboy Boots

(Those that are made out of alligator, kangaroo, lizard, and shark skin)

  • Remove dirt by using either a damp cloth or a brush with soft bristles.
  • Condition your exotic leather boots by using an exotic leather conditioner and applying it in multiple thin layers.
  • Using a neutral or color-matching polish on a soft cloth, wipe your exotic boots to give it an instant shine.
  • Just like with ordinary cowboy boots, you can apply them with a non silicone stain/water protector for added protection.

How To Care For Your Deer Tanned/Naked Finish Boots

  • Remove dirt by brushing them off or by wiping it with a damp cloth.
  • To prolong the life of your boots, apply a non silicone stain/water protector.

Where to Buy Juicy Couture Boots

How To Care For Buffed/Sueded Leather Boots

  • Clean suede boots by using a soft brush.
  • If your suede boots have just been bought and are new, treat them beforehand with a non-silicone stain and water protector. This should also be done occasionally after you use your suede boots.

How To Care For Suede Cowboy Boots

  • Store your suede cowboy boots in a cool and dry place so that their color will be preserved and you will give them room to breathe.
  • When your boots get wet, dry them off with a clean towel and place them in an area where they can dry off naturally. Do not use heat sources like sun light or blower for drying them.
  • And once they are dry, brush them off with a suede brush to restore the raised suede fibers back to their original condition.

And when looking for stylish and long-lasting boots of any kind, you should definitely try Juicy Couture boots. They come in different designs, colors, and kinds to fit the fab and fashionable you!

Juicy Couture Shoes: Styles in Every Shape, Form, and Price

Juicy Couture is a brand of contemporary clothing which was initially started in 1996 by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor. This brand was bought by a fashion company by the name of Liz Claiborne. The brand includes Juicy Couture shoes, clothing and accessories.

Black Juicy Couture Shoes for Girls

Juicy Couture shoes sale in not only found in upscale retail stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, but it also has an online dedicated website, where one can shop for their line of clothing and accessories from the comfort of the home.


On Juicy Couture shoes:

The Juicy Couture shoes for women are divided into four categories: heels, wedges, sandals, and flats.

Shop for Juicy Couture Knee High Puffer Boots

Juicy Couture Shoes: Heels

  • Miriam Heel: This model is available in bronze and nautical navy colors. It is available in 6-10 sizes. It is a platform heel designed with straps made from materials which are luxe mixed. The straps are designed with side buckles. It is priced at $250.
  • Willow Heel: This model is available in caramel and UV orange colors. It is available in 6-10 sizes along with 6.5, 7.5 and 8.5 sizes. It is priced at $228. This heel is made from wood and is designed with leather straps.
  • Crista Woven Heel with Double Buckles: This model is available in natural and black colors. It is available in 5-10 sizes along with 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, 8.5 and 9.5 sizes. This couture detail design with colored heel and braided leather T-straps is priced at $250.


Get Juicy Couture Shoes on Sale

Juicy Couture Shoes: Wedges

  • Lily Wedge: This is a flip-flop model available in desert sand and pop pink colors. It is priced at $78, with sizes available from 5-10. It is designed with a jelly heel.
  • Kati Wedge: It is priced at $250, with sizes available from 6-10. Its straps are a combination of neutral and neon perforated leather. It is available in caramel and stone colors.
  • Mira Wedge: It is priced at $250, with sizes available from 6-10. It is available in earth brown and platino colors. The lining of its leather straps is of a different color. It also has ankle straps.


Juicy Couture Shoes: Sandals

  • Zizia Sandal: It is available in bronze and UV orange color. It is priced at $185. They are designed from vancetta leather. It is available in 6-10 sizes along with 6.5, 7.5, 8.5 and 9.5 sizes.
  • Whistler Jelly Flip flop: It is available in black, ultra fuschia and cerulean blue at $75 in 6-10 sizes. It is a jelly sandal designed with chromatic bows and decked with rhinestones.
  • Ryan Sandal: It is available in luggage and plationo color at $175 in 5-10 sizes along with 5.5-9.5 sizes. It is designed with contrast straps.


Juicy Couture Shoes: Flats

  • Cuddly slip-on slippers: made from velvet are priced at $68. They are designed with Jc logo. It is available in black and polo pink colors.
  • Kallista pull-on sneakers: priced at $98 and available colors are stone and pop pink. It is made from satin material.
  • Topper slip-on in velvet black and burlap metallic model: priced at $228.


Navy and White Juicy Couture Shoes For Women

Where to buy Juicy Couture Shoes Online

  • Shopstyle.com: It sells Juicy Couture boots with a starting price of $78. They are with ankle or knee high boots designed in different colors with wedges or zips.
  • 7dayswholesales.org: It sells cheap Juicy Couture shoes and bootsfor as low as $26 in different colors, designs and models.

Get Juicy with Juicy Couture Coupon

Juicy Couture is a modern line of casual and trendy apparel known for their velour and terrycloth tracksuits with a catchy slogan printed at the back. Madonna and J-Lo are just some of the famous celebrities who carries these tracksuits beautifully. And as a result, this brand became more popular all thoughout the world – California being the starting point. Because of this popularity, more and more fashion savvies are looking for Juicy Couture coupon to save money and be as “juicy” as Hollywood celebrities.

Printable Juicy Couture Online Coupon

Timeline on the History of Juicy Couture

  • In 1995, Juicy Couture was initially named as Travis Jeans – a jeans line created for pregnant women.
  • Juicy Couture was founded by Pamela Skeist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor in 1996. It is based in Arleta, Los Angeles, California up to date. The founders decided to change its name to Juicy Couture with the purpose of creating a trendy and classy apparel, but not as expensive as other signature brands.
  • In 1999, jeans were added to their product line which they called as Juicy Jeans. Juicy Couture coupon has also been distributed to make it more affordable for customers to purchase the product.
  • In 2001, the brand introduced tracksuits which come in a variety of colors that are made of velour, fleece, cashmere, or terrycloth. A tracksuit consists of a low riding drawstring pants and a hoodie.
  • In 2002, Juicy Couture introduced its own line of clothing for men and children.
  • In 2004, they also added bathing suits, women’s accesories, Juicy Couture boots, as well as perfumes.
  • In 2006, Gela and Pamela introduced a new line called Couture Couture which consists of 20 expensive pieces.Juicy Couture coupon is becoming more sought after especially with the coming of new Juicy Couture products.
  • In 2008, the first line of sleepwear was introduced as Choose SleepJuicy Couture Intimate Apparel.
  • Liz Clairborne purchased Juicy Couture and has been said to sell $258 million worth of Juicy Couture merchandise.

Now, Juicy Couture has expanded to include cosmetics and jewelry to their clothing line.

Get Juicy Couture Coupon Codes Online

How To Save Money Using Juicy Couture Coupon

  • Browse the internet to get a Juicy Couture Online coupon and get up to 50 percent discount on selected Juicy Couture items. Take advantage of these offers and get up to $41 average savings.
  • You can also save using a Juicy Couture outlet coupon. Some websites give free printable Juicy Couture coupon online, all you need to do is sign up. This way, you won’t have to be frustrated when there are no items left on sale for you on the outlet stores near you.
  • Want that chic Juicy Couture boots? Now is the perfect time to search and shop in your favorite shopping sites. The boots’ prices are now on discounts ranging from $20 to $70 off!
  • Best of all, you can get Juicy Couture coupon that offers free shipping these high-end items! Now, that’s more wallet-friendly.

Juicy Couture coupon codesare becoming more sought-after nowadays that the brand becomes too difficult to find. As Juicy Couture became highly recognized in the fashion industry, its price tends to be too pricey for the consumers to afford. But you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get a hold of your beloved Juicy Couture items. Get everything “juicy” that you want – clothes, bags, boots, children’s apparel, as well as accessories for your pets with a Juicy Couture coupon.

The Hot and Unique Fashion Of The Juicy Couture Boots

Style is the most important facade that everyone follows blindly. People across the globe spend millions every year on themselves just to look sharp and prim. One’s wardrobe speaks a lot about the kind of personality the person possesses. Shoes are always considered to be one of the most important aspects of dressing. Recently Juicy Couture shoes and boots have seen an immense popularity among a varied section of female population as these boots are easy to manage and conveniently available. These boots have gained a wide acceptance as they suit various styles ranging from Retro to Boho Chic and from Grunge to All American Look.

Black Juicy Couture Spirit Rain Boots for Girls

The Unique Fashion Brought By Juicy Couture Boots

Juicy Couture boots are hot and are every fashionista’s dream. They represent a crafty mind and acute sense of style.  These boots are carefully crafted keeping the latest trends of fashion into consideration and are available in different styles and colors. Juicy Couture boots for girls are offered in vibrant colors like pink, cherry red, grey and many others. The styles are great and adhere to the likes of several females.

Buy Juicy Couture Logo Snow Boots on Sale

Juicy Couture bootsare a great style companion for winter dressing. The shoes are known to be warm and effective against cold weather. People with shoe fetishes just can’t resist Juicy Couture boots as they represent an aura around foot fashion. These shoes are immensely popular among the fashion regulars and have been worn by the elites of the society, giving them an edge over other available counterparts. With Juicy Couture boots, you can always be sure of looking stylish and elegant.

Juicy Couture bootsare available across all parts of the world. They are sold through retail outlets and are also available on shopping websites. You can also find Juicy Couture boots on sale. These boots are fairly priced and are durable. The lifespan of these boots is good and this makes them a good investment for fashion conscious people. If you ever get a cheap Juicy Couture boots make sure to buy it without any hesitation, as these boots go with every kind of fashion style. Be it the Menswear inspired look from the movie Annie Hall or the tough girl punk rock chic, the boots go well with everything. Once you match them with your wardrobe you can be sure of no fashion blunder or faux pas.

Discover Fashionable Juicy Couture Boots

Original Juicy Couture Boots Vs Replicas

Since Juicy Couture boots are immensely popular certain replicas are also available. It is better to avoid these replicas as they cannot match the original quality. Saving petty dollars against such a quality product is not a very wise decision. Once you make your mind to buy any Juicy Couture boots it is always better to check the quality. In case you see any stitch marks, glue or any other irregularity treat the product as replica and avoid the purchase.

Juicy Couture bootsare better as compared to other popular brands because of:

  • Artistic design and fine artwork
  • Meticulously constructed sole with no patch marks
  • Vibrant colors and designs
  • Fairly priced
  • Easily available


Get Used Cheap Juicy Couture Boots Online

Juicy Couture boots are a great fashion accessory and reflects a great fashion sense and style. No matter what age group you are and what fashion sense you follow, once you adorn these boots you are definite to make an everlasting fashion impression. You might check Juicy couture coupons online for discounts and savings!