I Caps – Promoting Healthy Eyes For A Clear and Bright Tomorrow

Foods today lack a number of essential nutrients and it is important to fulfil them. Even if you take care that you are eating a balanced diet, a number of nutrients will be lost such as eye vitamins which are very important. Lack of these vitamins in the body can lead to a number of deficiencies which will in turn lead to eye disorders. It is essential thus to fulfil the body’s needs by taking eye vitamin supplements. There are a number of brands that are coming up with such vitamins and one of them is I Caps.

Eye vitamins are usually recommended for two reasons: a family history of bad eye health or people suffering from eye diseases. Many people swear by the I Caps eye vitamin in order to preserve the health of their eyes as they age. I Caps brand has a number of different eye vitamins such as I Caps mv, I Caps Leutin and Omega-3 vitamin, I Caps eye vitamin AREDS formula. Each type serves a definite purpose depending on the need of the patient.

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Here is information about each type that the brand offers:

  • I Caps MV Multivitamin: The I Caps MV multivitamin is specifically preferred and recommended because it is for general eye health and has 19 ingredients that are essential for one’s eyes. This also takes care of the body’s health. If you are going to start taking multivitamins, you should try these because they target your eyes as well as your whole body. These can also be taken by smokers and those who are supposed to stay away from beta carotene. Its formula is AREDS based and it thus helps preserve eye health as you age. The tablets have been formulated for delayed release so that they are absorbed better and reduce the chances of stomach upset.

  • I Caps Leutin and Omega 3 Vitamin: Leutin is important for eye health and omega-3 is helpful for eye health as well as overall body health. These tablets may be taken once each day and are okay for smokers too. They serve the purpose of both eye health preservation and improvement of overall body health. These come as chewable tablets.

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  • I Caps Leutin and Zeaxanthin Vitamin: This is a slight variation of the above and is essential for those who are aging and may have eye conditions related to age. Both the main ingredients Zeaxanthin and Leutin work to promote the good health of the retina while keeping it safe from free radical damage.

  • I Caps Eye Vitamin AREDS Formula: These come as easy-to-swallow tablets. They have minerals and vitamins of the same quantity as required for preventing eye diseases that are age related. These are not recommended for those who smoke or take tobacco because they have beta carotene as an ingredient.

These vitamin supplements and related vitamin products can be found easily over the internet and if you want discounts, you could always use the I Caps coupons available on the official website. Taking the necessary moves to protect the health of your eyesight is always a wise investment. Take I Caps today and retain that vision for a clear and bright tomorrow.