Marvis Toothpaste

Marvis toothpaste is a unique product that is made in Italy and imported to countries all over the world. It is one of the bestselling brands and registers a high amount of sales. Marvis toothpaste belongs to the high end category and is made out of the highest quality of ingredients. It not only helps in whitening of the teeth but also leaves a fresh breath. Using Marvis toothpaste on a regular basis helps eliminate germs and prevents tooth decay. There are a variety of Marvis mint flavors that consist of other constituents like cinnamon, ginger mint, and others. One can choose from a diverse range of ingredients in toothpaste while purchasing Marvis toothpaste.

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If you wish to know where to buy Marvis toothpaste, you can head to any major department store in the vicinity and take your pick from the different types available. Marvis toothpaste also has a website where you can make the purchase online. The product is then delivered to your doorstep. There is a huge catalogue of Marvis toothpaste products that can be browsed through before making the choice of the kind of flavor you want.

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The taste of Marvis toothpaste is quite different from all other toothpaste products that are available for sale. The taste is neither too strong nor too mild and is the perfect product for use after a meal. It is advisable to use Marvis toothpaste every time you have a meal during the day in order to keep dental problems away. Certain dental doctors advise the usage of this toothpaste product at least twice a day so as to keep the mouth fresh, clean and odor free.

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Marvis toothpaste comes in an attractive packaging in bright colors like purple, green, orange, grey etc. The containers are made of a shiny material the color of which varies as per the flavor contained in them. The coloring of the packaging helps to identify the type of toothpaste present in the pack. You can either purchase a single package of toothpaste or a large container consisting of ten or twenty packs that will last you for a long time. There are large packs available for those who wish to purchase Marvis toothpaste in bulk so that frequent trips do not have to be paid to the department store time and again.

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Although there are interesting fusions of flavors available in Marvis toothpaste, you can also purchase the classic mint flavor in case you do not like to experiment with different tastes. The classic mint Marvis toothpaste is one of their best selling products that is preferred by people of all age groups and all backgrounds. This flavor is the oldest flavoring available in Marvis toothpaste that has been in existence for decades.

Toothpaste Ingredients

Though it is something that all of use every single day, toothpaste is something that we rarely give much thought to. Have you ever wondered about toothpaste ingredients or how toothpaste was invented?

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It may surprise you to learn that toothpaste was being used in ancient Egypt as much as 2,500 years ago. However the ingredients in toothpaste in such primitive times is something you wouldn’t be able to imagine putting in your mouth today. They used a combination of egg shells, crushed bone or oyster shells to remove debris from in and around the teeth, probably doing the teeth more harm than good when you think about it.

It wasn’t until as late as the 1800s that the first more recognizable forms of toothpaste were manufactured, using a combination of common household toothpaste ingredients like chalk, salt and soap. These were used until the discovery of fluoride in 1914. Since that time almost 100 years ago, modern toothpaste brands incorporate a lot more ingredients that have been proven to be more effective in both removing debris from your teeth but also providing protection against a whole host of common dental infections.

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As mentioned above, the most important components in toothpaste ingredients is fluoride. Why? Simply because it is proven to be the most reliable in preventing cavities. Other common toothpaste ingredients include antimicrobial agents which eliminate the bacteria that is associated with plaque. Such agents effectively search out and destroy bacterial cells and are one of the most vital components of toothpaste because they destroy dental plaque which eventually leads to gum disease if left untreated.

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Other common toothpaste ingredients include surfactants, otherwise known as foaming agents which help remove debris that is lodged between the teeth. There are also de-sensitizing components which block those painful hot and cold sensations that you get sometimes and also tartar removing agents which remove the calcium and magnesium from your saliva which can be deposited on the teeth as tartar if you don’t brush your teeth regularly.

If you use Colgate toothpaste then you should know that the basic Colgate toothpaste ingredients are really no different to any other brands like Crest, Pepsodent, Mentadent and others. The exceptions are of course toothpastes that are designed for people with sensitive teeth or dentures. You also have particular varieties that are supposed to last longer or give you more protection, but in general these are simply marketing ploys on the part of the manufacturer to get you to buy their product.

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You will find that even the cheapest, no-name brands will work just as well, provided they have the same basic list of toothpaste ingredients that their competitors do. This is easily checked by simply looking on the back of the packet in the supermarket before you buy and comparing the various different brands.