How To Thicken Hair

Whether you are looking for a fuller hair or just trying to improve flat and dull hair, there are millions of products available online and in stores. Many of these products promise that only they know how to thicken hair fast. What these products neglect to tell you is that it is possible to improve hair thickness with common items found around the house at a cost of next to nothing.

The first step in learning how to thicken hair is understanding causes of hair thinning. While your personal reasons may vary, common causes of hair thinning are actually things and events that you might not be aware of that’s causing it.

how to thicken hair effectively

Causes Of Hair Thinning

  • Elevated levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – this hormone block and inflames hair follicles. It is one of the leading causes of hair loss and thinning in both men and women.
  • Stress
  • PregnancyThis is especially true shortly after childbirth.
  • A diet high in sugars or fats
  • Aging
  • Hair damage due to excessive treatment and styling
  • Scalp build up

 know how to thicken hair fast

Any of these things might be causing your hair thinning. Whether you choose to use a chemical treatment, such as shampoos, conditioners or medications, or use natural methods, there are some simple things you can incorporate into your daily routine that will help increase the health of your hair and provide thickening results.

             1.      Take a multivitamin and b-complex vitamin daily. Both of these are essential in your “how to thicken hair” arsenal. By increasing overall health and helping to reduce stress, these two supplements will show noticeable results within weeks.

            2.      Massage your scalp routinely. Every few hours, simply massage your scalp with your fingers for a few minutes. This reduces build up and promotes blood flow to the hair follicle.

            3.      Avoid excessive heat and hair dyes. Excessive heat and hair dyes, no matter how gentle or careful you are, will slowly degrade hair quality over time. Use these techniques as little as possible.

            4.      Keep dead ends trimmed. This promotes proper hair growth and reduces the weight of your hair. Add layers to your haircut for more volume and thicker appearance.

 how to thicken hair men naturally

When it comes to how to thicken hair men, you have probably heard of Minoxidil or Rogaine. While these can provide results, they will require regular upkeep and can be expensive. When it comes to how to thicken hair naturally for women or men, two simple things can provide immediate, lasting results.

  1. Wash your hair in a baking soda solution. Simply add two tablespoons of baking soda to a large cup of warm water. Mix it together and massage through your hair.
  2. Rinse your hair with Apple Cider Vinegar and water. Add one or two tablespoons to a large cup of warm water and rinse.

know how to thicken hair naturally for women

Within days, you will notice thicker and more manageable hair with plenty of bounce and sheen. Best of all, these items are typically already in your home. If you would rather use shampoos and conditioners, try to keep them as natural as possible. This will prevent stripping your hair of thickness and oils, as well as reducing scalp build up and follicle irritation.