How To Install Light Switch Safely At Home

Learning how to install light switch at home is actually easy if you know the basic things you need to do, as outlined below. The primary thing you should learn about, for example, are the electrical wirings and circuits involved when installing light switch. Before going further, it is likewise important to know when to replace lights, especially if you are using the traditional bulbs. The traditional bulbs will use more electricity, so it is best to replace them with energy-efficient fixtures to lower your electric bills.

installing light switch guidance

Tips On How To Install Light Switch

First of all, you need to prepare your materials such as wire strippers, voltage tester, screwdrivers and a single pole switch. It is a good idea to buy switches with commercial grade because these are safer and more durable.

  • Disconnect the circuit power supply as an electrical safety precaution before getting started. In addition, you can use the voltage tester to check out the new cable.
  • To remove an old switch, you should take the faceplate from the switch first and then gently remove the two screws from the box. Next, disconnect all the wiring carefully and take a close look at the placement because this will be helpful when installing light switch.
  • The service panel and outlet will have a single green, white and black wire. The single pole switch will come with two screws. You need to remember that the “on” screw is at the top, while the “off “screw will be at the bottom.
  • Now, the wiring is definitely the most important aspect to know when you are learning how to install light switch. The black wire in the service panel should connect to the screw on top of the switch and the other black wire that is in the outlet must connect to the screw at the bottom.
  • Next, the wire outlet wire must be connected to the white wire in the service panel. Now, the green or ground wires will be for earthing. You need to connect a tiny piece of uncovered wire unto the green screw on the switch and the other end unto the two green wires. Next, all the wires must go inside the box starting with the green wire, the white wires and then the black wires. Use screws to attach the switch unto the wall box.
  • To finish, you need to test the light switch by turning on the power supply. Remember that you should always follow electrical safety guidelines when you are doing this type of work. So, you can get things like childproof light switch covers to protect your kids. Another safety measure would be to install the ground circuit interrupters for all the electrical plugs about ten feet away from water source.

how to wire and install light switch

If you follow these tips on how to install light switch as well as other electrical safety measures, then you can easily remove and install any faulty lighting fixture that you have at home. Note that all your electrical and lighting solutions should be purchased from reputable dealers. Savoy House Lighting is one of the established importers and manufacturer of high-quality fixtures and other lighting solutions, so you can consider them.