Tips For Healthy Nails

Healthy nails indicate good health in a person. Healthy nails are smooth and have even consistency with natural pinkish nail color. Healthy nails require a lot of care in terms of food intake and nail treatment. Vitamin A, proteins, zinc, calcium and vitamin B-12 are essential for healthy nails. Therefore, foods that contain the above essentials are to be consumed to protect the nails and for a healthy you.

Food For Healthy Nails

Having the right nutritious food answers the question on how to grow healthy nails and to maintain them. Here are the foods you must eat regularly.

a) Fruits such as apples, papaya, cherries, and grapes contain proteins.

b) Seafood such as salmon and tuna are high in zinc and also a source of protein.

c) Non-meat sources such as soy, lentil, tofu, beans contain high levels of protein and iron.


d) Greens such as asparagus and spinach also promote healthy nails.

e) Eggs are high in calcium.

f) Water

g) Animal liver is rich in Vitamin A and iron.

h) Nuts and whole grains are another source of iron and calcium.

Healthy Nails Tips

It is not enough that you eat the right kind of food in order to maintain healthy nails. Here are some things you also need to follow.

a) Keep your nails dry and clean.

b) Protect them by wearing gloves while doing household chores.

c) Trim the fingernails evenly.

d) Apply a lotion in the morning and evening to moisturize the nails.

e) Don’t rip the fingernail if it is broken, but trim it instead.

f) Be gentle while cleaning cuticles.

g) For healthy nails, soak them for few minutes in warm olive oil. It will help strengthen the nails.

h) Don’t use artificial nails.

i) Don’t use nail polish longer than 2 weeks. Let your nail breathe, because nail polish removers and nail polish contain chemicals that will harm the nail with frequent use.

j) Don’t pick or bite the cuticle as it will expose your nail to infections.

k) Polish nails with a clear polish.

l) Don’t bite the nails.

m) Reduce your intake of alcohol.

n) Get manicure done once a month.

o) File the nails in one direction only.

p) Always cut nails when they are soft, that is, after bath.

Caring For Cracked Nail

In case your nail cracks or is broken, don’t panic. Here are a few things you can do in case you experience the same.

a) Clip and file the rough edges of the nail to prevent further damage.

b) Apply vegetable oil on the cracked nail.

c) Apply liquid bandage over the cracked nail. Coat again if necessary.

d) Drink plenty of water.

Caring For Dry Nails

best healthy nails tips

Dry nails is one sign of unhealthy nails, which you must remedy immediately before it gets worse. Here are some ways you can do to make your nails healthier.

a) Moisturize the nail with petroleum jelly.

b) Soak them in cider vinegar for a few minutes. Olive oil works too.

c) Avoid nail polish for a while.

d) Protect your nails by using gloves when doing household chores.

Finally, having healthy nails does not end with simply looking at your nails. You also need to add cuticle care to your regular beauty regimen. For a quick cuticle care, you can apply cuticle oil on the nail and massage it. Use a cuticle pusher to gently push back the cuticles. Use cuticle cutter to cut any extra cuticle. Remove dead cuticle skin with a cuticle remover, then moisturize with cuticle oil again. Caring for your cuticle is important as it promotes nail growth. If not, it may cause nail infections.