Ice Damming

The first question one would ask is what is ice damming. Simply put, ice damming is the accumulation of ice on the roofs. This might seem pretty to look at for some but it can lead to a number of problems. Ice dams on roofs will cause a hindrance to insulation which will in turn lead to the melting of the snow. This will slide into the eaves. Eaves are usually cooler in comparison and thus, the snow freezes here and cause problems because more melting will result in the water accumulation over it. This water can easily seep into the shingles and cause the roof deck to wet. The walls will also get wet and the foundation will weaken within no time. This is why it is important for get rid of ice damming as quickly as possible. Here are some ice damming solutions to help you out.

Ice Damming

Helpful Ice Damming Solutions

  • Make sure you have sealed all the penetrations in your ceiling like the light fixtures so that no warm or moist air reaches your attic.

  • Attic ventilation is important and you should make sure the ventilation is around 1 sq ft for every 300 sq ft of the roof.

  • Soffit vents must not be blocked. Insulation must not create this problem of blockage. However, if the insulation makes it through the eaves, you should create barriers using plywood. These barriers are available in the market. You can purchase them if you face this problem.

  • If you have recently bought or constructed your house, eaves protection must be applied to a good ten to twelve feet. It should also cover all of the valleys completely.

how to prevent from having ice dams on roofs

  • Roof heater cables are also a good idea. But, you can’t use them permanently. They are only temporary until you can get a better solution for the ice damming. You should get new materials for roofing as quickly as possible so that you get a permanent solution.

  • Talking to the roofer is a good idea because he’ll know exactly how to sort out your problem. He will also give you better materials for the protection of your roof from ice damming.

It might seem very easy to get the roofing done yourself but that is not the case. It is always advisable to hire a professional to do the job for you because as aforementioned, he will know about the adequate materials to solve your problem of ice damming.