Top 5 Brands of Men’s Cologne

Looking to buy your husband a present? Get him nice cologne and he’ll love it. First, you need to know what’s best and well liked by others who have used them. Below are the top 5 brands of men’s cologne (in no particular order). Read on to find out more.

Know The Top 5 Brands of Men's Cologne

Best-Selling Brands of Mens Cologne


1. Hugo by Hugo boss

It has the scent which is both sweet and spicy, producing unique aroma. The aroma can last for the whole day, so you can go easy when applying it to your body.

  • A mixture of spicy leaves, wood, and citrus, this perfume works best during daytime.
  • One or two sprays are enough as the smell is potent, its high notes can last about 2 hours.
  • The lingering aroma after that is fine and leaves subtle scent which is great. Although the scent is strong, it is not overbearing as women love them.

2. Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Just like what its name implies, this perfume is HOT. Women found its scent incredibly sexy. One woman even admitted wants to follow a man that uses this perfume in her positive review of this Christian Dior product.

  • This perfume contains various leaves and fruits and some of them are bergamot, honeysuckle, hawthorn, sandalwood and cedar.
  • It has the smell of a fragrant tea. The scent is sweet for a men’s perfume but still maintains the masculinity. In short, this perfume has a soft yet manly scent.


3. John Varvatos by John Varvatos

To describe it in one word— authentic. The scent John Varvatos cologne produces is unlike any other cologne that you can never mistake it for women’s perfume. It has pure masculine aroma. You or anyone around won’t find it overwhelming, the scent is subtle and only someone in close proximity can tell you are using it.

  • It is a mixture of date fruit, seed templar, leather essence and clary sage flower among others.
  • You’ll get sweet smell initially and later turns to vanilla and leather notes. Get it for your husband and he’ll thank you for it.


Authentic John Varvatos Cologne

4. Aqua Pour Homme Marine by Bulgari

With this perfume you don’t need to apply a lot. Just a dab and you are good to go. Its scent lasts long too. You can never go wrong with this one.

  • It consists of mandarin, petit grain, santolina, posidonia and mineral amber.


5. Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Great scent and lasts long. It is popular and widely used. This perfume is suitable for all occasions, you can use it to work, dinner or any formal event and you will smell great for the occasion. It has the perfect blend of aroma that pleases both men and women alike. A sure hit for your significant other.

There you have it, the top 5 brands of men’s cologne. You can’t go wrong if you choose one of them. Get one right now!

Tips on How to Properly Apply Cologne

Have you feel “suffocated” when you are in elevator by strong perfume scent? Or you can smell someone’s perfume from far away? Or are you that person did all of above? Obviously that is not the right way to apply cologne .If you have the same problem too then you should read on to find out how to overcome that.

Best Tips On How To Properly Apply Cologne
Choose the Right Cologne

The process starts way before you apply the cologne on your body. First, you should use fragrant that suits you. How can you tell if the fragrance suits you or not? Just ask around woman that you know like your mother or sisters. If they say that the fragrant smells good on you then it’s the right one for you.

Just in case you are wondering that isn’t all perfume smells the same for everyone, they are not. This is due to different body chemistry that is unique to each person. One thing to note, choose scent over price. You can check out John Varvatos Cologne for reasonably priced, nice line of perfumes.

How Much to Apply?

After you get the right cologne for you, now you can learn how to apply it on your body.

There are usually two types of dispenser, spray type and dab type. It doesn’t matter which one you have as they are both covered. Now you want to remember this one tip, less is more.

  • Spray Type: Use it about 2 inches from your body and apply it. You should spray at most twice to get the subtle scent.
  • Dab Type: The same applies to the dab type. Dab your finger to the cologne and rub them to your body. Remember not to apply more than 2 fingers at any point of your body.

You don’t want to suffocate or cause any discomfort to other people by your scent. So you want to use the cologne sparingly, just the right amount. You want the smell is good enough to mask any body odour produce especially when it is hot and your deodorant starts to fade away.

Guide On How To Properly Apply John Varvatos Cologne
Where to Apply the Cologne?

  • Apply the cologne on where your body’s pulses are: neck, wrist, chest, behind the ear, back and thigh.
  • Don’t apply to all of the places, just pick at most three.
  • You can reapply your cologne if you apply them early in the morning to sustain the nice smell.

There you have it the tips on how to properly apply the cologne. Hopefully you can make use of them and make people find you a pleasant to be around with.

Perfume Discount at Fragrance Outlet Shops

When it comes to gifting men, most women choose to present their men branded fragrances like John Varvatos cologne. Even well groomed men tend to be smelly in many occasions. They are not to be blamed as their body is designed to work more and sweat profusely during the hard work. Hence, there is a great demand for perfume discount coupons and offers for men.

Best Mens John Varvatos Cologne

One best place to find all the fragrances of the world at a very affordable cost are the fragrance outlets. These people purchase the fragrances directly from the manufactures and sell them to the customers at a very low price.

Perfume discount shop coupons and offers

Finding quality colognes for men and perfumes for women is a mighty task. Fashion designers and self groomers keep preaching to choose a fragrance that reflects the personality. But, practically most men and women tend to look for scents and perfumes which fits the cash in their purse or card.

  • Perfume discount coupons are given for free in some places.
  • Some brands which produce exclusive clothes and shoes produce fragrances too. They price their products very high. But, they give great offers for people producing one or more products in their brand.

Only a few brands like John Varvatos cologne come in an affordable cost. All the other branded perfumes and fragrances come in exclusive packages as well as prices.

Find The Best Discount Designer Perfume

Tips in Finding Discount Perfume

  • Fragrance outlet shops usually purchase such branded items in bulk for a very less cost and sell the perfume at discount prices to their clients.
  • Visiting such shops before the festive hassle will help you get massive discounts and unbelievable offers.
  • If you are purchasing perfumes to gift someone, purchase in bulk to avail extra offer. You can use the extra designer bottled perfumes for yourself or to gift others.

Perfume discount coupons are accepted at most of the cosmetic shops and fragrance outlet shops. But, some costly colognes and fragrances do not get covered under the offer in some shops. However, such items will always be worth the money you pay for them. Most people buy the scents and perfumes impressed by their stylish bottles and designs. Designer perfume containers look like impressive show pieces on our dressers. So, they are not sold at a discount rate.

Where to Find Designer Perfume at Discounted Prices

Discount designer perfume brands are quite hard to find, but are not entirely unavailable. Regular customers of certain brand footwear and expensive clothing are given exclusive perfumes for free in major boutiques and fashion outlets. But commoners hunting for a good discount on a perfume in cosmetic shops should make use of the free discount coupons they can find in many malls and internet. This will help them save a fortune on perfume discount and still smell like a classic celebrity.

Fragrance outlet: The Best Place to Buy Affordable Perfumes

Fragrance outlet stores in the big malls are the best places to find all kinds of perfumes in the world within one single door. They sell the perfumes and fragrances at unbelievably low cost. Many people just refuse to use these offers doubting the originality of the perfumes sold. In fact, most of the perfumes sold in such designer fragrance outlets are genuine. Perfumes are sold in these stores just like clothes sold at the factory outlets for very cheap cost.

Best Designer Fragrance Outlet

Perfumes and fragrances are very costly. But, they are not sold in special stores like clothes as people don’t spend a lot on them. Hence, such outlet stores are very less in number, making the people reluctant to use them. However, both men and women have ample reasons to use perfumes these days. Seasonal fragrances can make you the star of any party or event.

Tips on Using Seasonal Fragrances


  • Spring Perfumes: You can find lots of flowery perfumes during this season in the fragrance outlet stores. Garden oriented smells or flower colognes for men are the great choice for spring.
  • Summer Perfumes: Fragrance outlet shops stock a variety of different perfumes during this season. Lighter scents with dry fragrance are best for this season. Summer is the best selling season for perfumes as people tend to purchase some sort of scents to cover their body odor and sweat. Good fragrances which protect your skin from harmful UV rays are also present.
  • Fall Perfumes: Sweet smelling scents like John Varvatos cologne should be used during this period. Various berry, peach and plum smelling perfumes are stocked in the stores during this season.
  • Winter Scents: Sandalwood, rosewood, opium or any other exotic scents can be used during the winter seasons. Fragrance outlet stores stock several wood smelling perfumes and sexy scents for this part of the year.


All About Top Fragrance Shop

Select a fragrance outlet shop in your locality and be their regular customer. This will help you build a rapport with the sales people there, who will help you in selecting the best perfume available with easy discounts. Whatever perfume, scent, cologne or fragrance you use, make sure you try it in the house before opening the pocket at the eve of a grand party.

Sometimes, the cosmetics used along with the perfumes spoil their original smell. So try it in the house before, get the opinion of your friends and family and use the required amount of perfume in a pleasant way during the gala parties or functions. Fragrance outlet supplies in huge malls are not that crowded during the normal days. This is the best time for you to try various samples and select the best suitable perfume. 

All About The John Varvatos Cologne

John Varvatos cologne is one of the hottest fragrances today. Its creator, John Varvatos, began his career as a fashion designer where it became one of the numerous reasons he is renowned throughout the world. With so much success in his endeavors, John Varvatos launched his own scent in 2004 which later proved to be yet another success on his part. Today, millions of men are seen buying John Varvatos cologne due its unique scent that is not too overpowering nor too mild to remain unnoticed.

Get Authentic John Varvatos Cologne For Men

Fragrances and Skin by John Varvatos

John Varvatos cologne and skin products have certainly made an impression to its customers from all over the world. In fact, when shopping around for either one, there are two categories available for you and these are For Him and For Her.

  • For Him – John Varvatos cologne for men are definitely a head turner. Starting from their design, their sexy lines are quite appealing. Bottle sizes vary and with them their prices but there is no need to worry since they are quite affordable. John Varvatos has managed to combine the right ingredients to create the perfect scent for men for that added sexiness to their overall look.


Find Best Reviews for John Varvatos Cologne Online

  • For Her – For women, applying skin products by John Varvatos onto their skin is a delight. Made from high quality ingredients, this skin care product will give the skin that smooth texture with a scent that is heavenly. Body milk and cleansing grains are two of the top choices here and are well worth investing on.


Discover The Best Fragrance of John Varvatos Cologne

What Customers Have To Say

The best way to know more about this particular brand of cologne is by looking for a John Varvatos cologne review to read. Reviews are designed to gather information about the product then get feedback from various users. One particular customer loved the subtle hint of scent exuding from him which is one of the trademark of John Varvatos.

Another one exclaimed over the manly scent that has been captured perfectly in this bottle of cologne. With different scents to choose from that clings to the body for a long time, there is no doubt that men have one of this scent in their own collection.

Shop for John Varvatos Artisan Cologne

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the holidays, you might want to look for John Varvatos Artisan cologne. This scent is a bit citrusy but not too overwhelming that can cause you to sneeze or others to cover their nose. Made from one hundred percent all natural ingredients, the scent is simply amazing.

There is no doubt that John Varvatos cologne is very much sought after these days. Fortunately, there are lots of John Varvatos outlets that you can turn to when in need of one or if not, place an order online for a hassle free shopping experience. Either way, you will be getting the best scent there is that only John Varvatos can create.